Daily Questions Megathread (November 30, 2022)

  1. I started playing about 3 weeks ago, I have a c5 heizou and was wondering if it was worth to raise him. Im ar42 and getting around that time in the game where I need to start paying attention to other characters since I just actually cleared out sumeru archon quests. And inching closer to abyss content. Let me know if its worth! (Also still really nooby dont know a lot about this game just been playing for fun)

  2. He's good in a team where you can play an on-field anemo unit, such as taser (Xingqiu Fischl Beidou). I found that you can also play him in aggravate with off field electros. You can also play him with Bennett, Xiangling and Kazuha for a sort of pyro-anemo team

  3. 105% Crit Rate with Resonance and a Frozen enemy, so a bit much. 197% Crit Damage can be decent-to-a bit low depending on your weapon choice.

  4. Which weapon is better for nahida? r4 widsith, 400EM 52:198 crit. Or sac fag 620EM 52:143 crit. Its for hyperbloom

  5. I got the only thing I didn’t want from the standard banner on pity, aquila favonia dupe (jade cutter is my only other 5 star weapon). Should I refine it? I have it one maxed on bennet rn but I can’t imagine i’ll ever need 2 aquilas since physical dps is so meh.

  6. Is it a must for all characters to be rerunned at the end of the region? I mean, when the all archon quests are done and we are basically already leaving.

  7. Other people are right about how to build mona, but you should try a hyperbloom team before you try building freeze.

  8. 4pc tenacity, with pretty much the only stat you care about being ER. Level her burst as high as possible (it’s what her buff scales off of), other talents can be ignored. Generally the reccomended weapon is TTDS, I personally am partial to prototype amber which lets me run a cryo sub dps instead of my eternal enemy Diona. If you’re not meeting ER requirements to burst every rotation you can also use an ER weapon, since getting the burst up is the absolutely most important thing.

  9. 4pc tenacity, as much er as you can get to burst every rotation. ttds if er requirements met, fav if not. er, hydro, crit. substats: er

  10. Freeze for 12-1 and 12-2, either a national variant or hyperbloom for 12-3. Make sure your freeze team doesn’t have a shielder and that your 12-3 team has a bow character.

  11. How do u stop the dendro hypostasis from scorching the field? If i dont activate it the thing heals??

  12. You can bring them to level 60-ish safely. The big "XP sink" is level 80 to 90, because that takes over a hundred purple XP pages. Those are generally the "wait for a character you like" kind of upgrades.

  13. Don't stress it too much. Leveling characters up to the first few ascensions does not require significant resources. You will need to level a few characters up to progress through the story. You can worry about the best characters to invest into much later on (ar 45+).

  14. It's not a waste, you get a lot of xp books early game + you can always farm laylines (the blue ones) to get more.

  15. In the worst case scenario, unlikely. What I’d do in your position is decide which one your want more and then go for them. If the one you want more is Scara and you’re lucky enough to win the 50/50, you should be able to try the 50/50 on Raiden. Be prepared to only get one though, as that is the most likely scenario.

  16. does 5* pity carry over on the weapon banner like characters or is it completely reset? I know the fate point thing is

  17. Saw your roster. Try Ayaka Kazuha Mona Diona for first half since Diona can shoot down the flying boss. Itto should do fine in second half.

  18. If you have a freeze team, especially one with either Venti or Kazuha, it will destroy 12-1-1 and 12-1-2. Hyperbloom is great for the Thunder manifestation, even without Nahida. DMC/Full EM Raiden/Xingqiu/flex who won’t mess up your hyperblooms will be great. For 12-2-2, I find national to be the best bet. For the drake, Yelan/Xingqiu/Shinobu/DMC hyperbloom ended up being the winner for me. Really, if you have Yelan she works wonders on this cycle.

  19. Having an archer for chamber 3 is very useful for the aeonblight drake. Also hyperbloom is very very good against all the enemies so you can try that on either side if they are decently built.

