What's happening May 3rd?

  1. Its strange times! I once heard a man say faith is priceless because its never ending. I don't speculate, i like facts not opinions. But who would have ever tought i be looking @ a penny stock with 400,000+ investors that its about to make "PENNY STOCK HISTORY" its going to be a battle Retail vs Shorts..let the best man win!

  2. A lot of the pump and dumpers already got in and out. I’m sure more will come once it start moving again. I got in a .0001 account got frozen , missed that huge profit but I’m not crying because this is a long hold.

  3. Saw a video with a WSB "ape" guy filming his impassioned speech about stocks in his car while crying earlier and it was just QAnon cult vibes. Exactly the same format and tone, just about AMC instead of Trump.

  4. I don’t think anything will happen just legal stuff, I’m gonna be holding hcmc for a couple of years for sure

  5. No one would dare short HCMC right now with the insane volume and buy to sell ratio. Especially not with major margin calls already in the process with Gamestop

  6. A few characters are hoping to get people excited about that date and make coordinated purchases, in the vain hope that this will somehow push the price of a stock with 300 billion+ shares outstanding to 1¢ or 10¢ or $1, each of which is increasingly divorced from reality.

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