Daily Questions Megathread (November 28, 2022)

  1. On your opinion who should I pull for between Raiden and Scaramouche? I have 3 hard pities and I also have to pull HuTao which is a must.

  2. Raiden is gonna be stronger no doubt, but the general consensus is to go for the character you like, cause it doesn't matter how strong a character is if you don't like playing them.

  3. Golden rose seed respawns? I was exploring the desert then suddenly saw a golden rose seed that had to be broken by heavy attacks. Mind you, I already finished the grandpa quest. I rechecked all other places but it was the only one that respawned. So I ahve one extra in inventory. Anyone else has this? And was it intentional?

  4. When you drown enemies, why do some items float and others sink? Is this just the game messing up or do you think they actually put the time in to individually choose heavy and light items?

  5. As far as I understand one player can only collect 1 box per day but it doesn't have to be your own box. Suppose your world has box A and another player's world has box B and you only want box B: you can join that player's world and collect box B as long as you haven't collected your own box A. Several players can visit a specific player's world to collect the box there but still only 1 box per day for each player.

  6. No, you can only get 1 box per day whether that be from your world or someone else’s. We’re just trying to gather more of a certain material that we need.

  7. Just randomly found Yoymia and Tartaglia in Inazuma while I was doing the photo event... is there any reason they are there, or is it just a random easter egg?

  8. For on-field Candace, Heart of Depth gives more overall damage than Gladiator? Considering Gladiator doesn't buff CA

  9. trying to finish up the aranyaka, stuck on part IV. according to a guide, it should end after beating 3 mages but it didnt. if i click Go on that part in the book, it says to return to a certain place to meet them again. any ideas?

  10. His ascension stat is crit rate and the point is to use the new artifact set on Wanderer, it’s made for him. You’re supposed to slap VV on his dedicated support, Faruzan.

  11. the new anemo artifacts are practically perfect for him, as his dps comes from his autos, where you would often use his charged attacks, and the attack speed buff is also useful

  12. Need some tips on how to deal with the wolves in abyss 12's first room. I just can't seem to be doing much dmg to them despite breezing through earlier floors.

  13. Like, as an onfield normal attacker? What exactly do you mean by main DPS and what type of team, because that's not really... a thing that she does, usually.

  14. it is the pyro applier, but it cannot be increased by a pyro cup for 2 reasons. First is that burgoun is considered dendro daamge. Second is because it is a transformative reaction so damage bonus does not affect it anyways.

  15. I can't 6* floor 12, what team would be good? I have Yoimiya, Raiden, Ayaka, Ganyu, Yae, Xiao, Eula, Yelan, Shenhe, Kokomi, Jean, Mona. I tried with Yoimiya Yelan Yun jin Diona first half and Ayaka Ganyu Kokomi Shenhe and got killed pretty fast in both rooms after so many tries. I have pretty good builds and pretty much all the 4 stars at C6 yet I barely manage to get 3* in floor 12 so I'm not sure how I should do it.

  16. Like everyone else suggestion, swap party for the chamber because in 12-2 second half you basically dealt no damage to those shield cyro huge hillichurls

  17. Just build her as much ER & crit rate as possible, she just there to provide support for anemo dps similar like gorou to itto. Prefer 2x Emblem and the rest can be anything that favor more to ER & crit rate. Reason why focus on crit rate is because her weapon of choice is most likely favonius bow.

  18. Noblesse or VV as appropriate for your team as usual, priority is ER since her stuff is tied to her burst. Doesn't look like there's much room for exciting builds.

  19. Very strong and fast off-field dendro application (albeit for a shorter time than MC). No ICD on her skill, several sources of non-burst ICD in her kit, and very fast hits (thus fast application) on her burst. She's a very good off-field Dendro applier.

  20. from a purely mercenary, meta-slave standpoint? none really, unless you need off field dendro in both teams and didn't pull Nahida.

  21. Is there a website where I can type in a word and it generate it in Abyss Language? I want to engrave my name to the world I mean, uh, a custom wallet.

  22. Do you level artifacts with only 3 initial substats? I heard some time ago that you should only do it for ones with 4, but finding one with the right set/main stat is already hard enough...

