1. Welcome to the party! We're all lost souls here... but we can keep each other company in the collective experience of suffering through the undeniably confusing and concerning and irreversible symptoms of the quickly growing obsession and the slow derailment into madness that are ultimately the inevitable consequence of consuming what is known as Hearstopper <3

  2. I downloaded it to listen to it today while on a plane but it was so noisy I was getting pissed off. Now I’m home and putting it on right about noooooowwwww 🥲😂

  3. 100% agree. I’m 30 and I think a good 80% is, probably wouldn’t call envy, but a very very strong nostalgia for something I didn’t have and I couldn’t have had because everything was different. I guess this is even truer for those in 40s, 50s and beyond. Thanks for your answer!

  4. Honestly I’ve almost finished my second watch-through and I can tell there’s going to be a third. Plus interviews, the podcast episode etc, watching IG stories.

  5. Maybe try and put that energy somewhere in your free time. I've been attempting to draw fanart. I'm not good, and I haven't sketched with any seriousness since middle school. But it helps me just put my excitement from the show and books into something, y'know?

  6. I know there’s one with Kit and one with Alice. IS THERE MORE? Send them my way, friend 😂 let’s nourish this obsession all together!

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