  20. For the first half, make sure to have at least one bow user (to hit the drake's weak spots) and one healer, and DON'T field in any shielder (because the black serpents activate certain skills when you use a shield). You may also want to have an anemo character for crowd control since you won't be having a shield.

  21. I just pulled miko and realized… I know nothing about how to build her… so how to do it? Rn in using r5 the witsith but what set does she need? I just want her to be a sub dps maybe main but I don’t know if she can do that much dmg?

  22. Any 2pc combo of atk%, electro damage, EM and ER. No, really. No 4pc sets are really far above 2pc combos for her, so you're better off going for your pieces with best substats. If you do have an amazing Gilded dreams set and plan to pöay her in dendro teams that might be above a 2pc combo, but yeah, you're more likely to get food stats on a 2pc combo. R5 Widsith is very good on her, stick to that.

  23. Widsith is fine, probably aim for 4-set Gilded Dreams, but you can also test her out with 2-set 18% attack sets if you don't have a GD set yet.

  24. What would Mihoyo need to do (as in what kind of enemies/artifacts/weapons etc.) in order to indirectly buff Venti enough that he’s generally better than Kazuha in most situations?

  25. Make currently unsuccable enemies pulled by his ult. Not incapacitated like light enemies but still pulled, so his grouping capabilities don’t go from hero to zero

  26. Venti doesn't need buffs, if you gave him kazuha or sucrose's buff on top of his energy refund mechanic he would just be OP. The best thing they could do is quality of life things like making his burst easier to aim / use without having to reposition yourself. Or have it automatically center on the enemy or something.

  27. It's pretty simple imo, he's already better than Kazuha when enemies can be lifted (except maybe when paired with DPS who can't hit into his vortex). So all they'd have to do is prioritise making succ-able enemies more commonplace, and maybe release more main DPS whose primary damage source can hit succ-ed enemies.

  28. The passive does nothing, it's just a crit damage and base attack stat stick. It is worse than some 4* on him.

  29. Generally, a bow user. You can technically beat it with very high damage and/or attacks that can hit it at a range while it’s in the air without bringing a bow user, but in most cases a bow user is all but required to shoot it down in a timely manner, at least in abyss.

  30. archer is easiest, but hitting the glowy orb on the wing when it flies will drop it + stun it for a long time...which some Keqing has done...

  31. So I have saved up enough wishes (around 4 5* pulls) for raiden. I will pull for her next banner, I only have Jean and (will have) Raiden. Should I pull for Ayato or should I save for the next archon?

  32. Save for Yelan who should be rerunning after Raiden. Ayato is pretty mediocre overall, he's an easier to play but weaker Yelan. You also probably should have pulled Nahida.

  33. what kind of teams do you have/want to build, is ayato a good fit for them? maybe the weapon banner can also be a good choice

  34. Hi y’all who would you guys add for a final support for a keqing/dendro trav/kokomi hyperbloom team

  35. It'll most likely end up more like Quickbloom rather than Hyperbloom with how slow Kokomi's Hydro application is, so a second Hydro would be nice to generate more seeds.

  36. Hi everyone, I am super new to the game. Should I be leveling my artifacts as I go or simply hold my resources for when I have 5/4 star artifacts?

  37. 4 star artifacts are fine to level up but definitely start with more permanent stuff like talents, level you characters to 80 and ascend don't rush to 90. and yeah weapons

  38. You should be leveling the artifacts you have as needed. Specifically the ones on whichever character you're using as your main damage dealer.

  39. Level up the useful ones, but don't go out of your way to farm artifact domains before ar45 (before AR 45 domain youre not guaranteed a 5* artifact, and the stamina cost is the same)

  40. Not sure exactly what you're asking but the oceanid is from fontaine, she fled because she doesn't get along the current archon.

  41. Can anyone help me find out who voices the gate guard Lawrence? My fiancé says he recognises the voice actor from something else, but he can't remember what from, and it's really bugging him.