  23. Of course I'd prefer to have 4 sub stats by default, it means I can get one extra random roll on the way to lvl 20. But my gear is nowhere close to a quality level where I could be that picky.

  24. yes if the starting substats are good, at least to +4 so you can see the last substat and reassess. though as an AR60 player i am starting to be more picky on flower/feather pieces from common sets like gladiator/wanderer

  25. Unless I am mistaken ER always modifies how much energy you generate when receiving the particles. Who or what generates them is unimportant outside of deciding the elemental type of the particle.

  26. no, ER only affects the character that has it, and favonius passive (if it's equipped on yae) doesn't proc from off-field

  27. Is r4 dragon's bane a good weapon for xiangling in raiden team? Because she doesn't vape all the time. If not then what's my best option? I have favonius lance, r5 windspear and r4 kitain

  28. Tbh all of the spears youve mentioned, plus the Catch are all good choices for XL. It'll depend on your artifact's substats tbh, and if you can maintain a good Crit ratio and ER

  29. Is there a way I could make a burgeon team consisting of Childe - Tighnari - Thoma (C6) work? As the 4th slot I would love to use Zhongli (I am too used to him) or Alhaitham when he releases.

  30. To my understanding you need more consistent Dendro application. You need to be constantly generating cores to react with, and Tighnari kinda... can't do that.

  31. I think the problem is maintaining the dendro aura as both hydro and pyro eats a lot of dendro. Childe/Thoma/Zhongli is good, I'm just unsure if tighnari can keep applying enough dendro, especially once he's out of field. Imo, dendro mc/nahida would be better. ((Also assuming this is for an abyss team, otherwise for overworld just run whoever you want))

  32. I think it's still 4pc VV even for his personal damage, because unless you have no elemental application or EM, he's gonna be Swirling.

  33. adeptus temptation is typically slightly better for dmg per screenshot bc you don't care about crit rate. you can check w a damage calculator for your build tho

  34. As high as they can get. She’s not one of those transformative reaction damage dealers who don’t care much about talent levels.

  35. It'd mostly depend on your other artifacts tbh. The first feather is better for balancing crit while the second feather is good if you already have a good crit ratio but missing a lot of attack. Put it on an optimizer and see what would be better.

  36. Fairly similar, but honestly I wouldn't use either. On a feather, getting better pieces than this is very doable. You're almost certainly going to find a better feather before you get usable sands/goblet/circlet.

  37. Are all types of damage bonus additive? Like for Nahida the Solar pearl passive, her EM based bonus and dendro damage bonus? Or are they multiplicative? 😅

  38. All sources of % dmg bonus stack additively with each other. Reaction damage bonus stacks multiplicatively with % damage bonus because reaction damage bonus applies when determining the amplifying reaction multiplier, not when calculating the base damage of a talent.

  39. does childe do more damage with sucrose than kazuha? i have him at lvl 90, using VH lvl 2-5-3 talents. he can deal 136k with sucrose but only 128k with kazuha.

  40. It's usually Kazuha's dmg% vs Sucrose's EM, (If you have Kazuha C2 or Sucrose uses TToDS then there's more.) which isn't simple to compare. You want to test it yourself or use optimizer. This is because it depends on your stats and weapon.

  41. his burst will probably do more damage with sucrose because it is the only part of his damage that benefits from the em buff. But kazuha will be better for his overall damage.

  42. Yeah, go ahead and use the blue acquaint fates on the standard banner, there is no other use for them. Just don't spend primogems on it.

  43. you can use the acquainted fates on the standard banner whenever you want, but I wouldn't use your primos on the standard banner (the star shapped blue currency). Save your interwined fates on event banners which starting in 3.3 rotates every 3 weeks and pull on whichever character you like.

  44. Yes, they can only be used on the standard banner. You can go ahead and just use them, or you can keep them. It doesn't really matter.

  45. Yes, it's generally second bis after her signature, around 10% worse. And sometimes it can even be better than her signature, around 4% better iirc.

