if you think about it. Technically I'm not wrong

  1. My favorite Night Haunter moment was went he shouted to his sons "Stand back. I'm going to Haunt!" Then he haunted all over those guys.

  2. If Konrad has the "most Primarch kills", then how come he's not around, but Vulkan is on a Bro Trip around the Galaxy on his way to Terra?

  3. If you consider that he knew most of them are going to die (30k) and didn't done annything about it, would be assisted murder.

  4. Primarchs gather to find out who has the most primarch kills. Find out that they only can get a tie thanks to Vulcan. Curze kills himself right there just so he can win.

  5. Aren’t the only people to permanently kill a primarch Horus and The Emperor? So it’s the emperor with possibly 3 if you count the missing primarchs and Horus with 1 since he killed space alucard.

  6. From the John Grammaticus description it seems like his heart stops he can be confirmed dead and then comes back again later in a panic never knowing if that will be the last time.

  7. If we are counting clones, fulgrim has big numbers. Famous Bill also aborted hundreds of primarchs probably. Even Abby has one kill.

  8. Best written Primarch in the HH and Has canonical beaten the most primarchs in a fight 🤷‍♂️ stay mad thou

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