Will placing the plant on a rotating platform help growth?

  1. No. The plant is constantly going to grow towards the light source to maximize efficiency. You don’t need to create movement for it. If anything, throw a fan nearby for airflow and you should be good.

  2. Also, it helps if you throw $1 bills at it and/or place them gently in your planter! When you place them in gently, it’ll help the plant finish its bachelor’s & master’s degrees. When you throw them in, you’re helping the plant deal with its “daddy issues!”

  3. No but I’d use that to take a nice video of that plant when it’s done lol, like the other guy said the plant is always moving towards the light

  4. There’s also light movers, got an ad for them once but I’ve never seen or heard of anyone actually using them

  5. I've long rotated my indoor plants, but a few times a day, and only when they're bushy. It does help even out growth in my experience.

  6. I’ve thought about this before. Up north the sunlight comes in at an angle so just a couple sides gets light. I often rotated by hand.

  7. I said above that I have experimented with rotating indoor plants half a turn twice a day, not perpetually like this. I do it only when the canopy is full and I have empirically determined it gives me more even growth. (I do not LST or SCROG, though, yield improvement isn't worth the work or the rendering plants immobile, as I like being able to remove plants from the tent for pruning and other care). But I'm now mostly an outdoor grower and outdoors if I have plants in pots I'll move them to be in the most direct sun sometimes, especially if I'm expecting overcast skies and especially with autoflowers, which are much more time sensitive, you can't stretch them out like photos, although I mostly grow photos. Plants in a beds obviously not. I'm a fairly scientific grower and do measurements and comparisons of techniques. I'm fairly sure these techniques pay off in the bong.

  8. The sun is 93000000 miles away and grows everything on earth, why would u think spinning a plant does anything? The whole earth spins dude

  9. From my understanding this will only stunt it. The plant spends energy to grow into the light through the day your plant moves around and dances like groot. By doing this I would imagine the plant will alwayse be trying to move while it's spinning.

  10. On a indoor grow and much more slowly or with a timer to spin around 90 degree each hour for example, I think would be great.

  11. I could honestly see this being helpful in a grow tent when you have it packed pretty full. The light isn't always uniform across the tent with higher ppfd readings towards the middle. I don't think I would ever spend the money on it but I think it COULD slightly benefit more even growth across the plants

  12. Might help with light distribution and you might get more equal canopy. Good thing, but redundant for outdoor I'd say.

  13. I don’t think anyone here has any data to prove what will happen. There’s only one way to shut the haters down. Two plants same strain one spinning one stationary. Same grow mediums etc and we will all be gladly to come along for the ride and follow your grow.

  14. I just don’t understand why everyone hating on op so much, all laying down the facts on why fair enough, but did you try …

  15. Imagine sitting in a chair at a strip club and you're able to turn your head left and right to see what you want. Now imagine you can't move your head at all and instead someone is just slowly spinning your chair so you can see everything.

  16. Not this constant, but if you only leave the same side towards the sun every day, you'll notice the side branches on the other side aren't as tall as their counterparts. I rotate it 180º every couple days, but being in constant rotation is unnecessary imo.

  17. If it’s an outdoor grow, As the sun moves across the sky it preforms something similar. As an indoor grow just rotate ur plants if there not scrogg’d. But training is best for indoors to maximize exposure for a stationary light.

  18. I’m sure it would have to make it stronger because it always is forcing it to go to the light source could almost be like ultimate Low stress training lol

  19. Well, I’ve seen my seedlings follows the sun throughout the day, so I’d imagine that takes energy, if it’s constantly trying to follow the sun and not getting the angle it’s searching for that sounds like a waste of energy.

  20. So plants can sense light yea? So this effectively coats the plant in even light, causing no gaps or irregularities due to point of light.

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