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  1. Yep, I also play returnal and I remember somebody said there should be something like a god mode in the game because it sicks for casual gamers, and everyone just told him the game was just not for him and he should stop complaining.

  2. I know right! I see so often people who think that games need to be incredibly difficult. Sometimes people just want to have a good experience and enjoy a nice story and they don't have the time to master the systems in a super difficult game.

  3. Indie gamers got their empathy on point. Obviously communities drive a lot of this stuff, but I think it can be part of the game's ethos as well. Even when Hypnos and Hades mock your failures, you know it's tongue and cheek because everything about the setting says that escape is impossible, so even their condescension is really just a "yeah, no shit you died, it's rough out there. Now get back on your horse, you madlad". The whole story is about relationship and reconciliation. That brings about a certain attitude in your players.

  4. While Hades is a roguelike I think most people see it more as a story based game, so it's not as gatekeepy as a lot of other games of this type.

  5. Not cheating. If you need it, use it. I'd rather somebody get to enjoy and experience the story than get frustrated and give up because they don't have the hours to grind away.

  6. Hades has the best implementation of God Mode I’ve seen in a game. It’s helps but doesn’t hand you the game on a silver platter.

  7. Exactly. I used it for a short bit to get more materials and get used to the game and now I beat the final boss on normal mode almost every single time. I was on a streak somewhere in the 70s at my peak.

  8. Absolutely not. Devs put it in for a reason. I think it’s great for those who need a little buffer until they’re comfortable with mechanics and strategies, or those who want a more relaxed play through. Plus you can turn it off at any point when you think you’re ready. I would suggest upgrading the mirror and your weapons and trying again without it

  9. Can’t cheat what is actively put in by the devs. The story’s too rich to lock it behind a lack of good mechanic ability, which some people don’t have. Just think of it as a story instead! With fishing!

  10. No. Some people just aren't as good as others at Hades. The only thing it does is gives you an incremental bonus resistance to damage everytime you die, and I think it caps at 50 or 70 percent. It can be turned on or off at any time, including mid run.

  11. I would also like to add that "some people aren't as good as others RIGHT AWAY". I bought a switch because of Corona and had zero experience with gaming before. God mode helped me not give up and learn the mechanics of the game. Now I don't use it anymore and still win high heat runs with relative ease. It's like using training wheels. It's nothing you can't grow out if you want. :)

  12. Its not cheating, and that's the beauty of Hades, you know? The game NEVER judges you for using it, it doesn't turn off achievements, so you can have fun just as much, but at the same time, it still has all of those amazing tools and options for the hardcore crowd. Want to go full speedrun 40 heat, no boon against EM4 redacted? Cool. Want to go full casual, god mode, low heat? Also cool. It's a game for EVERYBODY, and the devs really went out of their ways to make fun for every demographic

  13. Not cheating at all! It’s the same as setting a difficulty from Normal to Easy. Some players like games really difficult and others don’t. Certain people are better at different types of games.

  14. Gotta love how everyone I see says “nope!” There’s no button input to unlock the option it’s just there and I applaud the creators for adding it!

  15. It's only cheating if you're competing against someone else and the rules say 'no god-mode'. My hunch is that you'll want to turn it off after a few more hours, though!

  16. I play games for story and turn on god mode or casual difficulty for every single game I play. Everyone enjoys different aspects of games. There is no wrong way or right way to enjoy a piece of entertainment.

  17. I like that anecdote of how some dude’s friend played the game for weeks and skipped every single dialogue/story then one day just said “Yo I dig that

  18. Nah, it's part of the game. Rather you enjoy it than recent it. It's a great game. Go experience all the great dialogues and stuff that comes after beating it(several times)

  19. I used God mode until I got a grasp of enemy attacks then took it off and didn't have a single problem. Felt so good to know I didn't need the dmg reduction anymore

  20. Totally fine. The beauty of God Mode is that it doesn't add incremental damage resistance IF you clear successfully! You still need to lose in order for the benefits to kick in (increase).

  21. If it was cheating, it wouldn't be in the game. It's a single player game anyway, cheating is relative. Just don't go trying to claim some world record.

