Daily Questions Megathread (November 29, 2022)

  1. who do i pull for between childe and itto? i like both of their designs, playstyles, and personalities. i do hv a c1 gorou. also, i use xiangling with ganyu, so i wont be able to run a vape team with childe anyway (in abyss). but, i also only hv a r1 whiteblind, meanwhile i hv 3 rusts, and 3 billets for childe.

  2. If you can't choose based on who you like more, I would say Childe has more flexible teams and usage? Besides Xiangling he can go for an electrocharged team with Fischl and Beidou, a freeze team with two off field cryos and an anemo or one of the new dendro teams.

  3. What's affecting the mob spawn delays on Mobile? Is it the hardware or the wifi connection? 10 seconds for the drake to spawn on 3.2 abyss F12 and the second round of eremite on F12 it takes 5 secs before they appear.

  4. I'm building an ayaka rn and was wondering if shenhe was a good character for her? If so, what team comp should I build for her

  5. Can any cooking utensil be placed outside in the teapot? I wanna plop one down next to tubby so I can stop forgetting to do that weekly.

  6. My current build on Miko is 2pc shimenawa and 2 pc wanderers troupe. It's because on her relase I got absolutely crazy stats on these along with like 20% crit damage and good amount of EM on each. But now I am thinking about tweaking it up. I have absolutely no luck with Gilded dreams so please tell me, will full wanderers be good for her?

  7. Good substats on a 2pc combo set is more important for Miko than any 4pc set effect. Since you're describing your stats as "crazy" I don't think you'll gain much, if anything, from switch to a new one. Especially not 4pc wanderer's troupe, her charged attack is not a significant portion of her damage at all

  8. No, the 4 pc effect only buffs her charged attack, and most of her dmg comes from her skill, then burst. You already have a good 2 pc atk + 2 pc em so assuming you're using her in an aggravate team, just keep that set

  9. What's with the people asking for Liben boxes? Can you go get extra boxes from other people's worlds or something? I thought Liben was p much just give him the stuff daily and he'll give you the box.

  10. You can collect 1 box every day from any world. Different worlds can have different boxes with different rewards, so people are looking for the box they want

  11. Which areas are the best to explore in terms of how dense they are with chests/exp? I'm trying to get through 11k EXP in a day but I'm running out of good quests.

  12. well i don’t know which area has the most chests so can’t help with that but i like inazuma because of the different islands. i’m trying to 100% one area of mondstadt, but sometimes i keep on wandering into the area that’s already been 100%. you get exp only from spending resin

  13. I think it's still a bit early to ask this question. If you're unsure, wait for a few days or couple weeks after the patch. Both you and other people will have a better feel for Wanderer's strengths and weaknesses compared to Itto by then.

  14. play the trials and see who you enjoy. I love Itto, funniest voicelines in Genshin and throws a cow... but flying looks pretty awesome too.

  15. Itto, he's an already established character. But he does required a lot of investment to be at his best. Namely, Gorou, Albedo and Zhongli.

  16. Do you have Gorou, Albedo and or Zhongli? Then it doesn't matter who you get. If you don't have them, wanderer is better

  17. What's the best team comp I can build with my available characters and weapons right now? I don't mind grinding resources/building up a character.

  18. What are Diluc's talent priority? I originally thought it was to level the skill first then I realised that his normal attack is also rather important... So now I am a bit confused. 888 is okay for him, right?

  19. rotation for nahida sucrose yae? its hard to make sucrose burst absorb electro when the enemies are already affected by nahida E, what should i do to maximize yae burst damage with this team

  20. If you run dori you you wont have any issues swirling electro, issue with nahida in any electro comp is she consumes the electro element whenever her E procs.

  21. Recently Hoyoverse released the winners of a giveaway, I thought I clicked the winners lists but I only realized that I clicked the forms for the winners instead when I finished filling the form. Will hoyo do something for non-winners who filled the forms, like some kind of punishment?

  22. Any ideas on how to build Faruzan already? I was thinking 2pc emblem + 2pc viridescent, and I guess ER for sands and Crit rate as circlet (I'll run her with fab bow). I am unsure about the goblet though, should I go for anemo dmg or EM or something else?

  23. I'm thinking I'll put her on 4pc viridescent, since I want to put a more anemo damage-oriented set on Scara (the new one perhaps) and still be able to buff my off field supports like Xingqiu, Yelan, Beidou or Fischl.

