Admit it, you guys did this too.

  1. Same friend, same. Loved my big hair! Aqua net in white/pink can was a girls best friend back at my high school in Philly-class of '88❤

  2. I have a fond memory of my sister and I admiring ourselves in the bathroom mirror at Six Flags Great America.

  3. 3 cans, what it seemed like, and I could barely get half an inch of height. The cons of thick curly hair. The plus, all the curls without the perm.

  4. Yes, that was my hairspray of choice. I would use a hot roller brush, spray while holding the brush in place, and then release my hair before the spray would dry, then spray again. It gave me a nice wall o' bangs.

  5. this was my look; huge wave teased and frozen, but strategically placed over my left eye. i used Rave; lots and lots of Rave.

  6. I always had very fine hair and I just couldn't make it work. My little sister would style my bangs if there was some event. But I was hopeless with a curling iron and hair spray. Now I did bleach my hair because I lived in Texas and it was considered weird if you didn't. Hell, I was in drill team in the 9th grade and our coaches had everyone who had light eyes and/or lighter skin bleach or highlight our hair. I remember her and the assistant coach explaining how to use Sun-In if we couldn't get it professionally done.

  7. Haha, yep, I remember the smoky curling iron and the gummy layer on it because that's how mine was. Remember the brown tint it took on as well? You're right, I was grateful for that gummy layer because it did help to hold the hair better. The slight smoke when it first heated up, not so much, lol.

  8. I feel you! Super fine, dead straight hair and tried everything- perms, back combing, gallons of Aqua-Net. I managed to some extent until 1985, when I finally gave up and chopped it into a Pat Benetar cut - that way I only had to worry about getting height at the very top of my head

  9. Girl, same here. I have baby fine hair that still can't get volume. I was so jealous of my friends and cousins (only child) who had sky-high hair.

  10. I think that the girls and women at church were worse than the ones at school. Though some of the guys would give them some competition

  11. I'm so not guilty I ended up in the ER in 1987 because right before they were taking class pictures my mother came at me with the Aqua Net. I screamed NOOOOOOO just as she squirted a massive amount in my eyes. She was aiming for my hair but I was trying to stop her, so... yeah.

  12. I feel your pain. (Not literally, thankfully.) My mom was always trying to make a girl out of me by forcing makeup and perms on me. I'd wash all that crap off. She had no idea what to think when I started dating a fellow metalhead with bleached long hair that was teased to the sky.

  13. I carried a can of the pink (super mega hold, I think) Aqua Net back in the day in my GIANT purse. I think my little private ozone hole has closed by now, though. May those days never return.

  14. whomever thought it was a good idea to make the lining of the inside of those handbags black needs to be identified and then publicly berated and whipped with wet noodles for that crime against raving/clubbing

  15. Had to make those side wings using a brush, spraying the side with hair spray, then blasting it with the hair dryer. Then you had your pick that you used to rat up your bangs into a glorious arch.

  16. As a curly hair girl- that hair was my jam! My hair is naturally like 3feet wide so it worked perfectly.😂😂😂

  17. I had Kelly Kapowski bangs. Took soooooo long to achieve that look. God forbid it rained or snowed..... bangs all matted (mated) and stinking like wet aqua net.

  18. You said stinking like wet aqua net and I instantly had a scent memory of wet aqua net. I didn't know I remembered that smell until just now. Thank you for this little bit of my past I just got to relive today!

  19. I have ultra fine, very straight hair. I loved the big hair idea, but there wasn't enought aquanet to keep any poof in my hair with the humidity of a coastal town. I even had a portable butane curling iron. Anyone else remember those?

  20. I had achieved the "wet" look by spraying so much Aqua Net I could've burned for weeks if I caught fire! My hair would crunch if you ran your fingers through it, but hey... Looks take Aqua Glue! 😁👍

  21. Soooo funny, and true! I was recently reading a buzzfeed article about the most annoying aspects of each generation (there is a bit of a war right now between the millennials and GenZ, and I am here for it) anyway, they left out GenX, of course they did! Then they circled back to us. And Here are two that I found hilarious: ‘the boomers were bad, but they took what was given to them and then GenX just came along and took up the rest and they don’t do anything with it’ and this gem, ‘If you want to trigger a GenX, call them a boomer’ lmao 😂 dont they realize we don’t get “triggered” we just laugh and say whatever. And damn right we took the scraps left over from the boomers and we have achieved a lot for being slackers…what are you millennials and GenZ doing anyway…

  22. I had a brief period that I used hairspray. That ended on the first day of football practice when it sweat into my eyes. Haven't used a hair product since.

  23. I had that hair and it was glorious. Done correctly, it looked great on everyone. It acted like makeup - it added pizazz to your look. I used to get raves from men and women about my hair. I get told it’s pretty now, but back then people would go nuts over it.

  24. Bonus: if you're a bit of a firebug, the Aqua Net + lighter trick was fun. KIDS DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

  25. Yes, I admit guilt for the front of my hair only. The back was not involved and had nothing to do with this whatsoever.

  26. I did it, hell yeah, not a drop of guilt. I rocked that shit! I wish like hell it would come back! The only thing I'd change is better hair spray. Sorry Aqua Net.

  27. When my grandmother, God rest her, got out the hairspray, it was time to duck and cover. She never had big hair or a beehive, but she had serious helmet hair. Ladies of her generation did.

  28. Ozone depletion was caused by CFC's. AquaNet and competitors used dimethyl-ether and aminomethyl propanol. Neither has an effect on the ozone.

  29. I’m a little bit surprised that our entire generation doesn’t have damaged lungs or brain cells from inhaling that shit as much as we did.

  30. I would always get up early in order to do my hair. Go into the bathroom, plug in the curling iron and wait for the little red dot to fade away. Burn my finger testing it just to be sure.

  31. I was born in 83, so I'm a bit of an in-betweener, but my sister born in 76 is pretty firmly gen-x. It took her forever to get ready for school, and when I'd walk by her room, I swear you could taste the hairspray. Everybody was doing it back then.

  32. I was a mousse man (teen). That was in the 90's and everything had that green wire globe CFC free logo on it. I'm sure I did my part in other ways.

  33. Yes, I needed the mousse, too. I had long, straight hair that didn't hold perms for more than a few months, so first, the mousse on wet hair, then the hairdryer, then the curling iron, then holding the bangs up, and then hair spraying them and the sides. (Also trying to be as still as possible while I did it, so the hair wouldn't "fall.")

  34. I couldn’t do anything with my hair. It was too thin. No matter what I put in it, it always wound up flat 5 minutes later.

  35. 🙋‍♀️ Me me me... we knew bout the ozone then too tho...don't think we were very concerned... #80shairdontcare #immature #just didn't know #aquanet

  36. Ok the Girls back in the 80s looked pretty ridiculous, but the guys. Oh man the dudes that did their hair like this. What were you thinking?

  37. That was my hair almost exactly. She has me beat by a couple of inches in the front.'s all gone, well most of it. My husband's giving me a part buzzcut tomorrow!

  38. Except didn't they eliminate chlorofluorcarbons from aerosols by the 80s? Anyway, 1988 was definitely the peak of hair volume, men included.

  39. Aqua Net (in the purple/lavender colored can) and Rave hair spray were my go to's throughout high school; completely guilty lol

  40. I wanted big hair, and god how I tried...but no amount of teasing, back-combing and Aquanet would make my fine ass hair stay fluffy. Not even after several bad perms.

  41. Oh absolutely! Aqua Net was my best friend. I"m glad we changed the formulas changed and we healed the ozone layer, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Class of '91!

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