What diets worked well for you guys?

  1. AIP. It has been a lifesaver for me. I feel tremendously better. No more brain fog and I feel like my old self. I highly suggest it - even just to figure out what your food triggers are.

  2. I just don’t eat gluten and eat dairy/sugar very sparingly. I just try to eat well rounded meals of lean protein, vegetables, and fruits with some carbs like rice. I avoid processed items and frozen foods. Overall it works for me. I did AIP to figure out my trigger foods (legumes are a big one for me) but honestly did not want to do that diet long term. I make almost 90% of my meals at home and take lunch to work everyday. I eat out rarely.

  3. Cut sugar down or out (natural is fine) it was making me really ill. My tsh level has gone from 4 to 0.5 in 6 weeks without medication change, my antibodies went from almost 700 to 350 too.

  4. People have given some great responses. Fwiw, I don't eat dairy, gluten, meat (except for very rarely seafood) and some other, specific foods I am sensitive to. If I cheat and eat even a small amount of dairy or gluten, my face tells the tale the next day (swollen, etc.) I'm working on lowering sugar again, because it does seem addictive and definitely makes me feel worse. Packaged/processed foods that may have healthy ingredients still can lower my energy and cause bloating. Good luck to you on your journey. 🤗

  5. Tried AIP but found myself too exhausted. Just listened to my body more than anything, I now don't consume any meat apart from seafood and no processed foods, so strictly fruit, vegetables, legumes/tofu, seafood and grains. I follow a gluten and dairy free diet, restricting caffeine and sugar.

  6. I started the AIP diet a month ago and I've felt terrible on it. I went from a standard diet to AIP so 1st week was the caffeine and sugar withdrawl migraines 🙃. The following weeks have been EXTREME fatigue, barely enough energy to shower and cook the meals (so I highly recommend prepping freezer meals). Last week was a fibro flare with barely manageable pain (NSAID's are not allowed on AIP).

  7. Gluten and dairy (and soy and nuts) are hard molecules for the stomach to process and can trigger inflammation…I think?

  8. Gluten is not an issue for me. I feel best when I eat small meals, in moderation, primarily fruits, veggies, and eggs. I don’t eat a ton of meat but when I do it’s chicken. Very very low dairy as I have a casein intolerance.

  9. Thank you ! I appreciate so much. The explanation and the book recommendation make this such a helpful comment. I am not as concerned with weight gain as much as I am with brain fog and swelling. So this makes me very hopeful.

  10. I have tried aip elimination, aip reintroduction, keto, low carb, and low fodmap. They are all different and they focus on a certain purpose. They were all lifesavers in my process of healing from hashimoto at a certain period of time. There is not a one size fits all. It depends on what your symptoms are and what your body needs. My best recommendation is that you start reading about this journey, finding a good doctor, listen to your body carefully and always (always) advocate for yourself. Good luck!

  11. Red meat, dairy, gluten, and refined sugar can all cause flare ups. If I eat a steak, I enjoy it, but all my joints ache the next day. Cutting those things out improved my quality of life more than upping my levothyroxine did.

  12. AIP for sure and thanks to the internet , it's easy to access free meal planning and there's info everywhere on it. Very easy to follow and it's not as daunting as it seems. Currently on week 2 of it (one month into cutting gluten) and a LOT of my mental struggles have calmed themselves and my joints are starting to not be so inflamed.

  13. So far I've been working on going gluten free. I get so bloated, so the point where I look 2 sizes bigger than I am, and this has been helping.

  14. Going gluten free made a huge difference for me! I stupidly tried to reintroduce it about a year ago (I had ONE croissant roll) and my TSH spiked from 1.6 a couple months before that up to 8.3 less than six months after. My TSH had been stable between 1.3-2.5 for the previous 4+ years of being gluten free, and I had been on the same dose of Synthroid the whole time. One croissant roll took me from needing 125mcg per day, to now taking 150mcg per day plus an extra 100mcg once a week (so it rounds out to about 164mcg per day) before I'm finally back to feeling functional a YEAR later. Never again.

  15. For weight loss and energy, keto and low carb worked well for me. I don’t consider AIP to be a diet per se because it’s more like a treatment :-) it’s a big undertaking but worth it if you want to know what your triggers are.

  16. My antibodies were 2460 and I’ve been doing Keto for 6 months and TPO antibodies are down 1000. I also am on Armour thyroid meds so not entirely sure what brought my antibodies number down. I am guessing it’s Keto. I would suggest to not eat gluten or sugar. There are great videos on YouTube by Dr Ken Berry on various topics that are good.

  17. i am not celiac (just had an endoscopy last week to confirm) but my doc still thinks i am gluten intolerant, so i try to stay away from it. i get very bad stomach aches/indigestion at times and gluten seems to be a trigger. potatoes also seem to be doing me dirty and i tend to already avoid other nightshades in general, aside from the occasional cooked tomato in a dish.

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