  24. I'm not certain about mainstats, but she's a buffer/support primarily, not a damage-dealer, so those sets won't do much for her. Depending which the team needs, she'll probably run full VV or Noblesse. The goblet might be a case of 'whichever has the most ER on it.'

  25. Where was the pinned special program thread? Wasnt sure when it is and checked every day but I didn't see it, so I guessed it's next weekend only too find out today it was actually last weekend

  26. Hi! With 3.3 coming out, I was deciding wether Raiden or Ayato would be better. I don’t have many 5 stars atm so my builds could be limited. I do have nahida, kokomi, venti, and keqing. I’ve heard that both ayato and raiden is very strong and versatile with ayato doing great vaporize and hyper loom damage and raiden being a great support and their been a raiden national. I want to ask who would have more value for me. I am using keqing with nahida for aggravate team right now meaning I am already using electro. I would like to have a second team for abyss. I do also have Bennett, xiangling, xingqiu, fischl, and a few other 4 stars as well. Thanks!

  27. Ayato is a good hydro on field that can help you free up xingqiu for other teams, and he has a lot of good teams. However Raiden while also has a lot of teams, Raiden national is by far her best and stronger than most ayato teams. So I'd recommend Raiden. Now, this is my opinion, childe can also do national comp as good as Raiden while freeing up xingqiu at the same time. You should check him out.

  28. Generally speaking I think the consensus is that Raiden is a better character (in terms of versatility meta and dmg output). That being said, what hydro characters do you have and do you need any more for your compositions? Cos good hydros are needed for a lot of comps, Ayato might be a better addition to your account in the short term

  29. I know it is a pretty dumb question and a really late one, but how are you supposed to beat the dendro hypostasis without a dendro character in the Abyss? I am using Childe International here and I guess I can try Aggravate Keqing (with DMC) here, but would like to know if there is a way to beat it without changing team.

  30. by bringing dendro, doesn't have to be build as it's gauge based. if you can clear f12, you can clear f11 with just three characters.

  31. you're supposed to use dendro unfortunately. I've seen people apply hydro to the boss then use kazuha to bring the bloom core near the revival prisms but it's easier/better/faster to just use dendro

  32. So I just reached AR 45 and want to start farming 5 star artifacts the problem is the enemies are level 90 and kill my characters very quickly and have a lot of health so it's very hard clear any domain without healing myself with food which are a pain to get ingredients for.

  33. Considering that u have diona, I would look to push her to lvl 70 or even 80 just so she helps support ur team. Reading other comments, the emblem domain is what it is, diona is pretty much the star in this domain as fischl is close to useless as she does literally 0 dmg to slimes and reduced dmg against the other 2, and its pretty damn hard to get pyro swirls on any of the mobs in this domain so sucroses value is a lot lower. The valley domain, honestly I would just recommend you to not farm this at all and stick with strongboxing for the viridescent venirir set instead.

  34. You can craft and use condensed resin to basically save healing/food for one run. Can be useful when you are struggling clear the domain consistently.

  35. When I was AR 45 I just coop with other players until I get better gear and able to clear the domain on my own. Bring a support character like Sucrose or Diona into coop and grind for better artifacts until you can get decent gear for both Hu Tao and Xingqiu.

  36. Either do co-op, or just play the domain more. I only recently got to AR50 so I experienced this difficulty as well, but as you play thhe domain more often, you get used to the attack patterns and can dodge. I clear 5 star artifact domains using all level 60/70 characters with 300 ping, so with enough effort you should be able to clear solo eventually.

  37. make sure your current team is already built in terms of ascensions, weapon level and talent levels, and level up the artifacts on them. if you have xingqiu, use him in your team, he is better for hutao damage. you can also play in coop and let stronger players carry you

  38. Level up your talent levels on these characters. Diona is very good shielder and healer. You have to dodge until you have properly levelled up characters.

  39. Crit DMG is easy, you start at 50% and it has double the value of Crit%. You should aim for a 1:2 ratio like 60% and 120DMG. The better the artifacts the higher you can go in Crit DMG. 100% Crit is unnecessary.

  40. Guys is it just me or the glider size of different nation differs based on the model size of thier Archons ? I am noticing that Liyue and Inazuma gliders are biggest, and their Archons are also tall model. Mondstadt is medium size, its Archon is also medium male model. Sumeru one is smallest, its Archon is also small child model.

  41. Glider models scale based on the size of the character they're equipped on, same as weapons. If your testing each glider on their respective archon that might account for it.

