Terminator 2 is an absolute classic & whenever discussions of movies with great sequels come up T2 has to be on that list

  1. I would say it’s on par with the original. They are both such different movie experiences. T2 is the ultimate fun “popcorn” hit while the original Terminator was really gritty and disturbing, almost horror film.

  2. Eh, T2 is pretty great, all time great in fact, but, you have to admit, it's so much more hollywood than the 1st...for me, the 1st is still tops.

  3. The T2 film/live show that was made for Universal Studios was also excellent & could loosely be considered the real T3. They got the whole cast & James Cameron back to direct

  4. Loved T1 when I saw it after it hit video but was kind of disappointed with T2. it was decent but I was looking for something else other than the same time travel storyline

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