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  1. I actually sent a message to FamilySearch about this specific case, because I noticed it was turning into an editing war. I tried to ask them if they had any kind of moderation team that would step in and make a definitive decision, but they just sent me a vague thing about data standards and maiden names or whatever.

  2. From searching the name of the person in question, I found it really quickly. I could see the editing war that was going on, and saw that at least a half dozen other people had begun "watching" the person.

  3. Yeah, this sounds hokey to me. I'm sure OP is telling the truth but I question whether the person they're having an editing war is

  4. Good luck and I hope whoever made that call spends some time reflecting on what sort of behavior is reasonable. Being an unrepentant jerk is like a 2/10 on the "troublesome" scale. Making a call like that is about a 9/10 - and his prior behavior is no justification!

  5. Genealogy is a dangerous game. On the plus side, now there is some drama your ancestors will be able to uncover when they research their lineage.

  6. Let me see if I understand... You put two posts on social media making a person look like a fool then are surprised when someone else escalated the issue?

  7. OP may have been slightly in the wrong for ranting with real names and looking for emotional support, but that DOES NOT EXCUSE the behavior of other individuals. The person who escalated bears their own guilt, which shouldn't be blamed on OP.

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