Is this actually part of a book or is someone just trolling? I MUST KNOW!

  1. Perturabo pinches the bridge of his nose and mutters under his breath “What the fuck was I thinking? Dorn’s a jackass but I’m sure I would’ve preferred him over this band of chucklefucks I’ve got with me, I’m fuckin carrying them again and I get none of the damn credit”

  2. I really wish they’d gone a different way with Pert, it would have been better if he’d split from the chaos traitor legions once they started getting weird and started a mini, non-chaos, traitor faction

  3. Imagine swapping your team of incompetent dipshits for another team of - even worse! - incompetent dipshits. At least he has less people capable of bossing him around now so that's probably still a win.

  4. It's from "The First Wall" by Gav Thorpe. As someone mentioned, the Chaos Demon Princes are... peculiar.

  5. Lol I love how people can't believe that fulgrim is actually a walking meme in the lore. I love reading books about Fulgrim and the Emperors Children, it's always a riot all the way through.

  6. I know the EC are sadistic f***s and Fulgrim its the Zenit of the bunch but you gonna agree that hillarious and a massive **** you to 40k grim darkness

  7. It's a scene in one of the siege of terra books. They're all having a meeting via holo, and somebody mutes Angron cause he got all wound up.

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