  42. what are f2p players thoughts on scaramouche, so far i was saving up to get him but now i got heizou off the standard banner and he's one of my fav anemo units and scaramouche although fun and unique in many ways doesn't seem as necessary but i'm conflicted if i'll be missing out on some good anemo dps lmao

  43. Different gameplay. There are currently only 3 or so other characters in the entire game that can sorta aerial combat, and that's Xiao, Kazuha, and Keqing.

  44. You don't need an anemo dps anyway, just get him if you like him, you can always alternate between him and heizou.

  45. I don't understand this statement how is his playstyleike heizo I got him on his 1st run no way he is like heizo. Imo I love scara and thankfully he has some unique playstyle not like heizo 💀

  46. I’m free to play adventure rank 60, I plan on getting him and I saved for him in this Patch, I was saving for Dehida to be honest but fell in love with him being able to fly end it being a ball to act as a driver for multiple type of teams. That being said I think he will be an expensive unit to build if you want to play faruzan as well and use his new set. I actually would not pull for him if my team wasn’t complete, I think Nahida a raiden and kazuha would be add a safest pick before him

  47. hey so ive just started playing again this week after not playing for quite some time and am really overwhelmed with what to do. I stopped playing right after inazuma released

  48. Help me understand why the mushroom battle event was fun for you guys. I enjoyed the capturing and puzzles portion, but the combat was just a big no for me.

  49. Idk I found the event incredibly boring. I would much rather fight with my own characters than watch some dumb mushrooms hit each other.

  50. It's what we hoped pokemon could've been, free camera and player movement. IRL commanding battle. Having to actually plan your skill usage/heals.

  51. i feel like the grinch hearing other people talk abt that event bc standing around watching stupid mushroom ai go at each other for 3 minutes is not my idea of fun

  52. Just wait until next week and you'll have a ton of reviews of his cons and whether they're worth it or not, then make your decision.

  53. Soo… Someone just told me: „Kuki Shinobu always labels herself as around 500 years old; her actual age is 598.“

  54. They can be for certain characters, if you don't have a better option. Don't buy them just to buy them as they are pretty mediocre.

  55. Generally no. Pretty much every character who might use one (purely as a crit stat stick with a mostly-useless passive) has better 4-star options. Xiao might be the only exception, haven't checked lately.

  56. Bit of a weird team honestly. Crimson Witch is better by a bit and has easier rotations, so go for that if you can. But if you require Emblem for other characters and happen to pick up good Shimenawa along the way, go for it, it's not that much worse.

  57. Do you have any characters that use emblem set? If yes, then farm emblem/shim domain. If no, farm whatever set you want and use strongbox to make crimson.

  58. How are the last two 3.2 abyss cycles compared to others in term of difficulty? I'm a day 1 player who has been ignoring abyss past floor 8 and only recently motivated enough to seriously attempted it. Finishing with 36 stars ended up being easier than expected so I'm wondering if these cycles are just easier than usual.

  59. This cycle is harder than average, if you can clear this you can probably clear most abyss cycles.

  60. Funnily enough, this cycle is actually much harder than the previous one, unless you have 0 electro units built.

  61. If I buy a welkin moon now, but don't log into the game for the next few days, those first days will be gone but the rest will still be there?

  62. Does my electro char with 40% dendro dmg deal more hyperbloom dmg than the same electro char with same stats except 0% dendro dmg ?

  63. Nope, same damage. But if someone in the team has 4pc Deepwood to shred enemies' Dendro resistance, that will affect it.

  64. No, Hyperbloom damage only scales off character level and EM. All reactions work this way, excluding reactions that boost damage (aggravate, spread, melt, vaporize)

  65. How do you fight in this game without constantly running out of stamina? I have Hu Tao who needs to use charged attacks to do most of her damage so I go through stamina pretty quickly even with stamina food and animation canceling.

  66. If you're animation cancelling properly, using Hu Tao should not be that much more stamina intensive than any other character. And/or if she's properly built, things should be dying before you run out.

  67. The treasure compass is absolutely abysmal on this map. It's just so frustrating finding underground chests. Anyone relate?