  22. I turned it on and never took it off. no shame in it. the best parts of the game aren't difficulty based anyway.

  23. There’s no such thing as cheating in a single-player game, just do whatever you find the most fun. For some people that means making the game less challenging with god mode, for some that means making it more challenging with

  24. My friend got his first clear without it to prove to himself that he could do it one but then turned it on because he wanted to finish the story. The Devs put it there to help people that are having trouble with the game so it’s definitely not cheating

  25. Honestly I never have but man im happy I never have. 710 runs in and I still love barrel stuffing REDACTED at 42 heat with that game finally wrapped. (Every last bit).This game is good. Story takes it right off. Enjoy gaming your way first always. 5 duos a day keeps me sane sometimes!

  26. I was new to this game AND rogue lites. If you want to, no issues - however, for me at least - learning the game slowly (and painfully) and tracking my progress as a player to (currently) higher difficulty levels was incredibly rewarding. It also allowed me to find my play style

  27. If you just want to experience the story it’s a great tool, however the end game/harder heats of combat is some of the most fun in the games and god mode will instill poor habits that will not help if you want to try that part of the game

  28. Definitely not cheating. The option is in the game for a reason, and there's no shame in using it, for any reason. Play the game the way you enjoy it the most.

  29. Jim Sterling made a good point about this sort of thing a while ago: games are the only media that hold content to ransom behind skill barriers. If you aren't 'good' enough at the game you don't get to see the story unfold. So it's refreshing to see a dev that recognises that not everyone can break that barrier (or doesn't have the time to invest in 'getting gud') but everyone deserves to see the content they paid for.

  30. Yes. You will now be branded a "fake gamer", people will spit on you when they cross you in the street, you will have to issue a public letter of apology to the game developers and, depending on the severity of the offence, you will face anywhere from 20 years to life without parole in prison.

  31. The difficulty in video games conversation always pops up with games like Hades. Sorry this is long and I’m on mobile so it’s probably ugly. If you don’t read anything else just read the TL;DR.

  32. I use it because my computer is ancient and I have a slight delay on all commands, plus my keyboard won't take too much input so I can only dash diagonally

  33. Does god mode decrease the challenge of the game? Yes. Objectively, you are actively reducing the challenge and potential satisfaction of clearing the game for the first time by turning on god mode. In that sense, it's "cheating". The real question is: do you care? If you have to ask in the first place, then turn it off. A player should turn on god mode because they want to, not because they feel the need to. If your goal with the video game is to speedrun to credits, go for it. If you aren't the type of player to care for challenge and play on easy mode all the time, that's completely valid. I am specifically talking to the players who think they are hard stuck and can't clear because they don't think they are skilled enough to do so.

  34. I used it from the very beginning. It makes things a little easier because you take less damage. I can play without it, but it's just plain harder and I don't enjoy the challenge. I enjoy the story, the dialogue, the banter, the discovery. Both are legitimate ways to play and enjoy the game. And if you do enjoy the challenge, you can also just use it until you feel comfortable enough to turn it off. Or you could turn it on for that one weapon you just hate using and don't get as much practice with (ugh, Malphon). It's a tool. And it's not cheating to use it, for any reason.

  35. I am a 37 year old chef with a 5 year old... So working to around 12am everyday and wake [email protected] to make lunch and take my son to school...i only managed to enjoy and live this amazing story with the help of god mode.... And I'm happy i did because Hades was and is one of my fav games of all time... Before good mode i was ready to quit before i only had time for one run every two days or so...

  36. I had to use it to beat the final boss for the first time. Come face to face with him like 8 times couldn't beat ×××× after the first time passing it i turned I off. Never needed it again, there's a nice change of pace once you beat xxx the first time.

  37. Not a chance. Devs put it specifically for the people who want to make some good progress story wise but are having gameplay trouble. I'd rather have a god mode which makes things easier so anyone can enjoy the game and wonderful story rather than just force people to potentially get frustrated and give up. Enjoy the game in any way you wish!

  38. So many people saying no but I don't agree. Yes it's cheating. It's pretty much the same as cheat codes back in the day. They even called it god mode which is a classic name for cheats that make you stronger/invincible. Should you feel bad about that? Hell no! Have fun your way, it doesn't matter how you play the game.

