My school has no gay boys….

  1. i used to think this way too but u kind of just have to start looking. i thought there were no other mlm people at my school for a while too but there are actually some that i met this year and we are now friends and its nice

  2. The gay guys that where at my school for the most part weren’t even close to my type, only a few and I never got chances. I’m out of school now so I’m just gonna look around more if I get the chance, which I often don’t

  3. Same. Graduated this year without meeting a single guy who’s also into guys. I knew lots of queer girls and made great friends but no queer guys :/

  4. Mine only had 2 when I came out as bi (am now pan) and everyone wanted me to like them but neither was my type :/

  5. I'm going into high-school this year and I hope this changes. In middle school there was, to my knowledge, one other guy guy in my grade that was trans by the end if the year. But there's a ton of bisexuals, lesbians, and of course trans people. I just want a boyfriend >~<

  6. Yeah see my school has two gays besides me, one of which is transgender (and kind of a b1tch) and the other one acctually thinks he's dating me. You might want to get comfortable...

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