Heartstopper making me feel happy but also sad, jealous, empty, regret, a bit angry... My heart also feels heavy, I feel like sitting in a quiet, dark room alone and crying my hearts out.

  1. I think even for us young royals queers it's melancholic to watch because it's so optimistic, hopeful, and beautiful but also so likely to just not happen and that we can't imagine ourselves in these positive situations and instead imagine ourselves in the negative situations. I'll graduate high school in like 6 months, and the closest I ever got to an HS-esque situation was chatting occasionally to the boy I had a deep crush on. Yeah.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m 26 so pretty young and am from the Uk but heart stopper made me nostalgic. Me and my boyfriend of 10 years got together when I was 16 and he was 15. This show is so accurate to what my experience was that in 8 episodes it made me remember exactly why I’m still with him all these years later.

  3. Yeah, I’m in shambles. And it’s really caught me off guard. I have never in my life been so emotionally affected by a show and I really don’t know what to do with myself.

  4. I get what you mean. I was kindof a wreck after watching it. Bc im 24 now, out to my friends but not my family yet. And I kept thinking about how much I wanted my own Nick Nelson (or Charlie, but im definitely more of a charlie XD). But like....im done with college. And for now, school in general. It's a pandemic out there, and I'm an introvert. Just meeting someone like that feels like such a massive shot in the dark, amd it makes me sad. Bc I want someone who looks at me like that, cares about me like that, who will just make my life better, and I'll make his better.

  5. Fucking same girlie I also want a Nick in my life, and yes I think the fact that the pandemic stole 2 yrs of our lives also contributes in our feelings rn. So much time wasted.

  6. I’m feeling the same, I’m introvert too and I’m almost done with school, HOW am I going to meet someone now ? This feeling leave me empty 😞🥱

  7. I have the exact same thing, I've been super emotional in every way lately, I keep thinking about the series and keep rewatching it daily...

  8. Unpack that suppressed/un-acknowledged emotional trauma, friend! This show was beautiful because it highlights queer joy in relationships and friendships, but also because it set off so many of us on a path towards healing by shining a light on unresolved issues!

  9. I feel like anger is so appropriate and the right type of response (in addition to all the other emotions and feelings) We were robbed of these experiences in our formative years. Fuck that shit. I am angry.

  10. We as queer people often lack a sense of community when we were growing up. The lack of acceptance also meant a lack of emotional support, and a lack of spaces to express ourselves. I like to refer to it as "queer trauma", or a form of minority stress.

  11. Thanks a lot for the very good summarizing post. Does it have any specific term to google on it? I wish to have more information about it since I am affected.

  12. Pretty much this is what happened to me. I'm extremely introverted and I felt the neglect and isolation from school, even from my family. Thank you

  13. It definitely brings up the feels about teenagerhood! And yeah, despite its lovely realism, I had to quickly come to terms with the fact that the show is highly idealised romantic fiction. Real teens tend to be covered in acne, incredibly awkward and poor at communication, and definitely not nice and mature and witty all the time! It’s a wonderful show but it is meant to be an escapist romance. Another example is I grew up really poor and everyone in the show looks ridiculously wealthy with their giant houses lol.

  14. The am I gay? quiz scene broke me, so many flashbacks, so many bad memories, the fear, the shame, the embarrassment, it made me so angry, I felt like my 12 years old self again, so much pain…

  15. I am deeply in love with the show. It's one if not the best show I have ever watched, but I have to admit that it somewhat broke me.

  16. I'm 30+ and I have been feeling the same as you. I loved the series and have been reading the web comics for a while, but the series triggered me and brought a lot of emotions from the past.

  17. I'm 31 and I have been a mess since I finished the show. It's been 4 days and I still can't shake off this feeling of heaviness in my heart. The past 4 days I just wanted to be alone in my room, lying all day in my bed and looking at my phone for content or news related to the show and the cast on social media. At night before going to bed I re-watched the show and felt so happy and sad at the same time. I don't even feel like hitting the gym even though that's what I enjoy doing. When will I be normal again? T_T

  18. This was me for 4 days after watching for the first time. Now I'm just in love with Kit and imagining scenarios in my head where we are together and it kind of push me forwards for my studies 🤷🏾‍♂️(I'm a 04 older than Kit by just a week).

  19. Hi, so i felt exactly the same after watching it. I was happy and optimistic that the queer youth has such beautiful representation in media. Yet after a few hours after I got to a dark place in my mind, feeling overwhelmed and sad. Next day the same. Decided to rewatch it. Then it got worse. This show dragged me through the mud. It opened all the wounds i got as a teenager (im 25 now). It got me thinking, why this isint my story? Why couldnt I get me a Nick? And then there’s reality. Many of us, being queer, simply never experienced young love. Reality is much more comlex then the story told in Heartstopper.

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