Are there any republicans left that are not fans of Trump? Is the GOP completely the MAGA party now? Sorry but this seems a cult now.

  1. I’m glad you. I would also identify more right leaning. Seems everyone remotely right leaning is deep in Trump land.

  2. My dad was kinda a fan of trump but after the stolen election/Jan 6 bs he said fuck that guy. He’s not the only one in the camp

  3. Good on your dad. I can understand liking Trump before that date. He legitimately had certain qualities which one could like as a leader. But he tried to coup our democracy in the 6th. If you still Ike him after that day you don’t get to call yourself an American patriot

  4. Technically I'm a registered Republican but I have effectively nothing in common with that particular party. I've hated Trump since he began campaigning and nothing will ever change that. All I do now is waste my vote in the primary on people who always lose to the craziest most radical retard the Republicans have decided to run.

  5. Mit Romney, Liz Cheney at the highest levels. And then there are plenty of republicans who are just good ole fashioned conservatives and not MAGA peole

  6. I am not a republican, but I believe you are just saturated with the loud minority of republicans that shout Trumps name into the air. Most sane and rational people do not feel the need to constantly blast their political ideas to the world, so when you see people that do, understand they are not how most people think.

  7. It's a very loud minority though, and as a result a lot of Republican congressmen have gone along for the ride and playing pretend

  8. The internet is not real life. I am seeing a increasing number of people say they want Desantis more than trump, me included.

  9. DeSantis is still a Trumpite in many ways. I don’t think it’s all bad though. Post-Trump, I see a Republican Party more ready to take on large corporations, enforce anti-trust, etc. One set on non-interventionism. I’ll give them my vote and see where this goes.

  10. I’ve always considered myself republican, and on a fundamental level I just can’t agree with trunk. He goes against too many of my ideals, and if it weren’t for his cult of personality, he would be viewed as unAmerican. Cowardice back in the Vietnam era, and nowadays it just felt like he turned the Republican Party into a “screw the liberals” party. I still consider myself a republican, just not a fan of trump

  11. Trump is the republican Clinton. Most people in his own party know he dose some questionable shit and choose to look the other way because he's charismatic, and people in the other party hate him no matter what.

  12. Not really. There’s plenty of moderate pro-NATO pro-Ukraine Republicans, but they fall short of winning primaries because Trump endorses far-right loons. MAGA loons are unpopular with the general public, which is why the Democrats are now widely expected to retain the Senate (maybe they will even manage to keep the House). Trump is the best gift for Democrats.

  13. I'm a Republican. I'm part of the never trump Republicans, but since 2016 I've been feeling increasingly disenfranchised with the party as I feel like they are abandoning the ideals.

  14. The GOPs inability to police itself and allow Trump to happen let alone cosigning his dismantling of party agendas to get outrage votes is why I left. This was before they stooped to support his blatantly anti-Western behavior abroad and with the Jan 6th bullshit.

  15. Independent here. From a more neutral stance I would say both political parties have become cult like. Hoping something changes before 2024 elections because it’s too late for the midterms.

  16. Yes I already hate the far lefties. I’m asking about the GOP because I would say I would lean more to the right. And can seem to fit in anymore.

  17. While there is definitely cult-like behavior on the left, it isn't a cult of personality. You don't see caravans of Priuses rolling through town blaring their horns with giant "JOE BIDEN" flags on them.

  18. I want to vote republican so badly but I just can't vote for anyone in the cult or who aligns themselves with the cult.

  19. Its 100% not a maga party. There is a hot debate inside the GOP and there will almost certainly be quite a battle for the GOP nomination

  20. Is that what this sub is now? If you want to have the “I hate Trump and I think everyone else should too” conversation, there are literally hundreds of other subs out there. Kinda seems like you’re engaging in the sort of divisiveness that this sub is trying to counter.

  21. Sorry but the only one dividing anything is Trump. You can never have any other opinion on the right but to love Trump or you’re a RINO.

  22. I'd happily vote for Trump if I lived there. Republicans needed a shot in the arm & that was exactly what he was.

  23. You know there are. There are plenty. Stop watching the bull shit news and delete your social media it’s all crap designed to make us all hate eachother.

  24. It is about 98% a cult, but yes, former reality TV star, failed businessman, and sexual assaulter Donald Trump is the the face of the Republican party and will be for the rest of time.

  25. I'm an independent that refuses to vote for the big parties in major elections but Trump was the best thing to happen to US politics in ages. More than even Tea Party politicians he drew attention that there has been no discernable difference in establishment Republicans and Democrats while also exposing the deep state of unelected bureaucrats acting as autocrats into the mainstream vocabulary. The resurgence of constitutional principles and anti authoritarianism he rode to the white house has become a force to reckon with although it's probably better served moving beyond with him at it's head at this point with him backing candidates instead of being one himself.

  26. No, because the left has done nothing but ruin our nation in just 2 or so years. And the use of the FBI and DOJ like this, it’s… it’s like we are in Putin’s Russia. Keeping anyone else from running to maintain power. That, and repeatedly calling right wingers racist, homophobic and numerous other insults has effectively destroyed any chance of the left and right in America reconciling.

  27. One of the central tenets of American democracy is "nobody is above the law." If Donald Trump broke the law, the FBI should investigate it and the justice department file charges, and he should get a fair trial. But law enforcement should just knowingly let him get away with crimes because he was once President. That's not how the rule of law works. Law is above man.

  28. I don't like a lot of stuff coming out of the left, but they didn't try to steal an election like Trump did in 2020.

  29. Cause they tried to coup our democratically elected government, hang our leaders , and broke into our most sacred hall of government and caused chaos. I do hope you know that to this day I still wish the MAGa morons who led the charge had just been gunned down where they stood. If you honestly think MAGA is cool after January 6th you have a screw loose

  30. My mom is a Republican but the only reason why she likes Trump is she has no other choice, it's either Trump or Biden. She said she doesn't really share Trump's values.

  31. I’m not a republican (I’m a SocDem), but most republicans I know don’t like Trump. The few republicans I know who like Trump… well… let’s just say they’ve got a few screws missing.

  32. I think they're getting few and far between. Even former Republican governor Christine Todd Whitman started a new party.

  33. The republicans I know are split between sucking Trump’s dick and thinking he’s the worst thing to ever happen to the party.

  34. I’d vote for him, but he has always struck me as a narcissist with very little class. You don’t need to be classy to be president, but it’d damn sure be nice.

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