The Staircase

  1. I have to agree. I love just about every HBO and HBO Max original show out there. But this story has been done several times already (Netflix had a 10 part documentary series on it years ago that they updated a few years back with some new information).

  2. 100% disagree. It’s clearly too har for you to follow. Maybe something like a marvel show with no soul or depth is more for you

  3. not hard, just boring and far too much to find interest in. Sort of reminds me of 'The Thing About Pam' Not sure who wants CBS '48 hours' in mystery series form. It's lazy writing due to no creativity of new ideas.

  4. I’ve enjoyed it so far. I never watched the Netflix documentary so the story is pretty fresh for me which probably helps. I can see your point if already know what happens it may not be adding anything additional

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