One member of IMP must die in the show, which do you choose?

  1. No we as a species cannot allow Joshua Tomar (The voice actor for Tom Trench and creator of TOMARTOPIA) to be able to continue in his malevolent reign of terror .That tree star eating man cannot continue to hurt people

  2. I mean she is the character that contributes the least in terms of story and character, at least as of right now. That and I’m getting a little tired of her simps

  3. I love all of them but m&m must stay together and I just generally find Blitzø funnier and is more fleshed out as a character so that would mean the dog has to get kicked out

  4. Loona, I'm surprised people voted for her that aren't me. I think she's funny but overrated and the series waifu would be Millie instead of Loona sooooo

  5. Loona, her character seems pretty useless at this point. The only mystery about her is her past before Blitzø. The only development plot is that of her and Blitzø's relationship and possibly making friends.

  6. I say knock Millie. She's the only one of the four thats a static character with no arc. Her only purpose thus far in the story is being Moxxie's other half, and Moxxies arc doesn't even have all that much to do with her.

  7. It’s been presented so far she’s the only one that can read the grimoire. Can’t say that’s for certain, but if that’s the case, she’s literally the lynchpin of the entire IMP operation.

  8. Eh, but it would also end the cutest couple on the show and Moxxie would just become a sad puddle. A Loona death would create a lot of angst for Blitzo without turning him into a perpetual angst machine, so I'd choose Loona.

  9. ThIs! I would love to watch Moxxie's slow decent into madness without Milllie. Even better if there are signs that she MIGHT still be alive somewhere but we're left unsure if these are a manifestation of Moxxie's grief or real signs of a captured Millie reaching out from some greater demon's prison.

  10. Also Loona dying have a lot of drama potencial. Because she is pratically the closest character Blitzø can call a family. But I don't know how well Blitzø would take losing Loona, specially because that could potencially destroy his dream of having a real family. However MnM could be there to help him out.

  11. Definetly loona. Helluva Boss is nothing without the boss, Moxxie and Millie die together not apart of one another and Loona, well she is there and Blitz cares for her.

  12. Millie dying would probably have the greatest effect on the team, Moxxie would be devastated, Blitzo probably wouldn't be able to do anything to help, and Loona would probably make it worse by saying anything. Granted it would probably spark a short series of Moxxie going John Wick one everyone and everything until he finds who killed her.

  13. While he’s my favorite, Moxxie would probably be the best choice at this point. He’s received most of the development out of all the members and is arguably the most important for the success of IMP.

  14. Either Moxxie or Millie cause I personally feel like it would build a lot of character tension and it would add some flavour and spice to the mix

  15. Millie. She’s too good. And I like angst/drama. Seeing Moxie spiral into rage and depression would be a really fun plot line.

  16. I was gonna ask this anyway but it's been suggested that you can kill the entities in hell. Which raises the question. Where do they go after? Their in hell already. Why am I looking into this

  17. From what I know if you're naturally born in hell imps for example, you have a very high pain tolerance but can still die and if you do, your energy is absorbed into hell. Natural borns can also die of old age.

  18. AFAIK if you're hellborn, you're very hard to kill but you can die and then your energy is released to become part of hell. If you're a sinner you regenerate very painfully

  19. Think I'd have to go with Loona on this one, I just don't want M&M to be lost and Blitz is too integral to Stolas' story at present - Stolas seems like he's going to become a main focus (I hope so, I fucking loved s2e1), so for Blitz to die seems a huge wrench in the gears of a main storyline

  20. I would kill off Millie. I feel like her death would have a large impact on the story and could push Moxxie's character development. Killing off Loona would be cool too since she kinda is useless.

  21. 3 options : 1 loona dies (for depressed blitz arc) 2 millie dies ( for depressed moxx and blitz arc) 3 blitz dies ( for depressed moxx millie stolas and loona arc) (Moxx cant die, he is the best from the series)

  22. could see losing half of m&m being dramatic, especially if it’s Blitzo’s fault. losing loona would also be heartbreaking for him. i don’t think the crew losing their boss makes any sense given the narratives that are being fleshed out.

