Closer in age to Coach than anyone else at the bar. Even Norm & Cliff are youngsters.

  1. There's this old fat lady on the forward facing selfie lense of my phone! Every time I accidentally flip the camera around it's either the old fat lady or a mean looking troll!!

  2. I'm 54F and told someone this week that I had a 22 year old son, and she was shocked and said I looked like I was in my 30's. So, that was nice.

  3. I actually googled Coach. Decorated WWII sailor so he experienced war, alcoholic that got sober in the 70s, health deteriorated rapidly 3 years after this picture, in and out of hospital and died at 61. My point is, he was a heavy drinker for most of his life and, I'm speculating, was probably a heavy smoker like everyone else of his generation.

  4. We have had a huge shift in thinking about fitness overall. It hit me when I was 44 and I'm in the best shape of my life at 56. Not gonna pay to hide the gray hair though.

  5. This morning I dropped my 14 year old off at dance and two of the moms were complaining about their aches and pains and how they were falling apart. I laughed and said I got you beat, knee replacement coming up next month and I’m older than all of you! The one mom laughed and said I’m sure I got you beat. I’m 50 I replied. They both drew back and said we thought you were like 40.

  6. We were discussing something along those lines at work years ago, and I thought of my cousins – all older than I am, because my parents were both the last children born in their families, and of pictures I've seen of people as they age. I said to the guy, who easily has 25 years on me, "You look like your generation." He thought for a minute, and agreed.

  7. Literally just yesterday I was telling my millennial wife about the episode where Cliff goes on Jeopardy, demolishes everyone only to lose it all by risking everything in the final round. She's never seen an episode of this damn show...I'm thinking trial separation may be in order.

  8. This was one of the reasons I cited in my divorce, except my ex was a mid-boomer and one of his sins was not allowing any music in the house that was written after 1975. He would not tolerate 90s sitcoms, either. Hey... I was young and naive.

  9. Please tell me she’s at least a mid to late millennial. Surely someone who was born in the Eighties at least caught it in repeats.

  10. The real ringer on the cast age wise who is missing is Kelsey G. He was 29 when he started Cheers but looked 44 through the end of the series (he started in Season 3).

  11. How is it that Ted Danson and Shelley Long are the only ones in the photo who look like their actual ages, rather than distinctly older than their actual ages?

  12. Ed Asner (Lou Grant) was 40 at the beginning of MTM. Carol O’Conner (Archie Bunker) mid 40’s. It’s unimaginable to think I’d ever look that old, that young.

  13. I turned 47 last year and learned that when All In The Family started, Carol O'Conner was the same age as me.

  14. Part of that is probably just that it's from a different era. Also, though, it seems to me that people used to take pride in being perceived as older. Certainly that is not true any longer. It's not that any of us need to hide from our age—some people do, but they needn't—but that the message has gotten out that you do not need to let yourself go just because you pass 30 or 40. You can be youthful even if you're not young.

  15. I think that there is some psychology to it as well. I was in my teens and and early 20’s when Cheers was on. Regardless of their age in the photo, they will always be older than me. I don’t know if that makes sense but it’s the same with Carrie Fisher in Star Wars, she was around 18 but will always be a ‘grown up’ (I was 7 when I first saw SW).

  16. Agreed. I'm 50 and I think I look younger than most of them. I never took drugs, never smoked--and not having kids probably helped :)

  17. I was wondering why they looked so old. Smoking makes sense. I’m 39 and look ten years younger than Cliff.

  18. Yup. Smoking. I don't have very many friends who smoke, but there are a couple, and they easily look like they're 10 years older than me, pushing 20.

  19. I'm 3 years younger than Coach, but I feel like Sam most days, and I look better than Norm and Cliff every single day. Well, in my mind at least.

  20. This is always a corker, isn't it? I think it's partly because looking older was seen as an accomplishment. Certainly that's not true now.

  21. People did look older plus casting isn’t always age appropriate. Case in point , I just watched the pilot of Golden Girls and Bea Arthur’s character claimed to be something like 54. 😱

  22. I’m watching Maude right In 1972 she played a 47 year old lol I always thought she was way older when I was a kd

  23. One of the benefits of being on the younger side of the generation: I'm still closer to Diane than Coach . . . for 11 more months. Fucking time. When will it stop?

  24. Shit… at the time I was on the impression that coach was 75 and everyone else was 50… of course I was 17 at the time so….

  25. I was having a nice Saturday. Came home from work, packed a bowl, hit a dab, and saw this. Now I’m packing another bowl, and I’m going to cry into it.

  26. This feels a lot like finding out the Traveling Wilburys were nowhere near as old as you remember them being.

  27. I think it was all the sunbathing people did back then. Especially actors. Think about how tan everyone was on TV. George Hamilton, Dean Martin. Everyone would lie in the sun at the height of midday even, no sunscreen. If anything they lathered themselves with oils.

  28. This blows my mind. They used to look so much older than me. Now I look at this photo and think they look like kids. What’s going on?? This is madness!

  29. I hear all the time that our generation doesn't age as badly as previous ones. I think this picture is a great example of that.

  30. I think Sam was supposed to be older than 35. He had owned Cheers for five years at the beginning of the series, and had been a pro-baseball player for many years prior to that. He was supposed to be an over the hill former pitcher, and it doesn't make sense that he'd be only 30 and considered at the end of his career, especially for a bullpen pitcher. I always assumed he was 40ish at the beginning of the show.

  31. Why are you trying to make me do algebra? I’ve never once used it in adulthood. Just like I promised my teachers

  32. Their generation also smoked and “tanned” more than we did. Sunscreen was used at the beach to not get burned and not an everyday thing. Men never moisturized (neither did some women) and hair color options for men were like the Grecian formula which is like pouring ink on your hair so many didn’t color. That permed hairstyle made everyone look older.

  33. People looked so old back then… idk. Probably just the clothes, hair and makeup; and the tiny plucked brows. Coach looks like he’s 75.

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