Ordered and ate biscuits and gravy from McDonald's found out a week later that they've never had them at that location.

  1. Did you check your orders to make sure it was that location that you ordered? Sometimes door dash does a distant location instead of the one close to you

  2. I went to a McDonald’s in Maryland that had sweet & sour and BBQ sauce on pumps so basically unlimited

  3. This glitch seems easily proven or debunked. Quick glance at your past orders will show if you ordered McDonald's or not. Carl's Jr does biscuits and gravy, Wendy's too.

  4. I've gotten them at locations in metro Detroit. So it's not just the southeast, just mostly the southeast. Unless I'm glitching too lmao

  5. I was in Buffalo maybe about 5 or 6 years ago and definitely remember them on the McDonald's menu there. Still amazed that you guys have iced tea in McDonald's too, was so nice! McDonald's here is so lacking in items in comparison

  6. You can get B&G at a handful of mc d's I've been to in the midwest with the big breakfast, i'm guessing it may be up to the franchisee.

  7. The glitch was that the guy said they never had them at that location. OP went back to the same place he ordered them from on door dash.

  8. I distinctly remember eating hotdogs at McDonald's as a kid, and then at some point they didn't have them anymore. Later I got in arguments with people who claimed that McDonalds never had hotdogs at all. But I am absolutely sure they did.

  9. Hungry jacks (your burger King) used to do a hot dog here but discontinued it when I was little. I remember getting the styrofoam hotdog holder and making a boat for the bath.

  10. They absolutely did. I think it was a long time ago—Like when they first opened. But don’t hold me to that.

  11. Same here! But apparently they only served them in 1995 as a summer item. I would've only been 4 and I can't see myself remembering it so distinctly if it was only around for a couple months.

  12. I mean, he was hungover, ordered on an app. Clearly ordered from a different location than he thought. It’s a simple explanation, not a glitch

  13. Did you check the other McDonald's in the area? I've noticed sometimes when I order it doesn't go to the closest restaurant.

  14. Ya that really bugs me about Door dash. I tried ordering from a Buffalo Wild Wings that was like 3 mins from my house and was most definitely open, but the order went to a location like 25 minutes away. Does anyone know why this happens? It's so frustrating but I'm guessing there must be a reason for it...

  15. This reminds, for whatever reason, of that Stephen King story where there is door that takes you back the 50's... or 40's... Anyway. When you leave that time, that the door took you to, everything you changed resets.

  16. I live in NW Ohio and before Covid hit, I could always get biscuits and gravy. I'm 27. They took them off the menu when they removed bagels and whatever else it was. The closest McDonald's to me has them again, but it isn't listed on the menu.

  17. I live in Northeast Ohio and I’m 25 and I can promise you that there was one McDonald’s on the west side of cleveland on Denison Ave that sold sausage gravy and biscuits. Granted it’s probably been about 5 years since I’ve been over there but yeah you’re absolutely right my man.

  18. DoorDash also has commercial kitchens that stock and prepare all sorts of fast food items. Nearly all fast food can be pulled from a freezer and made on demand.

  19. Sometimes didn’t employees say different things..I’m a manager at McDonald’s,been working here for five years.Trust me.

  20. In England (not sure about Australia), biscuits are what we Americans call cookies. Our biscuits are what you call scones. So it’s scones and gravy. (Much better than a cookie/biscuit and gravy! 🤢)

  21. Ok guys so I found out this morning that a McDonald's a couple miles from my house in fact does have the biscuits and gravy... I ordered them this morning and they are still delicious. I promise this isn't a promotion for McDonald's biscuits and gravy, and glad I was able to open a discussion involving everything from time warps to concerned Australians. You guys are all wonderful and I hope to partake in more deep dives into the rabbit hole in the near future. Sincerely with love - the lazy idiot who couldn't figure out where his biscuits came from.

  22. I live in Northeast Ohio. Not long ago I noticed the sign in front of the Canal Fulton McDonalds said they were serving biscuits and gravy. Idk if that helps. I’m sure it wasn’t the only McDonalds in NE Ohio doing it. Also, I’ve driven some for Doordash and the McDonalds you thought you ordered from might not be the one the food came from.

  23. Plot twist: You guys were still drunk, drove your car into the living room of some random house, and then started chewing on the couch cushions, which you were convinced were biscuits and gravy.

  24. How can they not have biscuits and gravy??? What kind of world 🌎 doesn't have biscuits and gravy? ...a world I don't want to live in.

  25. Ok so full disclosure, I didn't think to check if the biscuits came from another location because we live a quarter mile away from one, which is a testament to how hungover we were when we ordered them. They're honestly at least 3 other locations where they could've come from... im going to check the menus of all three locations tomorrow morning to see if we can find out where these tasty bitches came from.