  42. I've seen worse. It's not much of a team by itself though, it depends on who else you're gonna throw in there. Get a Hydro and a second electro on board and you're cooking with gas.

  43. Is C1 necessary for Yae? I was saving for another character, but saved a bit more than I planned and decided to get Yae as well. And while I like her playstyle in general, her energy requirements scare me. I’m planning to run her with Fischl (+ dendro + healer) so probably Oz generating particles will help, but still.

  44. It's ok as a means to get to c2, using her with gramps, Nahida and fischl and I usually have her burst up before the cool down ends despite her having only 118 ER.

  45. Definitely not. Yae cons are good, but honestly I think people were overestimating c1 on release since the best way to build her now generally seems to be to burst every other rotation rather than every rotation. Her totems are her main damage source, after all, especially in aggravate teams where quantity over quality of electro strikes matters. It’s still a nice upgrade since energy is definitely a problem with her, but especially with Fischl as a battery (which also gives you electro resonance) you’ll be absolutely fine without it.

  46. I’m prepping for the Itto banner. Is getting atk% worthwhile at all for him? I know he wants def% mainly. I have a feather with 20% CD, 20% atk%, and 7% def. 20% atk seems high to me but I’m not familiar with his scaling. Is this meh/good/really good/ great?

  47. he scales off def and converts it into atk when he uses his burst. I think I have like ~4000 atk after bursting. more atk is great but it’s not better than getting more def. it’s a usable piece though so don’t throw it away

  48. Maybe a 3/5. %Atk is good because he still scales with atk (he converts def to atk and deals dmg base on his atk) so it's not a dead stat but not ideal with only 20cv, especially when a good feather isn't that hard to farm.

  49. It's not a wasted stat but def% is better, for 2 main reasons. First: his base defense is always higher than his base attack (unless you use song of broken pines which would be awful on him), so the same amount of % will increase your stat more if it's defense, compared to if it's attack. The conversion is around 100% (98% for lv9 and 103% for lv10 talent) but since you have the higher base defense, percentages will scale better with that. Second: he has a passive talent that increase his special charged attacks' damage by 35% of his defense.

  50. It’s not a dead stat, but it’s definitely worse than defense. That feather will work, but a feather with more def or crit would be an upgrade.

  51. So I just pulled a jade spear from standard banner, can I use it on raiden and give catch to xiangling? Or will catch always be way better for raiden?

  52. I think you should use jade on Raiden and catch on xl because xl can't really use jade's passive while Raiden on field can make good use of the effect.

  53. No, Catch on xiangling and Jade on Raiden is definitely better than catch on Raiden and whatever you had on xiangling

  54. Hi, i am requesting for a code to my phone when i login earlier and i didn't receive it from iATSMS i got it from a phone number only, is it okay to leave it as it be or change my account info just in case it's from a hacker?

  55. i have been prefarming for ayaka, shenhe, and hutao: primos ✔️, ascension mats ✔️, artifacts ✔️, only thing left now is talent mats

  56. I've built up a hyperbloom team of Nahida, Kokomi, Fischl, Sucrose. Trying it out, it surprisingly seems to be hitting harder than my much more invested Ayaka freeze team.

  57. Yelan (or XQ, for low-spending upgrade) to replace Kokomi would upgrade your hydro application. Then between the new hydro burst and Fischl E-skill, every hit would add electro+hydro.

  58. Honestly? I don't think this team generates enough blooms or triggers them reliably enough. A second Hydro and/or a replacement for Fischl would respectively address those issues. The Hyperblooms you do trigger will hit hard, but you want to be shooting off tons more of them.

  59. Hyperbloom do be like that; it hits incredibly hard even with low investment because all you need is a high EM trigger.

  60. Does any1 know the Mondstadt OST name that has the violin sound? I listened to the entire Genshin album and still couldn't find it. It sometimes play it when I am at Musk Reef near the Spiral Abyss door.

  61. Would it be “Restless Blazing Sun”? Other ones that seem like candidates after giving the mond album a listen are “The Horizon”, “Awaiting the Future”, and “Journey of Hope”.

  62. Can the Hypostasis challenges be done in co-op? If so, I haven’t seen a Matching option; do they just support co-op when you already have visitors?

