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  1. Do what matches your risk profile and asset allocation goals. You'd be well advised to have a diversified portfolio, with a solid balance of a number of assets. For me personally, crypto fits the 5% of my asset allocation for alternatives. Will I pull out my retirement and taxable stock investments and put them in a stable coin account? For me, absolutely not. Do I have a an investment there earning interest to try to offset what other parts of my portfolio are doing, yes. I have part of my emergency fund in stablecoins, and a percentage of my investment money in a couple crypto assets.

  2. My only concern is if they drop the APY like they’ve done with other crypto currencies. Right now it’s a great deal but they could easily drop it to 5% next week.

  3. Guess it depends on your risk, time horizon and assets. I can’t imagine doing this personally. That said I do sweep a lot of my cash over to stablecoins. I also continue to invest in the market though as timing it has rarely worked out for anyone.

  4. Got it, yea I saw most were talking about the risk. I was just asking about if anyone has done it with the current world climate :)

  5. Today's crash is just last year's small blip. I wouldn't pull what you have in stocks. Stick it out. This situation with Russia added onto inflation and the rate hike is giving us some bad months but over time, it will pass. Keep buying in at a steady rate DCAing along the way. Putting some over into Gemini earn won't hurt and keep you diversified.

  6. Just make sure you do the math. For example, if interest on GUSD is 8% and your income tax rate is 25%, you're actually netting 6%, which is lower than historical return (over long periods) than the stock market. That calculation ignores that you'll be paying taxes on the equities, too, however, when you cash them out.

  7. Why would you take money OUT of stocks? This is absurd. YoY growth for stocks for the past 13 years of a bull market is 14% annualized growth. You want to pull out of that to chase 8%? Lol....

  8. Be aware that many of Gemini’s peers are restricting new deposits for US citizens (withdrawals are okay). So if you want to put any money into Earn, the clock is likely ticking.

  9. Well, it certainly beats CDs and savings, and with the inflationary environment we're in, it doesn't hurt to diversify a small part of your disposable income towards it. I don't understand all the risks involved so I'm planning on using only my cash back rewards from credit cards.

  10. Having the same debate right now, in the other direction. Can’t really pull the trigger on any stocks that I think are equally safe and return 8%. What are you selling?

  11. I disagree. Stocks are dropping like crazy given the circumstances. That means that you are buying stocks at a cheaper price. Moreover, if you sell now, you're probably loosing about 10% of the value from just a fewmonths ago. Personally, I continue to buy index funds. I recommend to do the same if you're not planning on retiring in the next 5+ years.

  12. I did this for a long time, but recently got into the Anchor Protocol. I plan on moving 50-75% of it there.

  13. I’m HODLING my stocks, but started putting money into GUSD. I think it’s less risky than the stock market rn. With all this news of Russia and Ukraine, I don’t see the markets getting better for at least a month. Also the fed has yet to raise rates to combat inflation, that will be a red day as well (probably longer). I’m not putting money into stocks until April or May.

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