  23. Moxie. He's my favorite of the bunch, but the chaos would be unimaginable. Millie and Blitz would go off the deep end, possibly even undergoing a villian arc or two. It would be very entertaining, though I would miss my fuzzy goat boy

  24. blitzø. he has no character development, unnecessary, and is just an asshole for no reason. he treats everyone around him like shit, he's extremely replaceable because they can just get another job, and he's just fan-service for the masochists and horny people. stay mad blitzø stans. /s

  25. Blitzø is the only one that could be lost without overly affecting the rest of the cast. M&M need each other and wouldn't be able to work missing one or the other. Loona dying would absolutely destroy Blitzø and he probably wouldn't be nearly as cartoonishly funny having lost his (adopted) daughter. Loona on the hand is more socially independent, and, until we learn otherwise from more episodes, isn't nearly as emotionally attached to Blitzø. (Yes she showed remorse for hurting his feeling in ep3 but that's just proving she isn't a total sociopath)

  26. I’m going to be 100% honest, I see why people are saying loona and they are fair reasons, but I think if someone HAD to die I’d choose blitzo.

  27. I think the most emotionally would either be Moxxie or Millie and seeing how the other would function without them but honestly even if Blitzo is a dick I can see him sacrificing himself for his employees later down the line

  28. Honestly Blitzo. Not because I don't like him but just because I love tragic love stories and he has the best potential for that.

  29. Blitz(/) is the boss and has access to the book, M&M would kill themselves if the other dies so we would lose both and Loona has the sniff ability and diffrent abilities compared to the imps which makes her worth having, We'd have to kill M&M because they can just be replaced despite how depressed everyone would be

  30. I’m sorry, really, I love all of them, but I’m going with Moxie. He’s such a sweetie, but he’s also my least favorite.

  31. Millie. Blitzo is the main one and I love Moxie and Loona. That being said, I would still be really sad if she died

  32. Either Moxxie or Millie because I think they could both have interesting arcs from it. Moxxie spent so long trying to shield Millie as much as possible so for him to fail would really fuck him up. I imagine after that he’d become very cold and unforgiving. Maybe he stops pulling his punches as we’ve seen him do in the past. We may also see Blitzo change his demeanor towards Moxxie to try and be more supportive or at least it would make him realize how much he appreciated the way Moxxie was in the past.

  33. Millie. Moxxie would be sad and actually get a power up or something and become badass from it. Millie never had a personality other than being moxxie's wife anyway, even loona has more personality than her because of episode 3 and her interactions with the character every gay furry simps over named vortex

  34. I think that if blitz died, that would make stolas very angry and could make a very interisting developement for this character

  35. One of the M&M's, seeing the other go through that grief and character development has great story telling potential. Even if it would hurt a lot

  36. Blitz dies with Stolas in some big flashy way, Loona and Octavia end up together to share griefs and they get along well, M&M run I.M.P now and they do a good job with many imps working there, they have a picture of the original owner of imp and still use Stolas’s book (Moxxie learned from Loona and Octavia)

  37. Blitz, because I know that the plot won't let him stay dead but we as the audience would get to see everyone from Stolas to Loona's reaction to it (also I might just want to see Stolas go full nova on whoever did it)

  38. I think Blitzø would have to be the one so that maybe IMP and Stolas would go into rage mode. (Maybe Striker killed him?)

  39. I would say Blitz, he and Stolas are really turning out to be the two main characters of the show, and him dying could make for a truly heartbreaking, and bittersweet ending. Imagine for example that what he's been doing with the grimoire gets the attention of someone powerful who actually gives a damn. Stolas might get off relatively easy, but the random imp? Sentence him to death. Cue everyone trying to come up with crazy plans, or an escape to keep him alive, while Blitz, knowing that this may actually be it, uses what little time he has left to mend what he can of all the broken relationships he's had, or at least apologize. Or maybe I'm thinking too much, and should go back to writing shitty fanfiction, I dunno.

  40. I disagree. I think he's still likeable he just pushes people away and doesn't show his emotions which is a lot of people in reality, but it's your opinion.

  41. Everyone is saying Loona but I say Blitzø because it would cause a lot of drama and would maybe give Loona an actual character arc

  42. I’m sorry Millie, you’re great and all but you have to go, Blitz is the head of the biz, moxxie is just too precious to go, and I don’t wanna get the furry simps mad 💀

  43. Probably Loona but, if I'm honest, I think realistically Blitz would sacrifice himself for his employees before letting any one of them die.

  44. Prob millie just because moxxies reaction to millie dying would probably make him go off at blitzø but they're all good

  45. I wanna say Millie cause she is boring, but then there will be no females in imp apart from loona, but all loona does is answer the phones, so I’m gonna have to say moxie is the 1 to go

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