  63. I'm not sure who to pull between Xiao, hu tao, and Yelan. I like them all so I can’t really choose the one I like the best. I'm not a meta player/wanting to 36* abyss. my current 5* are Childe, itto, yae miko, albedo, kazuha c1, yoimiya c1, keqing, qiqi c1, and jean. the only 4* characters i’m missing are Gorou and all sumeru characters except for dori. Xingqiu is c0, Bennett is c2, sucrose is c0, no one is c6. I plan to save up after pulling one of these characters for Kokomi, zhongli & Fontaine. I'm not interested in any of the sumeru characters

  64. HuTao may do the most damage, but if you're not a meta player I think she's the least interesting, since she just attacks things normally.

  65. Yelan=hutao>Xiao imo, not in power level but for priority for your account. With yelan you can do a national variation for aoe and yoimiya vape for single target. With hutao you can do childe international and hutao vape. Xiao is really good when you don't have many characters and use him as a hypercarry because he only need a battery to work, but you have good vape teams so I think yelan and hutao should be better. Also, if you're not 36* this abyss yet, yoimiya vape first half, childe national second half should be very good for 12-3.

  66. probably yelan is the most comfortable to use character for general gameplay, good mobility for overworld, good damage with no downsides and can easily self battery with fav bow. xiao is annoying to use in overworld bc of burst/energy, hutao is alright but being at low hp and needing stamina can be annoying all the time

  67. How about kazuha and a flex for Vaping/Freezeing/ or just mono hydro with XQ. Other options would be Hyperbloom/Burgeon But tbh, no need for all that hydro in these team.

  68. You could go for Xingqiu and Kazuha/Venti (Venti against mobbing content, Kazuha otherwise) for a strong mono hydro team. You could also add in DMC/Nahida (Nahida is better if you have her but DMC still works fine) and Shinobu/Raiden (Shinobu provides healing, Raiden provides a damage buff and slightly more hyperbloom procs in the Nahida variant).

  69. I'm catching up on the game cause I took a break for a while (I just caught up on the archon quest) and now I'm in the middle of the Aranyaka world quest and I'm honestly thinking I might just not complete it cause it is so painstakingly long and I have to complete other world quests for it too apparently and I'm honestly just not interested in the lore for this quest. Am I gonna be missing out do you think? Atp I'm just skipping every dialogue and not comprehending anything anyways

  70. If your interested in exploration, a fair amount of stuff is locked behind completing the quest. Otherwise, it’s not all that important, just provides some solid lore. The long and short of it is

  71. Yelan national? Even that became a national? If you want the short answer then Raiden National is better than the other two "Nationals". Raiden National is the best national comp along side chlide national (Chlide is better aganist multi targats or Small/Medium size enemies this is because overload caused by raiden doesn't throw away bosses/ heavy/large targets which may result in dps lose cuz of the time wasted).

  72. They kind of do different things, with Yational being a vape team and that second one being a hyperbloom team. They should be pretty similar in power though.

  73. If you were to make a tier list of all the best teams in the game, which groups would be your top 3. Constellations can be included.

  74. Without constellation: national comp, hutao double hydro, ayaka freeze. With constellation: not in order Raiden hypercarry, hutao ayaka forward melt, international childe, eula raiden

  75. Eula/Yelan/Raiden/Zhongli, kinda unusual but I use it all the time and its extremely over kill and comfortable. The more cons you have on them the better.

  76. my top two would be international and hu tao double hydro. Honestly not sure what the 3rd would be. Maybe ayaka freeze.

  77. what are the best ayaka teams without kazuha? (i wanna keep him with hyperraiden for his grouping) would prefer to use kokomi but i also have a c4 mona, and would u recommend pulling for shenhe? sorry for all the questions

  78. I couldn't find an exact answer for this but should I always put attack% artifacts on my main dps or do they not all stack? What is the best stats to focus on?

  79. So usually, on your main DPS your goblets should be %dmg bonus (anemo dmg bonus, hydro dmg bonus,...) and crit circlet(crit rate or crit damage in order to balance your crit stat). Your sands depends on the characters and you should see a guide for good reference but a general rule of thumb if your character convert stat A to atk, it should be stat A. If they don't convert anything, %ATK works. If they vaporize most of their dmg or aggravate, EM sands is good. If they needs a lot of energy recharge (180+), you should use ER sands to meet the ER requirements.

  80. Eventually, what it looks like for most DPS units is ATK% on the sands, the relevant element (electro/cryo/physical etc) on the goblet, and crit (either rate or damage) on the circlet. Now there's a list of exceptions a mile long, so always check a guide before locking in gear if you want to farm seriously (post-AR45), but ultimately you can't go that wrong with ADC - Attack/Damage/Crit.

