"What're You Playing?" Wednesday - November 10, 2021

  1. I just got back into Animal Crossing after starting a new island, so I'm currently grinding that out. I also just got unpacking and seriously what a relaxing and fun game.

  2. I played Unpacking and Dogs Organized Neatly this week and they definitely satiated that puzzle game itch I've been having.

  3. I LOVED the Unpacking demo, and probably replayed it four times xD I've heard tho that the whole game is rather short. Is it only a little bigger than the demo or would you say it's a lot longer?

  4. Got back into Animal Crossing thanks to the update and DLC, and I'm really enjoying revisiting my island and decorating again.

  5. Recently picked up Detroit: Become Human for PC. The flow charts are so satisfying to see! I am a tiny bit annoyed about the typical gender roles I've experienced so far, esp since they're androids and all. But it is what it is, I suppose. I do like the whole avenue of exploring what makes one "human" and I like tough choices in games in general, so I have high hopes for it in that regard.

  6. Grinding Final Fantasy XIV till the Releae of Endwalker (i am somewhere between A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, also known as Patch Hell™) .

  7. I recently got into Magic: the Gathering. I’ve played a LOT of Hearthstone but quit after the Blitzchung drama, so it’s nice to have a new card game to play… I only have my roommate to play with/talk to about it regularly though. I just put together a Rin and Seri, Inseparable deck and kicked butt though, I love being able to have a cat+dog tribe deck!!

  8. on my third playthrough of the mass effect remaster since it came out, think i’ve just hit around 225 hours total. if it wasn’t apparent, i love mass effect more than anything.

  9. just got a gaming mouse and getting back into some FPS! been playing a lot of Apex, Fortnite and Valorant. when i want to relax a little i'll play Genshin Impact. my SO has been playing New World and raving about it - do you all think it's worth it?

  10. I've been playing a lot of New World too. It's a solid time suck, so if you've got the time for a new MMO, go for it! I'm enjoying my time just zoning out and levelling up. It's a nice change from my normal comp games that involve a lot more of my brain haha.

  11. Stardew Valley right now. Tomorrow I'll be getting the Skyrim Anniversary Edition and Knights of the Old Republic for my Switch, so I doubt I'll be seeing sunlight for a while.

  12. Right now I'm playing Plants versus Zombies the original Edition. I don't know why but I'm just into it. I'm having trouble completing the hard survival modes though.

  13. I'm looking at this comment and laughing because I just managed to complete all of the hard survival modes last night.

  14. Back 4 Blood. Finally got the rest of fiance's friend group through the story on Recruit. No more carrying for us they need to grind out their own cards.

  15. I've been playing P5R on merciless mode. Strangely I find it easier than normal mode because I never run out of SP due to the weakness multiplier allowing me to one shot everything with the most basic attack spells.

  16. I've been playing Apex, Destiny 2 and Back 4 Blood. The first two mainly just solo as chill gaming. Back 4 Blood is taking some reeeal strategizing though with how tough it can be!

  17. I'm in Act 3 of my current Divinity 2 campaign. I'm really starting to feel overpowered so I'm looking forward to the next act's difficulty spike.

  18. I've been playing through Neverwinter Nights again. This is the platinum edition version with the Kingmaker disc, fan patched premium modules (so they work), and updated to the 1.71 community patch.

  19. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan with my partner theatrical play couch coop. We streamed for 3h last night and it was really fun!

  20. Winter is RPG season for me so while I wait for all the awesome ones to come out in the next few years (sigh) I’m replaying Skyrim for the umpteenth time

  21. Spiritfarer 😊 such a lovely, cute game... I'm not that far into it, but I expect to cry a lot later on tbh 😅

  22. started playing Borderlands 3 with my fiance! we also play apex but he and my sisters boyfriend that i play it with are getting kind of fed up with the game, i love the new map though :(

  23. Finished replaying Deus Ex: Human Revolution and am now replaying through Mankind Divided. I forgot how good Mankind Divided was and I'm really happy I decided to replay it. \

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