Google Kit Connor or Joe Locke or Heartstopper right now!

  1. It's with pretty much anything related to heartstopper tao xu, charlie spring, elle argent (nick Nelson, aled last, isaac henderson are some that don't seem to work) alot of the actors names work too, tobie doesn't seem to though

  2. Oh my goodness!! Yes, when I googled "Hearstopper" I got yellow, pink, blue leaves across the screen! That's amazing! It has to mean something's about to happen... right??

  3. Has Google done this for any other show or event?? Regardless - Alice’s creation has reached pop culture icon status. Unbelievably proud of her and everyone involved.

  4. Google has done similar things over the years for IRL events(like pride month), movies, shows, and games. BUT They don’t do it a ton, so it’s a sign the show is doing extremely well. Most of the shows and movies they do it for are either huge hits and/classics(think Star Wars) or have become huge media phenomenon(if you Googled something for a while it’d have a DVD loading screen where the logo always hit the corner).

  5. Omg I missed the first time and I was feeling major FOMO! But YAAAASSSS universe is providing the hungry little hearstopper gremlins

  6. Google does a lot of things that don’t directly financially benefit them. That’s less true than it was 10-15 years ago, but they pull in truly insane amounts of money from AdWords, so the pressure to financially justify every piece of work is not that strong.

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