  81. They do all stack: unless it's a character who has a special ability that converts another stat to %ATK (Hu Tao has HP->ATK conversion, Itto and Noelle have DEF->ATK conversion) or they simply scale off of another stat (Albedo's Skill scales off of DEF, Yelan's Skill/Burst scale off of HP, etc.), use %ATK.

  82. Everything on this page looks sketchy, and there's no affiliation to Hoyoverse (who runs Genshin Impact).

  83. For hutao burgeon should i stack up EM as much as possible? Im using CW4pc with HP/Pyro/crit and db my stat is around 64/205 321em 28k hp should i change them all to EM?

  84. First of all, Are you aware that this is exremely unfavorable condition for Hu tao? Her best team comp is vaporise by a big margin.

  85. Not sure where to focus my energy next. Was redoing ayaka's artifacts and it took significantly less time than I thought. Some possibilities: keep farming the peak for HoD to get my long-neglected childe online, try to get a VV hat or goblet for jean for the 4pc bonus, EoSF dungeon to build beidou and potential incremental upgrades for like 5 other characters.

  86. Farm emblem, give good emblems for beidou, good shimenawa for childe (2-piece shimenawa 2-piece hod, 4-piece hod is not much better than 2pc 2pc), artifact strongbox bad pieces for vv hat/goblet.

  87. Blackcliff if you already have one, but it's not really worth the Starglitter if you don't. Rust R1 is not that good for Childe because his best combos actually do use CAs (N2C/N3C are better DPS than N5C, which you'd have to do with Rust), and at low refines, it doesn't give you enough NA damage to really be worth it.

  88. For a sub-dps fischl should I use Skyward Harp or Elegy (I also have an r3 stringless)? Thanks in advance!

  89. I am able to proc over 30k hyper bloom damage with about 350 elemental mastery with Cyno but only about 3k hyper bloom with over 500 EM Kuki. What am I missing?

  90. I’m pretty new (AR 26), is it possible to get Wanderer and Raiden from the next patch banners? I don’t think I can choose one over the other

  91. You can if you grind hard enough I think. Still a lot of quests but some of them are timegated by adventure ranks. First 8 floors of the abyss gives a good amount of primos as well.

  92. Anything is possible when there is luck involved but realistically, no. Between the two I would choose Raiden as she is a very established character, and the Wanderer is new and it always takes time to fully understand a character's potential (Kuki is a prime example of that). Better wait for the rerun for the Wanderer. If you think you can get to 150 wishes by end of December you could always try to win the 50/50 on the Wanderer and if you lose, just stop there and wait for Raiden.

  93. depends. it’s not impossible considering I got both yae and Childe with 69 wishes to start (both 50/50, 14 pity) but you have to get extremely lucky, or is willing to explore/do quests

  94. You have a lot of quests you can do. Especially in sumeru and inazuma. If you grind and rush everything you miiiiight be able to do it? Especially if you're lucky, but otherwise don't expect you can guarantee the 2 of them 100%.

  95. it is possible depending on your luck and/or how much time you have to play the game and earn primos.

  96. WHat pity are you on? how many pulls do you have? Technically if you really grinded the game you would almost guarantee both but you would have to be playing an absolute shit ton do rush all the content

  97. Is the teyvat interactive map reliable and complete? Because I've seen so many unnecessary pins that I kept wasting 5-10 mins searching for it and it turns out it's either already placed by another user or the location is just painfully inaccurate. I don't know if I could still rely on youtube for a walkthrough because it seems like everyone is just reuploading the old mondstadt model so it's hard to follow chest guides through and some are just simply outdated but if anyone has any suggestions please do respond.

  98. My friend really wants to make a Diluc/Kaeya team. Any suggestions on how to make it work? Would a melt team work?

  99. Melt < Vaporise for all the current Pyro Main Dps characters. This is due to the fact that, there is no Cryo that can apply cryo fast enough for Pyro main dpses to keep procing melt at the same pace as vape. Basically, you will lose dps and you will be forced to follow more precised rotations than regualar rotations.

  100. Kaeya is actually the more popular melt sub dps for diluc. If i remember correctly, the diluc mains subreddit faq has a guide for a diluc/kaeya team rotations.

