If he's the final boss we're doomed

  1. Tried to replay that on the 2nd hardest difficulty recently. I just gave up on that fight. I remember the ending. Moved on to part 2.

  2. If it’s GOW3 Kratos then current Kratos would crush him lol. He’s the strongest he’s ever been by the end of GOW2018

  3. He may be stronger but his weapons in 3 are far superior than his basic blades of chaos and the leviathan axe alone. The blade of Olympus also being in his arsenal is a huge ace up his sleeve.

  4. I think everyone is comparing The kratos that wanted to kill ares after kratos killed his family. After all, his family is what kept him from going insane and becoming a war machine. If they were dead, Kratos would be a monster.

  5. Barlog said new Kratos would win but he never said he was stronger than old Kratos. Just that he would win. Whether it would be a combination of strength and combat and strategic intellect or what have you is up in the air.

  6. That’s cap. GOW 3 Kratos literally wields the concept of Hope itself. Hope was able to defeat the embodiment of Fear.

  7. I still find that to be bs. Dude stopped fighting for hundreds of years after giving up his godly powers, AND the power of hope, how in the hell is he supossed to be stronger?

  8. My friend had a theorie that the final boss is loki, manipulated by odin to fight his father. But that instead of fighting his son, he just throws away his axe and accepts his fate. I would cry if that happens

  9. Is it weird that I've been thinking Kratos will actually try to stop Ragnarok from happening? Sure they started it, but not of their own will. I just picture Kratos trying his damn hardest to stop Ragnarok from happening while Atreus, as Loki, goes against his wish. Kratos has already experienced the end of the world, he out of all people should know nobody wants that. But he can't see past it, because he never saw past the end of Greece, which wasn't really the end. That would just ooze character development, and the ending could still be the one you wrote. It'd be crazy.

  10. It would make Atreus incredibly unlikable as a character if he fell for Odin’s machinations and killed Kratos.

  11. Imagine it's Kratos protecting Zeus from GOW3 Kratos clones like he protects his family from other Kratos clones in GOW1, but instead of Ares showing him the flashbacks, it's Odin

  12. Given the whole prophecy and ragnarok theme. Kratos death seems like a given but having said that I truly hope they give him the most testosterone overdosed death possible full on going out in complete God of War spartan rage to save Lokis life from Odin and Thor.

  13. Makes sense. Odin probably isn’t the fighter that Thor is but he is obsessed with becoming more powerful magically. He might be able to conjure illusions like that

  14. Not only is this just a bad idea plot wise but iirc the devs have said that kratos in GOW 4 is the strongest he has been so any clones would just get fucked up

  15. Odin is weaker then zeus, so that's a stomp. It's also been confirmed that the older Kratos is stronger, and is actually holding back. That's also a stomp

  16. That would be so sick thematically old kratos being able to defeat young kratos w his wisdom and the use of Atreus’ abilities

  17. I mean. Isn’t Kratos supposed to lose his mind again in GOWR anyway? He’s seen ripping the roots of the world tree out

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