how far am i into the game? (no spoilers pls)

  1. Not even half i think. You still have the best bit most frustrating parts left, oh a little non spoiler warning, try not to destroy everything, you'll most likely figure out what I mean.

  2. My recommendation is to do the story line until you get blades and Atreus has both arrow abilities, makes side quests and exploring way easier, also that orange shard that’s in the giants head

  3. Idk exactly, but I'd say reaching the top of the mountain is 25%-30% of the way through the main story.

  4. Oh so you haven't seen the part where Zeus gets resurrected and spikes kratos's morning coffee with loads of laxatives that eventually leads to Obama eliminating the LGBTQ community?

  5. Ohhh, the mountain... you're pretty far away from the beach! Then you'll have to swim back and forth and then... you do can swim, right love? Ohhh you'll love the final shore.

  6. After this part you do this other part and then after doing these other two parts where you get to a part that brings you to the final part. If I remember correctly there’s a part in the game after doing the parts I just told told you about and then you’ve beaten it as long as you’ve done all the parts I just told you about. I hope I didn’t spoil too much for ye my friend!

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