  39. Depends what you’re after, but no! I use games to relax and take my mind off of things so I usually set an easier difficulty. Play on god mode most of the time

  40. Nah, devs put it in so more people could access the end of the game, playing on easy is still playing the game, it isn’t cheating at all.

  41. I felt like that at the beginning and i forced myself to endlessly bang my head against the wall until i successfully did my first escape on attempt 49. As soon as i turned on god mode, i started enjoying the game A LOT more!! Dont punish yourself like i did

  42. I literally tell everyone I know who gets the game to just use it. Smooths out the experience since it will balance to your level. It’s arguably the best “difficulty” system I’ve seen in a game

  43. If you *really* need a cut off, I'd say give it around 30 attempts? I mean, if you'd like to turn it on before hand, go for it. I think I first escaped around the 30s 40s. But 30 runs in you're going to know the gist of it.

  44. I didnt even really learn how to play until using God mode. Having a little damage resistance lets you be comfortable with trying new builds and experimenting with strategy without being punished. Also getting to progress the story a little when you have spent 10 runs getting no sorry helps with motivation. Best choice I ever made

  45. Hades is a challenging game. Some people like the challenge, and some don't. Accessibility to accommodate different kinds of players is good.

  46. I don't really get people like you. It's a damn single player game and the devs put it in themselves. If someone is less skilled and wants a better chance to win then how is that cheating? They still have to put in effort. It's not like they can't die or have insane amounts of damage. People like you are the reason other gamers worry about bullshit like this. They can play how they want and can turn it off whenever they want if they want to. It's not cheating and elitists like you make gaming a pain in the ass to talk about. Now if they were speedrunning and the rules of the category said they couldn't use god mode then that's different. Or if they put on god mode and try to act like they didn't then that's just weird. But other than that, it's fine. You don't want to use god mode? Cool. Other people do and saying they're cheating is just rude. There are people with disabilities who can't play as well and some younger or older people might want to play and find it too hard. That's exactly the reason why stuff like god mode exists.

  47. i kinda agree with this. i dont think it's inherently bad to use when learning game mechanics (i never did tho) but i think there's something to be said about beating the game in its most taxing form.

  48. To add to what others have said, remember you can turn it on or off at literally any time with no consequence. If you feel like a run is going well, or you feel comfortable with all the enemies, you can try it off for a while, if that's not working for you, turn it back on. When I was learning the game I used it and found it got to a level that was balanced for me but would sometimes still bork a run. If I was about to fail the run but didn't want the resistance to raise I'd turn it off just before dying to keep it at the level it was at.

  49. Depends on how many runs, i think because the game is so dynamic with the story I didn’t feel the need despite taking dozens of attempts to beat hades my first time. Even on my current save going for 32 heat there’s so much new that I like being in the world and death doesn’t feel like a failure, feels so much like it’s just woven into the narrative. To each their own though, just know that if you stick with and keep the upgrades going, enjoy the story and world, etc you’ll be best off regardless of mode

  50. If it’s in the game man then don’t feel like you’re not legit or anything silly. Clearly the devs accounted for all skill levels / types of gamers by adding such a thing.

  51. I tried without for quite a while, got to the end without it, but couldn't win. Then switched it on and won in another 2-3 attempts. I love that the devs put it in, and I still use it as I am just trying to get through more of the end game dialogues.

  52. I think you should use it until you're relatively strong and familiar with the game. Once you want a challenge you can turn it off and you'll be back to no protection.

  53. I started a couple of days ago and switched to god mode pretty quickly. It’s fine without I guess, since dying is part of the game. But I have limited time to game (kids, wife, job, chores) and I don’t wanna burn out like with so many other games in the past. It’s still challenging and rewarding. I don’t regret it ( also, it doesn’t effect achievements).

  54. Yes, but like in other games. Just makes you more resitant to damage. Starts at 20% and goes up by 2% each time you die. Hard cap at 80% I believe.

  55. Nope! Feel free to experience the game the way you want it. The enemies also do not get easier even you use God Mode

  56. Nah. I needed it to get into a good groove with the game at first. I think it added to the satisfaction when I cleared a run without it finally.

