Phase I clinical trial of Moderna mRNA vaccine for Epstein-Barr virus starting at UMass Chan

  1. Didn’t I read yesterday that Epstein-Barr is the cause of MS? Would this vaccine effectively protect against that, too? Or even treat it?

  2. Even more linked then you think. It is suggested that Covid reactivates EBV, which is maybe a reason for "long covid" symptoms. So there will probably be a wave of new MS cases if this is true.

  3. My guess is that the EBV virus will learn to evade the vaccination. In a perfect world, for patients who have EBV, we could condition our immune system to keep the virus inactive and avoid “feeding” it things that trigger it. Our bodies are engineered to repair themselves, to a degree. Immune disorders are so friggin complex, but there are ways to condition them.

  4. Im curious to see if people will vehemently oppose this vaccine like they do with the covid vaccine, considering they are both mRNA

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