Is this noise from magazine normal? Stock 19x mag

  1. Pretty much all double stack magazines can do that from time to time. As others have said, giving it a firm tap, or unloading and reloading a few rounds usually cures

  2. Out of 20 mags. Some rattle when fully loaded and some don’t. Then the ones that don’t start to rattle and then stop again… it’s pretty normal

  3. Didn't even need sound. Mine do it too. I noticed it more with the larger freedom mags and I didn't trust it at first because I bought used and thought they may have had a defect but I've put hundreds of rounds through them now so no bug deal.

  4. I just compressed the top bullet down with my thumb then bring the magazine down on my hand to make it slap off my palm at a pretty good force and then release the top and the rattles usually gone.

  5. It's a feature on the use of force spectrum. With the gun still holstered, you can shake your ass at an aggressor for the rattlesnake effect.

  6. Unload the mag, slide off the base plate, rotate the spring 180 (so the back is now the front, NOT swapping top and bottom), reinstall the base plate, and reload the mag.

  7. This happens when the bullets aren't seated correctly. Just tap it against a hard surface or the palm of your hand.

  8. Out of the hundreds of double stacks mags from Sig to HK, Walther etc that I have had, this is very common. Particularly on new mags.

  9. Dude!! I just bought a hellcat pro and one of the mags does this. I thought it was a defect mag as no other mag I’ve had ever made that rattle. Thanks all for putting my mind at ease lol.

  10. Take apart the mag, clean it and lubricate it properly. That should keep the rounds from sticking like that. Though it will only cause problems if the spring is weak. Normally.

  11. I have quite a few mags. Idk why but probably half rattle when fully loaded and half don’t. It’s normal and it hasn’t affected shooting or cycling of new rounds

  12. I have Glock, Beretta, HK, Springfield, and Smith and Wesson mags that all do this from time to time. Shouldn't cause a problem. If you unload and reload once or twice it will fix it.

  13. I have H&K mags that do that, Steyr mags that do that, Walther mags that do's annoying and upsetting to a degree, but seems to be more common place than I had thought

  14. This seems to happen more with nickel plated rounds than brass. Smack the bottom or side of the mag on your palm. That usually works for me.

  15. You would know if it’s normal if you would actually shoot. Tell me you don’t shoot without telling me you don’t shoot

  16. Its been awhile since I disassembled a Glock mag. But, isn’t there a little plastic piece that sits at the bottom of the mag spring in the magazine? I think that’s what causes the noise.

  17. My VP9 magazines make that noise too, it's just the rounds sit a certain way inside. I just slap the back of the magazine and that sets them to where they don't rattle.

  18. My gen5 19 mags, the stock 15s, will occasionally do this. I have discovered that a slight rattle is normal, but if it gets obnoxious, unload the mag.

  19. Perfectly fine.. sometimes if you tap the back of the mag on the table while loading or after loading it, it will help take the rattle away.. either way it’s not a big deal it will still feed/ function how it’s supposed to

  20. I usually just firmly push the bullet down as if I was going to load another one, and it goes away

  21. Seat your mag take the last round out an slam the mag against your palm then laid it it’ll push all the rounds to the back of the mag

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