  57. More of an easy mode than a cheat, completely valid. I'm probably going to use it after I finish the main quest, to finish up some prophecies and maybe get all achievements

  58. It’s built into the game as an option so that people get to keep playing and enjoy the story rather than get frustrated and give up. I really love how much the game is designed to not be competitive - instead it just lets everyone play in a way that suits them. Using god mode is no different to pushing for fast runs or aiming for the highest possible heat - it’s just one option for a way to play if you’re having fun with it that way.

  59. I used it as training mode to get used to the enemies movement instead of just constantly dying and restarting

  60. I started using it as well. I did escape without it but want to finish the story and kept dying at the end and it was getting frustrating

  61. I generally suck at video games but I love playing them. Any game like Hades that gives you a leg up without dumbing down the action so much that it gets boring is a God send

  62. I think enough people have said it but play the game as you want to play it. You’re not a professional gamer and fun is the most important aspect! I also played on god mode a few times just to get they hang of a certain boss or area I was struggling with. That being said, it is really fun to play without because it’s a test of your skills (my honest opinion in anyway).

  63. You do you boo. I'm sticking with regular runs because that's where I find satisfaction but if you wanna see the story, no shame in using god mode.

  64. I used it the entire game and never regretted it a bit. I still died enough to experience the story, and I had a lot more fun with it on.

  65. For sure not cheating. It’s in the game as a feature. If you need it you need it. The more you play with it and improve the less you’ll need it. I’m sure you’ll be turning god mode off eventually but even if you keep it on forever it’s no big deal. Just have fun!

  66. Hell no. Pun intended there. Play how you want. We all have different skills and amounts of time to play. I played almost immediately on God mode. I never shame anyone for how they play unless they literally cheat through hacking. I'm at about 54 reduction and I have no regrets.

  67. I consider God Mode as an option. When I just want to have a chill run, I put it on. When I want a challenge, I remove it and bring up the heat.

  68. It’s way too good of a game not to experience the whole thing. As long as you are still having fun in God mode then absolutely do it!

  69. It's definitely not cheating and it's there to use if you need it. However, consider the fact that part of Hades is dying, starting over, and improving how you do every run. You're not expected to "beat" it your first few runs, so don't get frustrated it you're dying a lot. If you're just there for the story or want to get through quick, by all means - use the God mode!

  70. I used God Mode for all 100 hours I played except for the first 5 or so. I had more fun that way and am shameless lol. Do what let’s you enjoy the game and story

  71. As someone who also has used God mode (after about 35 attempts without), it in no way feels like cheating. It actually was still a little difficult for me at first, but I didn't enjoy it any less

  72. Nope! The devs put it in the game for a reason. You can't cheat with a feature that's deliberately part of the game. If that's what you want to do, and you think it'll make your experience more enjoyable, then go right ahead :)

  73. Good for all players when you want to learn more, get better or even if your struggling its all good. I use it sometimes on high heat, or when i didn't have tome to play the game and learn about the mechanics.

  74. After about 20 odd runs, I found the game rather challenging so I just switched to God Mode to help myself. Felt no shame in that, and I started having better runs which amplified my enjoyment of the game. Once I am more proficient, i’ll absolutely switch back to normal mode. So I don’t think it’s cheating in anyway. Great to see the wholesome support by the community here!

  75. The game was built that way. Besides. You can still get to enjoy the story and characters unlike some games whose sole pride is being hard.. cough I almost got there once so don’t feel bad. You can always switch back when you feel you’ve got a better grip on things if you want. Sure there is a certain satisfaction from overcoming that tough challenge but I can’t imagine God Mode makes the game “easy”. Just more palatable for those who don’t relish in being made to suffer haha. Good gaming and have fun! I absolutely love this game it’s my current obsession. If God Mode allows even more people to enjoy it then I am all for it!

  76. I had more fun with it, but I'm not trying to be the best. I wanted to play out the story, and try a ton of fun builds. Seriously challenging myself didn't appeal

  77. I used it for my first play through! And I'm telling you what, I would hate myself if I dropped the game just because I couldn't win. The story is too terribly rich to miss because some people think you shouldn't use God Mode. Use it, relax, enjoy the story!

  78. Use it until you don't need it anymore. I considered it one time but never used it. I now have officially cleared an escape with each weapon and have improved a ton in playstyle, stacking boons, and using weapons appropriately for there strengths. You will improve over time and at some point I think you'll outgrow it.

