What's An Unspoken Rule In Genshin lmpact and/or In The Community?

  1. On the other end, when someone joins your world for a domain wait for them to load before inviting them, not everyone has the same load times and the game can actually softlock them being unable to join the domain so they have to leave your world and restart the process all over again

  2. In my experience its an unwritten rule that 1 person leaves the domain, to the annoyance of the rest of party, only to then join again.

  3. i once joined someone who would collect rewards, leave, thank everyone for helping, and then rejoin the domain. i thought it was sort of endearing lol

  4. This is so much worse when you are a ps4 player, because it takes so long to leave and re-enter a domain.

  5. If they jump and run in circles you either do the same or you have no soul. Also always help people with oceanid

  6. Lol recently I had to help someone with Oceanid twice, their internet cut off near the end so I had to redo the entire fight.

  7. More people need to know this bruh instead of crying "oMg i GoT tHis cHaracTer wHile BuIlding pIty mY lifE iS rUineddd 😭😭" or complaining about how mhy is greedy and doesn't give them any primos, when instead of saving they just spend them immediately on banners which they don't even want bruh

  8. Eh, I do the 30 pity rule. If I get a new 5 star bellow 30, then sweet free new character. No 5 star pull on 30 pity? then you just build pity with constellations you liked. Unless you are pulling for back to back banners in the next patch which requires a lot of pulls so saving and luck is needed, I find not pulling for your desired 4 stars will make your account unbalanced which will be filled with characters of undesired c7, c8, c9s... Also by pulling 30 pulls, you are able to get stardusts for paimon shop which can help in pity, unlike if you hold your pulls, you will have times were your dust isn't enough to get all 10 pulls per month.

  9. Yes. Chasing a specific 4* isn’t worth it - they’ll come back on another banner eventually (or appear in the shop.)

  10. This! I always do this, plus I offer to help with bosses or whatnot afterwards/before. My sister just joins and takes and it annoys me so much. Like, what if they need those?

  11. Dude I have a second account for extra pulling if I lose my 50/50 on my main! So it’s a low level. People join ALL the time and I’ll let them cause I’m not out for the material and I don’t really care! They just go and take it without asking and I’ll have to kick them, not because I want the materials because they didn’t ask.

  12. Yep. I’m always okay with people taking my resources as long as they as first. If they join my world and just go and steal everything, I will instantly kick them lol. Your mama raised you better.

  13. When visiting other players worlds ask before you go collecting resources, and if you can just say "hi" . (Manners)

  14. You do you, but one dont have to shit and show ppl on every freaking tier list post that "they dont care about tier list and wifeu>>>>>>>>>> meta" let ppl enjoy what they enjoy

  15. when i first started playing and i didn't know how anything worked, i spent primos on bp levels, there's nothing i regret more

  16. Forget the tier lists, sales numbers, etc. The most popular character in Genshin is Qiqi. She's mentioned in almost every thread, even ones that have nothing to do with her.

  17. if you're both lvl 90 the one with bis stays, if you're both identical the one who got there first stays

  18. I'd say it's better to look at the alternative. If someone has say a level 80 hu tao and a level 60 eula while the other has level 90 hu tao and level 90 eula and they both select hu tao, the level 80 hu tao is staying.

  19. Level doesn’t always mean a character is more invested in. Especially 4 star supports. If they have a lvl 80 C1 Bennet and I have a lvl 70 C5 Bennet with better artifacts…. Chances are you’re getting a better boost from me. Just an example.

  20. For me i usually use the annoyed amber emote or the surprised drooling paimon, OR the upset ganyu if i messed up real bad.

  21. I had so many people tell me I should pull someone else before venti but I know I won’t have enough primos for him if I do

  22. THIS. Lesson learned for me that i'll never roll for JUST the 4 star especially when i'm near pity. Ended up using my Guaranteed to get Yun jin. Got both her and Xiao. Xiao's good so not wasted ig

  23. Timmy hasn't bothered me in months now 😂. Probably knows that if he gives me a commission, I'd just end up with +12 fowl.

  24. I was farming Nectar yesterday but also needed Hilichurl stuff, so when I saw some of them near the Whopperflower + Abyss Mage combo by Cecilia Garden I just thought "neat! Two birds, one stone!" while barely paying attention to the random event popping up.

  25. Yes! This is a huge pet peeve of mine with content creators recently. People like Tectone are always trash talking the Genshin community, labeling the whole thing as toxic (except “their” community).

  26. Despite Mobile being by far the biggest audience, all YouTubers and Reddit posts must refer to abilities by their PC keys with no attempt at translation.

  27. Even after transitioning into PC I always use mobile terms cause I KNEW the struggles of being a mobile player, respect to my comrades

  28. When azhadaha first released I was confused because I thought I needed to run far out to dodge

  29. Electro Azdaha is the easiest of his elements. Nobody should die after the 3th time playing that element.

  30. when co-oping with an albedo main and not in combat—should they place down their elevator, you are legally obligated to stand on it.

  31. You like waifu: right to jail. You are playing for meta too hard: right to jail, right away. Grinding too fast: jail. Slow: jail. You are paying too high prices for waifus, husbandos: you right to jail. You believe abyss too easy? Believe it or not, jail. You believe abyss too hard, also jail. easy, hard. You make an appointment to use your 159 resin and you don't show up, believe it or not, jail, right away.

  32. Except for me who loves the riptide every single day but actively avoids all coop and interactions irl whenever possible

  33. If everyone struggles with a domain right away, leave the domain and start again with a new understanding of what’s inside.

  34. Don’t bash anyone who is using Aloy on co-op mode even if the player is doing domains or just plain exploring the world with you. No need to be rude about it. I was shamed for playing using Aloy a few hours ago when I was randomly visiting stranger’s world to help.

  35. When someone dies in a domain and the rest of you beat it, wait for the dead teammate to respawn and walk to the tree with them.

  36. Don't criticize ugly cosplayers even if they look nothing like the character except for the color of their wig

  37. One thing that I wish was an unspoken rule is for people to shut the fuck up about upcoming characters after reading their abilities and stats. Every single time a new character is announced with their abilities, all the "expert" players say it's absolute shit and a miss yet they still whale for them and come out saying "strongest (insert element) character?!?!?!??!" even days later😐 Just shut up.

  38. Don’t bitch about getting your pity broken by a 5* when you were going for the 4*, you knew it could happen

  39. When doing coop for domain, the one who's 1P should learn to let everyone enter the waiting room, don't be impatient, not everyone has good internet.

  40. There's no such thing as building pity so dont do those kinda stupidity. Many people do and end up getting a 5* who they didn't wanted

  41. I never understood this. Why build pity when you can just save primos and use it all up on banner that has the character you genuinely want? Especially when people complain after getting the wrong five star. What were they expecting?

  42. If, when entering a domain, there is no healer, switch to a healer, even if there's a Hu Tao, and especially if there's a Xiao. Four dead/low HP DPS characters deal a lot less damage than three DPS characters and a healer.

  43. You actually can play any with character you like, meta is just for whales. you don't need the strongest meta do clear the game. Some are just harder to build. If you want to play Kaeya instead of Ganyu, just go for it.

  44. well first thing my boyfriend said to me when i was about to start playing genshin regularly was: 'NEVER spend primos on anything BUT event wishes'. so, yeah. never spend your hard-earned primos on anything else that event wishes, kids. not on bp. nor resin. nor even standard wishes!

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