  68. Yeah the exploration quality of life in this game is garbage. Map, navigation, and compass are all trash.

  69. Yes, it was only useful in the Sumeru city. Also if they are gonna crazy caves they could really colourcode the waypoints

  70. No as the passives are useless on him bt CD stat is useful I will suggest you LP or skyward atlas or even MOD

  71. Not extremely. It will still work as a stat stick with a 5 star base attack and crit substat, but compared to most other 5 star options (and even some four star options in certain cases) it will be outdone.

  72. She’s still extremely strong. If anything she’s gained power with the release of Yelan and the hydro resonance change. She definitely won’t stack up to Ayaka and Ganyu in AoE since her damage is largely single target, but she hands down beats them in single target, while also still being serviceable in aoe unlike someone like Yoimiya who is all but single target locked. She is absolutely still a top meta option and will clear most content easily; she’s just gained more competition with the advent of strong dendro teams like hyperbloom and aggravate.

  73. her meta options without yelan are that team you mentioned or hu tao xingqiu thoma/c4 yanfei sucrose/kazuha.

  74. Overall crimson witch is generally considered better for hu tao. I think now that it is strongboxable more people have come around on using it over shimenawa.

  75. You can't get all rewards, but if you're in NA you should still be able to get the majority of them. If you're in EU or Asia then your server already ticked over and you can't get 5 boxes for the big box.

  76. For this abyss, Ayaka freeze will shred 12-1-1 and 12-1-2. A Yoimiya team will be great for the 12-1-2 thundering manifestation. These teams would be Ayaka-Mona-Kazuha-Kaeya and Yoimiya-Xingqiu-Bennett-Sucrose.

  77. If I repair my game files and it starts to download like about 30GB worth, does it mean some of my game files really are broken/missing? Was expecting the 'repair' to be a few MBs, not expecting that large of an amount. I haven't been able to log in recently and all the answers given to me was that I had connection issues (which I doubt so, I already downloaded the game from scratch twice) since I can't get past captcha (the entire game just freezes and no longer responds) so I went to repair files and it tries to download like... the entire game all over again. I don't understand?

  78. Hi, was just checking with you guys to see if I can improve my Nahida any further? I’m using her for aggravate and nilou bloom teams

  79. Her passive gives her crit rate bonus so you want to improve her crit damage. It's a pain to farm for EM artifacts though so other than that it's good.

  80. My connection is more than fine but I still get 171+ ms in game? Since 3.1 (I think), my ping started to go beyond 100 ms, which is 20-60 ms usually. I have tried using VPN, but it only get me to 100 ms. I used singapore server because all the other location sucks. It takes me a lot of time to joing multiplayer lobbies now and ofc my ping dependent ayato is crying. help a fellow boba connoisseur out :<

  81. Doubt it. For the majority of players, I don't think they're even aware. It's pretty much already as popular as it gets anyways.

  82. Dec 11-14 in 2021. I wouldn't count on any primos for the awards it's gotten this year though, they were given out 2 days after they won last year

  83. Iirc they gave out 4x 400 primos the first time it won the most downloaded/played game or some shit. Can't remember if they did more than that.

  84. Childe is going to be stronger, Scara is going to be more flexible but not necessarily the best option in his teams, sort of like Ayato. Pull whoever you think is cuter.

  85. If I use my burst but I'm still mid animation and I have an attack buff applied to me, will I get the bonus or is the damage set as I use my burst, regardless of if it has dealt damage yet?

  86. Depends on the character. For example; XL snapshots near the end of her animation while Beidou snapshots early. That means on XL you can Bennet Q into XL Q and it’ll be fine but doing the same on Beidou will cost her to not get the buff. Instead you want to wait on her for am extra second or use her E 1st before using her Q.

  87. Elegy CAN be his best weapon, in situations where it allows him to burst every rotation while another bow would let him burst every other duration. That plus the team buff would bring it to the top spot for team damage (not person damage). Otherwise, thundering pulse is still a good option, being his 4th best weapon. For more details check here:

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