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  1. I like to clean my EDC at the range so I can fire off a couple of rounds after cleaning it. I'd hate to find out something got messed up when I needed it most.

  2. That's a really good point. I never really thought of it because I function check after I break down, but you never know huh.

  3. You can run a Glock for a long time without cleaning it, it’s what they’re designed for. However I clean them after every time I fire them & if I’m carrying one I clean it weekly.

  4. I field strip, clean and lube my Glocks after every range trip. Takes about 10 minutes per firearm. It’s enjoyable and helps me sleep at night.

  5. If you are going to use for self defense, clean everytime, at least just a quick field strip clean and lube. That said, I have put 2000-3000 thousand rounds through my Glock 19 without cleaning at it ran fine.

  6. Carry gun every 500 rounds or 1 month, whichever comes first. Range guns every 1000 rounds or 3 months, whichever comes first. If you want to clean it after every trip then absolutely go for it. environment of operation and type of ammo play a huge role in how much you should clean your gun, shooting brass indoors you will clean it less than shooting steel in the desert. A lot of people over think things like this, I did when I bought my first gun. Clean it when it’s dirty and don’t over oil it, simple as that.

  7. I usually just clean whenever I come home from the range. I git a 43, among some other handguns, and we only ever shoot around 200 rounds between each 9mm everytime we go to the range.

  8. as long as you're familiar with its operation in a given state of fouling you shouldn't worry too much about it. i've shot maybe 6000 rounds through my G17.5, most with the same Norma 9mm 124. I got my first failure sometime around round 2000 without cleaning, so i feel pretty comfortable keeping it around 1000 rounds between cleanings if i am keeping it in a "ready" state, and infinity rounds if i am keeping it in a "range" state

  9. You can go several thousands of rounds in a Glock without really cleaning it. A buddy of mine did about 6k in his Glock 17 before it’s started to foul up

  10. I can't carry or legally use my guns for defense in my country, nor do I shoot for accuracy with my glock. I clean it when it stops shooting, I hit it hard, and it still won't shoot

  11. I was thinking about this the other night as I was giving my glocks a good wipe down. Considering we are all just lazy civilians, there's nothing wrong with cleaning after every time you shoot, especially as a new owner. It will build your familiarity with the gun. Now, do you NEED to clean it every time, absolutely not. Especially glocks, they're designed to run through far worse conditions than our holsters and gun safes. Some will suggest 500-1000 rounds or 100-200... It's up to you. As long as you're not having any malfunctions, dont worry too much. But while you are learning, take it apart and learn it. And If you're going to use it as a dedicated carry or bedside gun, keep it clean and your mind at ease. Enjoy your new glock!

  12. If this is your primary defensive gun it should be kept in perfect working order, any other condition for your primary weapon is shameful. It should be impeccable, spotless. People who have lower standards are simply lazy, which is a particularly bad reflection on their character because cleaning a firearm can take just 10 minutes. It's like cavalierly saying "Hey this thing I depend upon to save my life and the life of others, well, I can't be bothered to spend a few minutes a month doing preventative maintenance." And in the next breath that same person will go on to pretend they spend hundreds of dollars on ammo, hours at the range, every single month. Same folks carry a dull pocket knife.

  13. That’s a little much, I don’t think modern poly semis need to be cleaned that much to work well. I clean it cause it’s relaxing to clean them. Unless you’re running 100s of rounds through it

  14. Obligatory "I've cleaned mine maybe a couple times in well over 10k rounds" response. this topic cycles through here really regularly.

  15. I work at a gun shop/gun range and shoot my glock 19 daily. push some cloth wads through it after every range day and clean it thoroughly every 500-1000 rounds. and remember, always clean from the chamber, not the muzzle. the barrel shoots but the muzzle hits.

  16. I’m not especially compromising when it comes to carry or nightstand guns. The M&P9 Shield Plus on my hip, LCP Max that goes in my pocket, AR-15 in the closet, and Glock 17 Gen 5 in the nightstand are always cleaned and I do pocket lint/dust checks and lubrication checks if it has been a few months. The same way I always have a full tank of gas and a flashlight before a road trip, I’m not fond of being casual with lifesaving stuff.

  17. I clean after every shoot. I honestly find it very relaxing and usually will put something on the TV. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have a clean firearm for when it counts.

  18. Field strip, clean, and lube after every trip to the range. Do it the same day if you can. Do it because it builds good habits that will ensure your gun works when you need it. Glocks have high tolerances? So what.

  19. Not as often as I’d like maybe a box or two once every 2-3weeks. This is my first gun and I was curious as to what manufacturer recommends vs what gun owners recommend.

  20. Wipe down the innards with an oiled shoppe towel after every range session. Bore cleaner when you get fliers or barrel looks like it's full of snot. A nylon brush won't hurt every 500 rounds but a solvent you really only use when you start getting funky accuracy.

  21. You should clean every firearm everyday that it is in the field and asap after sending rounds or at the end of that day when you have time.

  22. With a Glock you can shoot it a ton and not clean it really at all if you want... Just keep in mind the more you don't do it the harder it is when you finally do. I clean mine after every time I shoot but I usually put 100-200 rounds through each time. There have been times when I only fired a mag and let it go until after I shot it again for 100 or 200 rds... As far as cleaning the firing pin and all the deeper stuff that is every few to several thousand rounds..

  23. I do it every time I shoot if it’s my CCW. Part of it is military experience, part of it is lint and other shit gets in CCW guns. But really Glock is the kind of gun that you can get away with not keeping up on maintenance with. Every few hundred rounds would be a good idea if you don’t wanna clean every range trip.

  24. Depends on the firearm but I at least give it a wipe down. I don’t fully strip it down but I’ll field strip clean it since it’s pretty easy and if you’re not shooting thousands of rounds per session it’s quite an easy clean

  25. I recently went to the range to shoot my Glock 45 after replacing the trigger and I took my Glock 26 with me as well. After about 400 rounds through my 45 I put the last 50 through my Glock 26 and cleaned both when I got home, you shoot it you clean it

  26. I run a boresnake with a drop or two of CLR through my barrel every 300-500 rounds. I also wipe down the feed ramp with a paper towel with a drop of CLR on it.

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