Rayna/Ashley relationship

  1. I'm new to the show, just started listening about a month ago, catching up, loving them both, but honestly have only seen their Spotify cover and don't know who is who. SO. YES. There is tension. I noticed it in small ways (a little laugh that's not a reaction to something said, but instead perhaps a memory, or a re-interpretation) anyway - yes. I notice the tension.

  2. I agree! I think friends can also be more hostile towards each other than strangers can and sometimes you might be doing it without even realizing it. I don’t think Ashley is evil or intentionally being rude to Rayna I just notice that there’s tension there that wasn’t necessarily there before. I do think they’re close enough and business partners that it’ll probably eventually work itself out just seems like Ashley is sometimes not willing to be confrontational and I can see where Rayna is likely just waiting for her to be up front and say something. We’ll see! I hope there is a change bc I loved the earlier episodes of the podcast

  3. I don’t think this is it. I kind of hate the narrative that issues between women always come down to jealousy of someone’s relationship. Rayna and Kane are a great couple and I think she’s happy for them. Tbh Rayna seems disengaged from the work and the constant travel and doing other things maybe makes it more challenging for them to record or for her to focus in on work. I get the vibe that Ashley is doing a lot more for the business and maybe picking up that slack.

  4. I’m new to this thread but was curious if anyone else felt the same and then saw this post so I had to comment. Maybe it was just this episode but I felt like the chemistry was off. Rayna didn’t really laugh at Ashley’s salmon tartare complaint (which miss girl you are giving off Karen vibes lately) and I felt like Ashley was throwing shade in the episode when Rayna mentioned the brain stuff. It’s a one off and they weren’t together in person so maybe that’s why? But idk it felt off this episode.

  5. Yeah I felt it was especially off this week that’s why I made the post! I feel like I’ve noticed things here or there in the past few episodes but this episode especially it just seemed like Ashley was on edge and yeah you could tell Rayna wasn’t particularly interested in complaining w Ashley about her 5 star restaurant cold fries just seems like they’re on different wavelengths lately

  6. Eh. I think they might be annoyed with each other, but it doesn’t mean anything about their relationship. They spend so much time together and it’s normal to have fights and annoyances

  7. No I agree I think it could def just be typical friendship annoyance but it seems to me you’d put that aside to produce the podcast. Ashley just seemed v on edge with some of the responses Rayna had this week

  8. I kind of think this might be because it’s honestly boring content to hear Rayna talk about Kane. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. Ashley seemed extra dismissive of Rayna in this episode. Even when Rayna discussed meeting Kane’s nieces and nephews…Ashley had to throw in a dig about not caring what kids think, etc.

  10. I can tell they are annoyed with each other. I think rayna is more layed-back and Ashley tries to be more professional

  11. I think this has something to do w it too but for me the reason I started listening to the pod was for the humor of it all and it seems like Ashley is trying to pull back the reigns a bit but it makes things boring imo like I wasn’t interested in hearing her complain about her upper class restaurant problems

  12. Same! I was like whoa - seems like from the way Ashley said it she’s brought it up to Rayna privately or something just seemed v hostile but was clearly a joke on raynas part

  13. Yeahh!! I picked up on this too! I guess if you’re that close and spend so much time together eventually things will start to sour

  14. Tbh I think it’s normal for friends to drift when someone gets in a relationship. Idk if that’s where Ashley’s tension even comes from! Just an observation that I’ve had in the past few weeks she seems a little more snappier towards Rayna. Could completely be just normal friendship tension/banter idk I just know she didn’t used to speak to Rayna that way

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