Do you ever get to fight this two guys? In case you dont recognize the place, its the first shop of Sindri, in the way to the mountain.

  1. Did I remember wrong? I thought you do fight them there. You just don't see their transformation from statue to actual enemy.

  2. You don't fight them specifically but they disappear later on as if all of them are waking up and moving. There is also one right before you get to the face on the mountain that disappears

  3. I just started ng+ and when I reached here, I realized these statues looked like actual trolls that are waiting for you to beat their asses

  4. There’s a double troll fight in the game at some point but I don’t know if it’s these two guys specifically

  5. Lol no, troll fights are so cool because they are a challenge but its an easy one, you wont sweat with them so its fun, way better than #32523 generic draugr fight with a fucking revenant in the back

  6. You do fight these two together, down in Tyrs temple. At the end you fight a ice and fire troll that are pretty much the same as these two.

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