{Prompt} As a child, Harry discovers that he is a very rare type of Wizard; a Necromancer. He has the ability to summon and commune with the dead whenever he likes. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he is only able to make contact with historical dark Wizards and Witches.

  1. It's an interesting idea. I think you could explain why he can only bring back these Dark Wizards with the magics they used: Herpo the Foul for example was the first wizard of whom we know that he created a horcrux and whatever Ekrizdis did, the Dementors of Azkaban were reportedly one of the lesser horrors that were discovered on that island. Maybe they all messed with certain soul magics so that they're not as firmly behind the veil as normal magicals?

  2. Makes sense, I just wrote this as a Crack! prompt but I do think it could be a legitimately cool story if done well.

  3. Maybe it’s the Horcrux, or Soul damage from the AK curse? Either works as a ‘dark’ influence that connects him to figures from the past with Darker Souls.

  4. It could be that, but you could also argue it as the universe/Magic/Death balancing their crimes out: because they tried to cheat death and messed with their (and others') souls, and most of them wanted to be the master of everything, their punishment is to be a slave to any necromancer. Harry's just the first and only in however many centuries (given that it's a 'very rare'), so he doesn't have any 'competition' for claiming dibs over the available souls.

  5. Oooooh maybe because he was hit by the killing curse it's made his soul be shaped...oddly. Necromancy being more of a soul magic means that Harry can only summon other souls that have been twisted or shaped oddly.

  6. You could get them to do this because some no name dark lord tried to kill him and harry eviscerated him back into the afterlife so they're all nervous about angering him.

  7. Tiny Baby Harry. Surrounded by History's Greatest Magical Villains. That's either a recipe for Darkest of Dark Lords Harry or a crackfic of Hufflepuff Harry who adores his ghostly aunts and uncles.

  8. The Puff direction wouldn't need to be so completely crackish - I can imagine well a Harry that just doesn't understand what's so bad about manipulating or weaponising the soul, maybe he even acts ruthlessly against perceived threats, but who believes in solidarity, accountability and hard work regardless. A bit like you'd imagine a Dark!Amelia Bones, I guess.

  9. Vernon becomes nicer to Harry after Merwyn the Malicious passes on tips on how to rip people off better in his business ventures.

  10. Ugh, there was a fic I don't know how to find now.. but it was something like Voldemort returns and someone is updating him on the state of the world, and essentially all the dark creatures had been drawn to Harry at little winging and made alliances with him and he was basically untouchable and in charge... I think all the muggles had moved out so the dark creatures were living there instead. Kinda cracky. Sounds a bit like this if someone knows what I'm talking about

  11. "There's a Horcrux in you by the way. I should know, I invented them. How much do you really need this Marjorie Dursley woman around? If you want to get rid of it, just make your own, and use the shard in your scar, easy.. Emeric already showed you how to break the trace, and you know the Two words needed to get rid of that Dursley, you just need to prepare the ritual" - convenience of having Herpo the Foul around

  12. I like the idea, but instead of cluttering up Privet Drive with lots of undead wizards, What if, as a Necromancer, Harry was able to communicate with the spirits of the dead wizards, think of all the training he could get, the spells he could learn the lost libraries he could find with their directions, lost artifacts recovered.... Lots of potential and no smelly undead making a mess 😁

  13. This is the thing. I they just show up, Harry is too OP by association. Maybe a later stage skill acquired with effort. Straight up appearing and being loyal to him however is game over.

  14. Herpo The Foul, Merwyn The Malicious, Emeric The Evil and Egbert The Egregious all sitting around, trying to come up with good villainous titles for Harry:

  15. What if none of the"historical dark wizard/Wich" is evil? They could be dark but not evil or merely painted as such by the ministry/purebloods and be the good guys in reality...

  16. On that note, I kinda like the idea that Ekrizdis and/or Herpo the Foul weren't malicious at all, they were just massive nerds who came up with strange ideas and wanted to see if they would actually work. Or they created things by accident while testing obscure magical theories.

  17. Due to the modern idea of dark magic every great witch and wizard of history is considered dark. Turns out Helga is just as much a bigot as Salazar and Merlin as Morgana were happily married.

  18. I'm going to write this. I've been looking for a fun prompt to start this is definitely a crack-treated serious type of fic.

  19. If one is looking for a good crack necromancer story, check out BlueLaceAgate's Lord Mortis The Accident. It's funny and well-written.

  20. Based on the prompt, he's even worse than a necromancer. He's a programmer. $"He can interpret {Interpolated Strings}."

  21. Maybe he has to earn the loyalty at first, he can't just command them to obey him, some kind of quest or gathering knowledge or history of the spirit's descendants; Harry would have to decide how far down the path of evil he is willing to travel to gain the power/knowledge from the spirits to free himself from the Dursleys and any other fate/destiny/machinations.

  22. I read a necro!harry once, but since I haven't been able to find it again. Super rare plot. Definitely will follow a good one. Maybe write a one shot.

  23. We would also need reason for Harry to discover this power in the first place. Does he just go about trying to bring people back to life? At what point does he make the connection that he’s only resurrecting Evil Meglomaniacs

  24. You could modify a trope that has been used before, when Voldemort "dies" in Godric's Hollow; Harry becomes the last "living" descendant of the Perevell and thus he is the Master of Death. Even though he does not have the artifacts, he is able to access some/or all of the powers of the items. From here you divert from the trope, Harry after a "bad day" with the Dursleys is in his cupboard and is crying/pleading/praying for help and perhaps a Potter ancestor answers his call or maybe one of the Perevell's answer and guides Harry to the truth of the Hollows, his destiny, and how to use his new power to gain knowledge from those who have passed on.

  25. Perhaps these dark lords were all trapped in limbo waiting for the child with the exact right type of magic, so they could make first contact.

  26. I've been trying to find a good Necromancer Harry story for a long time but haven't really found a great one yet.

  27. I mean, he also ends up resurrecting them in the prompt. We know that potions exist for creating bodies for disembodied souls- in fact, there's a good chance Herpo invented some of them given that he's the inventor of Horcruxes after all.

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