Unintended Benefits to Family Research

  1. oh I love the visual that came along with this sentiment! It's so true. I still can't believe I ended up essentially replying to a message board post 20 years later.

  2. It's a wonderful feeling to put a face to a name. I've found pictures of my family in the possession of other people attached to trees on Ancestry.

  3. Way neat! One thing I would advise everybody about photos is to label them (non bleeding ink, on the back, I use avery labels) not only with who the people in the photo are, but who identified them and when. i.e. "identified by Mary Smith, mother of children in 1985". I've received family photos ascribed to different people and sometimes it is impossible to know if they are who it says they are.

  4. Wow, that's so wonderful! My husband's family is from Pawtucket -- his great-great grandparents arrived there around 1845. I'd love to hear more about that letter describing life in the early 1900's.

  5. I did the google search and very surreally came across a post from my great uncle who had passed away. He made it around 1999 as well. No one had ever responded to him but I did get some information from his post and I have somewhat connected with his granddaughter on ancestry. After I found his post I started periodically searching the message boards. It actually helped me figure out how I was related to a dna match. He had no tree but he had made several posts with the same username as on his dna match so I was able to figure out his family tree and it helped prove a new theory I had.

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