  101. I used Anemo!Traveller - Diluc - Beidou/Xingqiu - Kaeya for like, a year, still use Raiden - Diluc - Kaeya - Zhongli for Childe, electro!Azhdaha and Boss!Raiden

  102. It works but not as reliable as a Xingqiu comp but I did the same previously and it was pretty fun. I used Diluc + Kaeya + Sucrose + Bennett, in theory he could swap Sucrose for Rosaria for more Cryo application and additional Crit Rate at the expense of the VV shred.

  103. Hey, I was building pity for Raiden and I got Childe, I had guaranteed 50/50, now I'm with 300 primos and I want Raiden. Should I make a new account and grind primos on that? Or continue collecting primos on the current one?

  104. First of all, childe isn't a bad pull at all and your account is far from ruined. Raiden will get a rerun again eventually. Second of all, a patch usually gives you 60 rolls excluding one-time content like exploration/statue of the seven upgrades/world quest,.. so until Raiden banner ends, you can get to another soft pity, but it will be a 50/50, good luck with that. If you're relatively new and haven't done most of the one-time contents, you can grind for another 30-40 pulls if you fail the 50-50. The first 8 floors of the abyss also gives a good amount of primos.

  105. Is your current account not too far in the game or something? If not, I would just restart. Wouldn't want to have a 5* char that you don't want to play.

  106. You would have to grind an unholy amount of time to guarantee Raiden on a fresh account. Just save and pull. Childe is a good character to have anyways.

  107. I'm sure you've learned your lesson but please never "build pity", especially when you have a guarantee, it's ridiculously, and more often than not, it's an excuse to pull because people are addicted

  108. 50/50. Epitomized path would be pretty shitty if it actually lowered your odds of getting what you want in any way.

  109. It's 50/50 if you got a standard weapon. Epitomized Path does not kick in in any way until you've got 2 Fate points.

  110. Heyyy so I'm an AR 25 player so I'm quite new to genshin n I'm not vry sure how the pity and guarantee system works so like if you could help that would be great. So on my first 10 pull on nahida's banner I got keqing at the 9th wish. ( js started genshin one day b4 3.2 so I've never wished on any previous banners so that 10 pull was my first 10 on the limited time banner) does it mean that the next 5 star I get will be the featured character? Or does this guarantee only apply when I lose my 50/50 at 90 pity. Hehe sry I don't make sense if u need more info feel free to ask!! Tysm for staying till here also... SCARA WANTERS WILL BE SCARA HAVERS 🤭❤️ he's so bbg

  111. no, you're right, you have a guarantee now and after any time you get a standard character like Keqing on the event banner. Going all the way to 90 pity is so unreasonably unlikely that people have actually offered rewards for anyone who can verify it happening to them.

  112. This feels like a silly one, but does a burgeon team need a Deepwood user? Or would something like noblesse be more useful?

  113. Burgeon cores still do dendro damage, and there aren't many ways to reduce dendro res right now so I'd say keeping a deepwood user is still worth it. In general 20% atk is going to be a lot easier to come by than 30% res shred, and the res shred will usually be more impactful.

  114. Burgeon is Dendro damage, so it's affected by Deepwood's resistance shred. Very worth bringing, and Noblesse does absolutely nothing for it (unless your team has a character/s who also have separate and significant ATK scaling damage).

  115. EM on both sets, keep them. Otherwise, there's just too many characters that want Gilded to make it that easy.

  116. It's always good to keep standard atk%/ele%/crit stuff, even if it's not optimal it's rarely the worst option for a character. Other than that, EM is a very good one and many characters who want both of those sets can go EM/EM/EM. I'd probably focus on looking for EM stuff, than moving on to crit and ele% and finally atk% as a rule of thumb.

  117. Do we expect Kagura's Verity to be a good weapon for Scaramouche? I made an oopsie on the weapon banner (don't have Yae) and hoping to huff some copium lol

  118. I would suggest TF, especially if you're using a Keqing Aggravate team. It's a big step up from 2pc/2pc since its effectively 2 more Keqing Aggravates, which is also possibly 2 more Fischl Aggravates, every 7ish seconds. It's a pretty blg team damage increase if you're doing your rotations correctly. Also 4pc TF (with EM) works really well on certain Kazuha setups.

  119. TF is useful on most electro characters either as a 2pc or a 4pc. It's also good to give to non-electro units to buff Electro damage. Having good options for it is very helpful. So if you can I'd strongbox it until you get a few decent pieces. Having at least enough for a good 2pc can be helpful for teambuilding.

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