  46. They both want EM but Childe's EM is mostly for vaping his burst, not his normal attacks (get the EM from substats, I don't think an EM sands is good for him). Xiangling needs it more urgently but luckily she gets some from ascension

  47. I can run my xingqiu with around 150 and xiangling at about 180 and it's just barely enough to get their bursts off cd

  48. I’ve been debating wether to get Ayato or Raiden. I wanna ask which one is stronger, a Ayato hyper loom? (I have Nahida) or Raiden national?

  49. Ayato is mostly just a sidegrade for Hyperbloom teams. Hyperbloom teams frequently want Nahida on-field anyway because she applies more Dendro on-field than off-field. So using Ayato on-field + Nahida off-field isn't really better than using Nahida on-field + Xingqiu or Yelan off-field--you just get Ayato's personal damage at the cost of losing some of Nahida's Dendro application (and therefore seed generation).

  50. Ayato is easy and satisfying to play, and rather flexible when it comes to his potential comps. But he is "just" okay, never as much of cornerstone as other characters are in their respective comps.

  51. Unless you have Kuki Shinobu and she’s well built for a hyperbloom team (full EM build), it sounds like you would want Raiden for either team. So maybe go for her first and Ayato second.

  52. raiden shogun national is one of the best teams in the game. at the expense of having 4 S+ tier characters with two of the arguable most valuable 4 stars, it has the highest single target damage out of any comp.

  53. Zhongli, Support TToDS Kokomi, Layla, sometimes Diona. They can all be HP/HP/HP if you want shield bots, they can be built for attack, or a combo of both. Depends on what you are trying to do with them. I don't need my Zhongli with 50K HP for his shield, so I go HP/Geo Bonus/Crit Rate (for Favonius) and use him as Burst Support and a Battery.

  54. The comp works without her C6, but it's obviously much weaker. To the point where you might as well run another team, because in the end it is easier to equip a Raiden National or Raiden Hyperbloom team with good gear than it is to equip Raiden with great gear for her Hypercarry role. The hypercarry team is more about making the best use of Raiden's busted C2 (and Sara's strong C6) if you have it.

  55. If your Sara isn't C6 then you're better off using Lisa or Mona instead for damage. However that doesn't mean you can't still use Sara if that is your preference, she still buffs Raiden's damage even at C0.

  56. electro goblet is better in most cases, but its not so significant that if you have a good ATK goblet (which is easier to get than electro goblet), it's advised to use it.

  57. If i deleted my genshin account linked to my google account, can i use the same google account after the deletion to create a new genshin account with it?

  58. No to your first question. Yes to your second question. You should be able to change the email address that your Genshin account is linked to. Log in to account.hoyoverse.com then go to Account Security Settings and you should see the “Modify Link” option under Email.

  59. Hi guys, we've been travelling lately and to keep myself entertained every now and then, I was planning to connect my ps4 genshin account to mobile. Only thing is when I tried linking the account on my mobile to my ps4 it didn't seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Cuz I feel like in might just be making a dumb mistake lol.

  60. Is dps build better than EM build for on field c0 nahida? Because every team i can put her in (kuki hyperbloom and thoma burngeon) she's always paired with a full EM teammate

  61. generally yes, em/dendro/crit is better. But still the difference is not huge and em main stat pieces can still beat out the above pieces if the substats are better enough and you aren't going above 1000 em after buffs.

  62. Is EoSF the BiS artifact set for Raiden, XL, XQ, Bennett everywhere, or only in Raiden National and/or specific teams?

  63. Crimson is slightly ahead of emblem in Raiden national teams for Xiangling, but its still recommended to run emblem for ER needs. Emblem is generally BIS for Xiangling, Xinqui, Raiden on most teams while Bennett runs 4 piece noblesse. If you're lacking emblem pieces for all of them, I do recommend prioritizing Raiden and Xiangling first. If you have very good substats on noblesse/glad/hydro pieces and running sac sword, Xinqui can run those pieces just fine.

  64. Best is whoever you'll have the most fun with, although hard to tell if you're new and can only play the current trials. Still, I'd play the current trials, grab one if you love it, otherwise wait for the next set of trials. Here's my brief thoughts on each:

  65. Probably Wanderer and Tartaglia. Not sure yet if Wanderer is going to be super good in the meta, but he will definitely be helpful in the long run when it comes to world exploration. He saves a lot of your time while farming for chests since he can fly.

