what's YOUR experience with AIP/Elimination diets?

  1. So, AIP even as designed is only supposed to be temporary - not a lifetime of giving up the foods. But it is also not evidence-based, many of the foods it forbids are actually ANTI-inflammatory - like dairy unless you're allergic. And, more importantly, if you're doing this for Hashimoto's it's entirely unnecessary. There is not a lifestyle disease and dietary changes won't have an impact.

  2. I did it and found a handful of food sensitivities I have and lost 10 lbs. I cut those items and went back to eating the way I do, gained the weight back of course but I couldn’t do it forever either. I also thought it might help my antibodies go down, it did not.

  3. Not related to Hashimotos at all but I did an elimination diet for my colon/stomach and it sucked but it did find 2 food sensitivities and I haven't eaten them in a few years

  4. AIP did not work AT ALL for me unfortunately. I have tried every single diets you can imagine. Keto, AIP, carnivore, vegan, low carb high fat, animal based, you name it. Seriously, nothing seems to work. I even feel like intermittent fasting is not made for me. Forget about prolonged fasting, my body shuts down completely when not fed. I am really jealous of people who have chronic diseases who are able to reverse it with a specific diet. Just let me die already. I just want to end my life so bad.

  5. I did an elimination diet for several months. The first part was getting rid of everything, and then slowly reintroducing foods one by one. It was exhausting but it really helped me understand what bothers me and what doesn’t so I can decide when those foods are worth it and when they aren’t. But I was so glad when it was over! It’s emotionally draining being that strict about food.

  6. I hate AIP. Did it to find my triggers, legumes were a huge one for me as well as peppers. It’s a miserable diet. Now I just avoid gluten but I’m also celiac and I eat dairy and sugar in moderation. Otherwise I eat what i want.

  7. It was really hard for me, but probably because I had to eliminate 50 food sensitivities too. Some weren’t AIP anyway, but a lot were compliant so I even had to alter AIP recipes. I stuck to it for maybe a year…? (though it felt like 10 years) I don’t really remember. My Hashimoto’s was pretty good honestly, just ended up trying to work on leaky gut. When reintros were going well, I pretty much just quit AIP (no regrets on quitting that too fast instead of dragging out the reintroductions!) and paid attention to the slow-paced food sensitivity reintros instead. I was too stressed with cooking my own food on top of still cooking for my husband and 4 kids. Kindergarten to 18 months at the time. It was ridiculous how much stress dieting was having on my life. I lived in the kitchen. I used to love cooking until I got burnt out. AIP helped, but it wasn’t the answer I needed. Every person is different. In the middle of dieting, I got back on medication for adhd (hadn’t been on since middle school), started seeing a therapist, and started lexapro for anxiety and depression, and that was all more helpful to my quality of life I think. Recently treated my h. Pylori (asymptomatic- functional MD said don’t worry about it. My Dr. and I agreed that it shouldn’t even be there and needed addressed even if I didn’t think I had symptoms, and my GI agreed.) Since that is gone now, I can look back and see that most (not all) of my bloating and digestive issues were actually h. pylori symptoms. It was all normal to me though. My gut isn’t perfect but I don’t recall my digestion every being this good. My point is, if it’s stressing you out to the point of not being pleasant around anyone, it isn’t worth it. Find something less strict and see if that helps. Good luck. Hang in there if you think it’s the right thing for you. Many people do find it’s the answer for them.

  8. You're so right - dieting is stressful and exhausting. I was diagnosed with GERD about a year ago and cooking is such a chore now. I have to make two different meals every night because of the sheer number of foods I can't eat but I don't want to deprive my family of.

  9. I did an AIP diet that has been absolutely magical. No more sluggishness, angry intestines, facial swelling, bloating, gasiness, joint pain, you name it. Gone. I went from being regularly bloated (made me look about 7 months pregnant, if you look up a chart) to a flat stomach and no pain (I especially notice it in my joints).

  10. My guts have been worse with aip than prior which definitely has me wondering... I've spent years finding out what my body hates already. I'm so sure that hashimoto's has reared it's head because of a period of SEVERE stress... So I think stress might be more problematic for me than diet and this diet is completely stressing me out .

  11. I felt better on it physically but emotionally it became harder and harder to eat that way. My husband loves to travel.

  12. First, it is important to know you cannot cure Hashimoto's or any other autoimmune disease. You can do a bunch of things that make it easier to live with (such as diet, supplementation, medication, exercise, rest, etc.) or perhaps lower your antibodies, but until science figures out why the body attacks itself and comes up with a cure, nothing you can do will get rid of it. You can have a sort of 'remission', but you cannot cure yourself.

  13. I found an elimination diet very helpful. I gave up dairy (except butter), wheat, oats, barley, rye, and much much more, and I have better digestion, memory, vision, flexibility, sleep, and less pain.

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