used but kept is near new condition by a dedicated gunsmith. sold a part of his collection with a foldable micro optic and three magazines along with everything standard in the case. 700 flat, with ability to haggle. this one was JUST set out as I went to leave, opinions?

  1. Yeah I was looking at that optic so confused! I’m like somewhat distracted by alcohol but still wouldn’t give up my Trijicon RMR that I’ve been using for a couple of years and love!! (I never thought it should fold down either lol!

  2. So it’s a factory Glock 17 gen5 mos that has $40 eBay special flip up optic on it. So $450-$550 would be a fair price.

  3. Slide extends past the frame so it's at least a 34, 40 or 41. If it's a 34, it's not far from the new price and does not include the MOS cover for when you take that thing off.

  4. Nah. Genuinely didn't know what kind of price I should have been asking. Better to look stupid and gain Information than to pay a horrible price and look even more stupid showing Jr off after purchase

  5. No glock is worth 700$ imo they are utilitarian aka the price should reflect that. They are great guns but not at the price of lets say a sig… PS I own a glock 19 gen 4 bone stock and I love it. Got it new for 450 years ago when the gen 5 first came out.

  6. $700 for this is a rip off. Obviously it’s a Glock so it’s a good gun but it’s not worth $700, with or without the airsoft red dot. I would bet that red dot is no more than $40 maximum on Amazon.

  7. Absolutely poverty budget. Found out after I made the post that it's a VISM pro red dot. Rated for handguns but still not as good as the cheapest low budget fixed sights.

  8. Generally I distrust VISM anything but I've seen reviews of their relatively newer stuff and they seem to hold up. I wouldn't trust my life to one and I don't so I spend a bit more money on optics on guns I actually use, but for a plinker like a rimfire I would put one of these on for funsies.

  9. Those red dots are beyond use less, absolutes garbage. Have had a couple customers come to because they won’t hold zero through a magazine.

  10. His taste in optics, tells me all I need to know, I would pass on it when you could buy a new one without that suit optic for that price

  11. Not sure why anyone would want a foldable optic but at that price you should just buy one new and put on an optic that isn’t trash. Also if this “dedicated gunsmith” put that on there I wouldn’t trust him to be a competent and dedicated gunsmith.

  12. I wouldn't trash him, his skill with what he does is quite commendable. As a local Smith he's been a great guy for my rifle needs and I've heard good about his work on my friends handguns. But you're right, this optic was a very bad choice.

  13. That gunsmith reminds me of a guy I work with trying to sell me a nameless lower that is completely polymer and is “the best lower he’s shot.”

  14. For all those trashing the sight, you are right to assume it's bad. However after some digging I found out that it is a VISM ret dot pro. These are actually rated for large caliber pistols (if I had the right info) and come very cheap. So it turns out theoptic is actually really cool and functional

  15. These chinesium companies are not run by Abraham Lincoln bro. They have the ability to lie and they do it a lot.

  16. „ıo𐐒 ˙„ʎɹɐ⅁„ ɟo ɹoloɔ ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ʇop ɐ sɐʍ ǝɹǝɥʇ puɐ „ʇɥƃıs ʇop pǝɹ dn dılɟ„ dn pǝʞool puɐ uozɐɯ∀ uo ʇuǝʍ I oS„

  17. If the gunsmith had that optic he must not be a very good gunsmith. Looks over priced that optic is not worth much or very good. A new mos goes for about 650 I have recently bought a few used in good condition glocks for 400-500. Heck you can buy a police trade in for 379 and buy a better optic and still be cheaper then that

  18. They're trying to rip off people that don't know any better by putting shit like that on their guns. Most shops know better, and do that solely to scam people new to guns.

  19. That optic is worth exactly $0 if not less but MSRP on a 34 is $700 anyway. I’d probably buy a new one if it was me but you’d be fine if you bought that.

  20. So the optic is shit.. for $700 you could get a new factory model.. and probably have $50-$80 in your pocket for ammo or put it towards some tritium sights / or a red dot if you’re one of those guys

  21. At great risk of sounding like a Fudd, I don't trust a pistol with an optic that isn't iron sights. I say this as someone that owns a pistol with a red dot. I took that crap off first time I took it to the range and got really good using the front sight like a shotgun bead since they didn't bother including an actual rear iron that wasn't part of the red dot.

  22. It looks like it's a gen4 MOS but why did they mount that fucky optic directly to the stock slide cover? (not an MOS plate)

  23. Does that lock into position? You bump it, raise the gun back up on target…. Your target is still there and now he is laughing…and then it blocks your irons…..

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