  66. Out of that list, I'd probably go with Tartaglia or Scaramouche since every other character on that list save for Scaramouche is going to need Inazuma materials which is going to be largely quest locked. You can always pick up the other characters later on when they have another rerun instead of struggling with them stuck at level 40 without a means to ascend them.

  67. How are you AR40 without a 5-star? Do you not wish much? Genuine question because I assume you'd have one not to long into the game

  68. I'm also fairly new and based on what I've learned about team building I believe that Raiden is the more versatile of the bunch you mentioned as instead of needing specific teammates she fits in quite well with many teams while not being needy for her own performance.

  69. While Raiden is a meta character, she's not going to help you much early game since you have to play through the story to get to Inazuma to get her materials and such. I probably recommend Scarmouche as he has lot of flexible teams, and him being a normal attack damage dealer, will be easier to use in the overworld to get you started.

  70. Well lets see, the least best one is probably Itto. If it was me, from this group, Raiden is the easy choice. You should pull the characters that you like because they can all succeed.

  71. Personally I would probably say that miko and itto are probably lowest value for f2p as first 5*. Wanderer is hard to say because he is a new character that isn't out yet. The rest are all pretty good value characters and it is probably advisable to go for one of the hydro characters at least because hydro is important for so many teams. Childe is best in a vape team with bennet, ayato is more flexible and better in most non-vape teams but none of his teams are as good as that childe vape team.

  72. I haven't seen Yelan, Eula, Hu Tao, Alberto, Shenhe, Xiao, Mona, and Itto in the archon questline. I heard some of them are in the interlude archon quests, but which ones?

  73. Xiao, Itto and Yelan are in the Liyue interlude quest and I swore Xiao appeared in the Liyue main quest. Shenhe appears in Liyue main quest as well. The others do not appear

  74. shenhe is intorduced in the jade chamber interlude quest. Yelan is introduced in the chasm interlude quest. Itto is in the chasm quest but is first introduced in his story quest. Eula, hu tao, albedo, Mona are all intorduced in their story quests and are not involved in any interludes, though albedo has a lot of lore that was in events you can/t see anymore. Xiao is in the main liyue archon questline.

  75. So I'm about to hit AR level 45 soon (Around 1/3rd of lvl 44, doing steady progress) and people have told me not to waste resin since that's what I'll mostly be using to farm artifacts.

  76. basically the more times it rolls into good substats when you level it up the better. What is a good substat depends on the character but CR and CD are usually the most valuable ones for dps characters (though they are never the only valuable ones). Hard to say what substats are good in general (everything except falt atk.hp/def is good at least for some characters) But you should be able to know what substats are good for the specific characters you are trying to build either by reading their talents or looking up a guide.

  77. Don't worry about standards of "good" or "bad" artifacts. All that matters is whether an artifact is better than what you were running before, or for not-maxed artifacts, whether it has a reasonable chance of turning out better than what you were running.

  78. My team is c1 homa hutao, favonius c0 yelan, c6 jade cutter xq, and black tassel c0 zhongli - should i switch zhongli for c2 kazuha with freedom sworn?? or just keep grandpa

  79. C2 Kazuha if you want more damage—Dmg buff and more shreds for hydro. The 200 EM+weapon buff make up for the loss of shreds for Hutao. Also more grouping means more damage for everyone in general.

  80. I've been playing for 2 weeks and I really want to get Bennett, I saw that I could get him for 34 starglitter but I only have 24. I can't decide if I should spend my 5k primogems to try and get enough starglitter for him. Thing is, I can't pull on the character event ones as I have 70pity and I'm waiting for Raiden... So, I'd have to pull either on the standard banner or on the weapon banner.

  81. Bennett is a 4 star he'll be back a 5 is more influencial. Also by having those amount of primos saved u may even be temptes to wish on scara and be glad u didn't waste your wishes.

  82. Just... Don't. Bennett will be back. He'll be back in the shop in 6 months, or he'll be free from an event, or he'll be on rate up and you'll get seventeen copies going for a 5 star you want.

  83. i think i got 11 mondstadt shrine of depths keys? i checked every single shrine location in mondstadt for the one i was missing but all of them are opened already. please help

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