  26. but why not just look at your door dash history?? like why make this harder for yourself when you literally have the answer to the question on your phone?

  27. It should say on your DD receipt. For what it’s worth, I live between Cbus and Dayton & all of our McD’s have biscuits + gravy. It’s the only thing my husband requests when we do get McD breakfast.

  28. Reddit just threw this sub at me. Is this an entire sub of people who think that reality is bending and buckling around them rather admitting that humans are inherently fallible creatures that have shitty memories and flawed perceptions?

  29. Yes, it’s ridiculous and rarely not “debunkable.” For example, the guy who posted this later said he was so hungover and there are multiple locations and now he’s not sure which one he went to and it didn’t occur to him to check if he actually went to a different location that he originally thought. They believe they are the main character in a simulation when it’s basically proven that humans have shitty memories (and most certainly they are not as accurate as people think…so it’s more likely to have a false memory than a wrong one)

  30. Idk because it's literally in every Micky D's in WV and I am literally right beside you. Just east of your location. We also have one of the only two places left in the world with a McDonald's that still serves Mcpizza.

  31. I live in the south eastern US and I’ve NEVER seen B&G at McDonald’s! Now I’m intrigued and disappointed and highly curious as to WTF happened here. I’ve worked for mcd’s and never heard of this. Just take that as a win…I suppose? You probably got FAR better B&G from mcd’s than anyone else has in 30 years lol.

  32. …have you never been hungover? Ain’t nobody hopping in a car to get that greasy nausea relief.

  33. Wait, do they have biscuits and gravy in some locations? Can't say I've ever seen that in the northeast.

  34. I too live in northeast Ohio, we have 3 McDonalds in town but all of them serve Biscuits and Gravy. Just had some yesterday. They’ve never stopped serving here. Idk what location you went to. I know some stores have items others don’t.

  35. That’s weird. What’s even weirder is you say it’s only for the locations in Southern states, but I thought it was a normal breakfast staple at all McDonald’s.

  36. I believe your nearest McD's is incorrect. I was in Akron about six months ago and craving them (southerner), and they had it. Maybe it's a seasonal thing? Like they have it in the winter only?

  37. I’m in southern Ohio (Cincinnati) now and grew up in middle Ohio (Columbus) and I’ve always been able to get it.

  38. That is totally bogus about being only in southern states. I live near Dayton and get the biscuits and gravy every few weeks.

  39. Everyone knows best place in Cleveland to get sausage biscuits and gravy is the Harvard inn on Harvard and 71st .. don't let the location of the place throw you off..this is hands down the best breakfast restaurant on Clevelands east side!

  40. https://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/unbeatable-sausage-gravy-and-biscuits/3140d428-fb73-4e94-9c9b-ad2f3c7497ec

  41. The 24 hour one in Stow has them.... and a few others! I forget which others tho... the app will show you... it's under "homestyle breakfasts" below the big breakfasts

  42. I also live in Ohio and I eat the McDonald’s biscuits and gravy often…too often. So they definitely are available at least in central Ohio.

  43. Here I am, a Midwestern transplant in New England just jealous that you can get biscuits and gravy at all... I do make it pretty bomb though

  44. Hi fellow NEO! 👋🏻 Can you look on your DoorDash history and see if it is listed in previous orders? If so, see if you can order from that particular McD’s again. Sometimes they shoot the order out to another McD’s if the one closest to you turns off their DoorDash tablet. Perhaps another McD’s in the area has your beloved Biscuits & Gravy!

  45. was it from the mcdonald’s on w 117th by walgreens? they definitely had them last week i specifically pointed them out to my friend and said “huh that’s weird. seems fake”. i never knew mcdonald’s had them to begin with.

  46. Sometimes places have hidden menu item stuff that is only available through delivery apps to boost business for both sides… maybe it was something like that?

  47. Also, I know that confirmation bias is a thing but I’ve noticed this weird thing where Ohio gets mentioned every single day in some form on some part of the internet I visit. It’s everywhere I go, whether it’s a movie, tv show, YouTube video, Reddit post, some comment somewhere, some obscure post in some random part of the internet, anything. I’m not talking just here and there, I mean it. Everywhere. It’s happened every single day for a long enough amount of time that I’ve just almost accepted it as something more than a coincidence or, like I said, confirmation bias. It’s not, like, WKYC YouTube channel or something. It’s anything.

  48. Another suggestion I haven’t seen is that places run ghost kitchens for Uber/door dash and stuff.

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