Harry Potter dies many times, and every time he died, he reincarnated in another dimension to fight it's Dark Lord. Now, on his 13 life. Death makes a deal.with him, beats the nightmare dificulty to be free.

  1. He’s on a crappy fanon fic universe. Draco is a Veela and has a harem of Hermione and shitty teen self inserts, Voldemort is the king of bipolar and constantly shifts from being a decent person who wants to fuck Harry to being a psycho who desires to kill him. Ron is now a jealous amorphous blob who’s only purpose is to say “slimy Slytherin, mate, or git” then die. Dumbledore is fucking worthless and is actively trying to kill Harry, and worst of all Harry now has a twin who apparently was abused, mistreated, and forgotten b/c’s stupid caricatures of his parents think Harry is the bwl.

  2. I could see this being a Lord of the Rings crossover. Sauron was the original “dark lord” after all.

  3. I see your Sauron and raise you Morgoth, basically the god of evil and the one who corrupted Sauron and created basically everything that's evil in the entire LOTR universe, including but not limited to Dragons, Giant spiders and Balrogs (which are basically corrupted angels for all intents and purposes)

  4. All 6 of Voldemort's Horcruxes are active and possessing various powerful beings and creatures. His own Horcrux is trying to control him constantly. The Dursleys are members of the Mafia and are constantly trying to kill him off. Grindelwald swapped himself with Dumbledore and so now there are two dark lords roaming around with different methods. The Goblins are straight up demons and are this close to opening a portal to hell. Luna Lovegood is an ambassador of the Fey, and if mistreated in any way will use this as grounds for all out war. The Triwizard Tournament has been "souped up" for the enjoyment of the asshole politicians around it. Any deaths in the Tournament will lead to all out war as every politician points fingers at every other politician. If the Dementors aren't all killed before the end of third year they form up into an aspect of gluttony and trigger the Apocalypse. Belatrix is the wand of Voldemort, and she has never known defeat.

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