120lb+ harvest. 72 plants total. Got Larry Cake, Forbidden Mintz, Slurricane, Red Dragon, Mandarine Cookies, Emd Game, Carmelita, and Pineapple Sundae.

  1. We started out with 2 foot veg plants in 10 gallon fabric pots with soil. We vegged them for two more weeks to help with scrogging then flipped to bloom. We use Emerald harvest 2-part nutrients. I have more pics of grow rooms wayyyy down in my post history if you want to check it out. Thanks for the interest!

  2. Great post. And way to come back and include the hyper links to the grow room posts. And then from there to the “how do you walk around the plants photo”. I got to follow your comments for a few this evening. Solid stuff. Thanks.

  3. Dude. Thanks :) tomorrow, im working a facility that’s been neglected all week bc of harvest. Desperately needs some scrogging and trimming. I’ll take a few pics of before and after I kick their lil green asses!

  4. We tried dry trim, and it was a disaster. Too messy. Too much back and forth. Dry stuff doesn’t trim down as well as wet when you use a trim machine. Just get all the work done right away is best for us.

  5. You and your team did an amazing job. Those babies look perfect. Love the grow room and the stands on wheels with the PVC scrog net supports are genius.

  6. Thanks for real :) it’s blood sweat and tears going into these lil babies. I do want to acknowledge we are all very privileged to be working in a facility such as this. It’s a group effort, and this is the result of years of trial and error. Lots of $$$ goes into this and none of us would be able to do it on our own.

  7. Amazing harvest, but also a great post for the heads up on the nutrient line. I'd been looking for a replacement for the Flora Nova I usually use as the shelf life is pretty poor (1 year). Emerald Harvest stuff looks similarly easy (a 2 part and a 3 part line) but has a 3 year shelf life which is more practical for my usage. And you can't argue with your results. Thanks!

  8. Very nice sir! I love how you just saying 72 plants makes me know it’s Michigan grown! All the best bro, the market is starting to get better here after that cliff fall 6 months ago.

  9. Gotta keep it legal! Which is clearly a double edged sword. If it were still illegal here, we could get like $3000 a pound. Now it’s like I gotta give this shit away. But I would rather be in a legal state. I try not to cross borders ever.

  10. Not as much as I would like. Market is currently flooded, and since there’s a dispensary on every corner, it’s getting harder and harder to get rid of at a decent price.

  11. It would take up the entirety of a room twice this size to dry hanging. Plus it’s messy. Takes more time. If it was a smaller operation, it would probably be worth it to hang.

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