A look at Sumeru bounties via timing

  1. i don’t think they can implement that without changing how bounties work. only one bounty of each difficulty level is available at a time, so the only way to do three equally difficult bounties is sequentially. but i agree that they should display more than one bounty per difficulty level.

  2. Kinda wish they'd updated the bounty rewards to give more than just mora, imagine if you could get 1-2 fragile resin per week for completing all bounties

  3. Would be nice. They already did that once with the teapot so it wouldn't be anything new either, and would make a significant difference for those who don't refresh resin.

  4. That would just make it another chore that people feel required to do. Besides, I don’t see why it needs to be relevant once you’re max reputation. It’s a very simple activity with little depth. Just an option to work for mora if you really need it.

  5. I wonder if that’s just the full list of options and it’ll be a random three like the other nations.

  6. I usually do the 5★ ones (or whatever gives 100 REP points) to fill my reputation faster but you bet I won't do the Rifthounds one, in fact I'm sad those shits will be on Sumeru too :(

  7. I hope that we can get some sort of rewards if we max out our reputation first by doing bounties, but we still have quests to do. Convert the reputation points you get from completing quests to a certain amount in mora would be a nice start.

  8. More will be added in future update. We have desert map pending & also additional Map Expansion (like Dragonspine or Chasm) for Sumeru which we don't know anything about. I don't know if Mare Jiwari is related to Sumeru or something else but that would be nice...

  9. Bounties and requests are the most useless and ignored things in game once you reach the max reputation level. I will sometimes do it if I am really short on mora but mostly they are boring and tedious so I don’t care they exist. Still very glad they removed the “find clues” dumbness from Inazuma so I can do it faster there if I need to farm mora.

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