  79. Think of "God mode" as this game's version of Story mode from some other games, which has a description similar to "I'm just here for the story". It won't make you invincible, but it will allow you an easier time to experience the story :) So no, not cheating.

  80. I'd say that it's an excellent tool to help you learn the game. It allows you to get into elysium and fight hades more often, so you can get more familiar with fighting them. However, I'd take it off when you find yourself winning around 80% of the time due to it.

  81. New player too, the reason i bought the game was because of how diverse it is for players’ experience if you’ve played no video games before (me) or thousands of hours on others

  82. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I beat a very hard game but these days I’ve been so busy I play games on the easier difficulties because I just don’t have the time but still love the story and I don’t feel like it takes much away from the game it’s self, it’s still just as great

  83. Nope, my first time through I used Godmode until I felt competent and “leveled up” enough to progress without it. My second time through I used it to grind the start of the story quicker to get to my favorite upgrades faster.

  84. I think it ruins the experience but I don't care how anyone plays the game I'd recommend not only because I think it kinda ruins most any game when you "cheat" or turn down the difficulty to mega easy for one section before beating it normally but some people don't seem to care and there are even options in games that say "give me story" and shit so no you did nothing wrong and should continue to play how you want.

  85. I resisted for awhile but ended up turning it on to enjoy the story more cuz it’s so damn good. I love that the devs put it in and it doesn’t penalize you in any way (no trophies for on or off).

  86. They put it in the game. This game should be enjoyed by everyone, so if you want or need to use it to enjoy it, DO IT. It doesn't make the game "insta-win" anyways unless you die a bunch of times while using it.

  87. it's a function they give you in the game. Not cheating in the slightest. If they didn't want you to have the option, it wouldn't be there

  88. I mean, it’s a mode built into the game by the developers so I’m pretty sure bu definition that’s NOT cheating. But even if it were, who cares really? If it makes the game more enjoyable, I say go for it. (For the record I also use god mode)

  89. I don't think it is cheating at all friend. It's a great game and there to be played and enjoyed in what ever way you can. I used God mode after getting frustrated as it was starting to ruin the game a little for me and wanted to carry on playing whilst improving.

  90. i play entirely with godmode and it only increases your stats if you die and i found it the only way to make the game playable and therefore enjoyable theres no harm in it my dude

  91. I'm a new player too but I feel like if I use god mode the only cheating I'm doing is to myself. Not using God mode forces me to gitgud and on top of that I play more and see more dialogue.

  92. OP if you were cheating the devs wouldn't have put it in the game. As stated in the game menu you only turn on that mode when you want to enjoy the story. The vast majority of us however don't use God mode on the idea of wanting to get better. I didn't even beat Hades until my 34th run and I didn't complete the story until like run 70. Play the game as you wish.

  93. god mode is really good in this game! it makes it easier without it really feeling easy, just not impossible. my only problem with it is that you can't adjust the %, so if you switch it off suddenly when it's higher, it's a huge leap.

  94. Yes and no , if the option is there then you may as well do it, I do believe that there should be trophies/achievements for finishing the hardest difficulties tho , because that is what they are , achievements , I have platinum in every soulsbornekiro game, Witcher 3 , divinity original sin2 etc etc because I like the challenge and am forced to do the challenge, but if the option for easy is there and hard isn't required, pick the easier option because there will be nothing really to show that you did it , some people may not care, but I do , if they want to make the game harder then play blindfolded with one hand on hardest difficulty, so Go for it

  95. Not at all. My first save had God Mode for a while! You can always go back and try to beat it on hell mode once you get good haha

  96. Imo you didn’t “have to” use god mode. You could’ve put in some/lots more practice, maybe found some information on better weapon aspects/builds/etc. However, if putting on god mode at that point makes the game more enjoyable for you, then put for sure put in on and enjoy the amazing story the game has.

  97. No. And anyone telling you it is, is an idiot. If you want to enjoy playing the game and to see the story then there is nothing wrong with getting some help. I ended up doing it as well as whilst I was enjoying the game and got 10 clears on "normal" I was then just wanting to blast through to get the collectibles and see more endings etc. The devs putting an "accessibility" setting into the game is so smart. It means more casual players get to see all of the story beats, easier for those with certain impairments to see all of the story as well.

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