240 days is enough to get her!

  1. It's funny to me that even a tease like yae refers to ganyu as "big sister" in jp and cn and than I remember ganyu is in top 5 oldest characters in the game

  2. It’s sad to be F2P and get captivated by every 5* banner. I just can’t save primo gems to save my life.

  3. Same, I want Ayaka but since I already lost my 50/50 with her I'll have to skip her (even though I have the primos) to get Kazuha

  4. If you’re actually captivated by every banner, you may need to consider your choices a bit more, tbh. You don’t need every character, and there are probably some characters you like more than others that you would skip other characters banners to save for

  5. For me the problem isn't not enough primos, but luck. I'd have like, over half of the limited characters if I didn't lose every single 50/50 to Qiqi

  6. "Whales" are people who actively spend money in the game, those "I spent 2000 dollars on this character!?" thumbnails are an example of whales.

  7. I might not go for c6 ayaka, or even c1 ayaka, but I will go for c6 Ganyu (currently at c0 since her first banner) whenever her banner comes around

  8. Ayaka is great. I had rolled her and Kokomi without realizing how good they were and I continued to use barbara because she was higher leveled. After I switched to her I realized she could 1. Heal faster, 2. Actually hurt things

  9. Its only 240 days until mihoyo decides they want it to take less time. its just a placeholder. Dont rely on it.

  10. I just got her with the wishes i saved for kazuha after loosing 50/50 to keqing, and to top it off it was hard pity goddamnit 😢 time to hunt primos again 😭

  11. My question is should I try? Against all odds I've won the last 3 50/50s with ayato, yae, and I believe raiden. Qiqi is coming for me.

  12. I had C0 Ayaka from first pool, and then come this pool all I wanted to get was mistsplitter so I didn’t touch the Ayaka pool feeling that I’m probably close to getting a gold one again but somehow ended up getting the unforged who idk who to use on And then the other night I exchanged my gems into the balls in advance and I lost focus and badump comes C1 Ayaka Has to be my saddest limited gold Chara pulls ever, getting a C1 Ayaka instead of whatever is coming soon

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