Pokeball was a highly prolific antivax poster. His mother died of covid exactly one month before he did - he got it from her. None of the pseudoscience advice he was swamped with helped as they circled the inevitable drain. His aunt provided the sole voice of reason.

  1. The whole post was a goldmine. If there’s a pseudoscience drinking game out there, anyone playing right now will die of alcohol poisoning.

  2. You have to admit, it took some real know-how to cram graphine, aborted fetuses, 5G, spike proteins, mercury, thimerisol, and luciferase into one tiny vaccine.

  3. It's like reading something out of the Black Death time in the Middle Ages with all the drivel they're talking about poultices and miracle cures.

  4. PSA: Good news! Recent research proves the IQ points don't die, they merely hibernate through the worst of the HCA winner's drivel and resuscitate as soon as exposed to some r\Eyebleach

  5. A group of Chimpanzees would exercise better judgement than a sewing circle of Christian Trumpers. Putting a fucking Onion Poultice on your chest??? That is all that stood between almost 1 million dead in this Country and a Triathlon??? People this stupid should NOT be allowed to congregate and exchange BAD ideas, that's how we ended up with the Salem Witch Trials SHEESH

  6. I almost felt bad for the guy until I saw that and then my eyeballs damn near fell out of my face. Truly living in an alternate reality, my God.

  7. Polio had been with us since the times of the Egyptian Pharoahs, but it just happened to 'run out of steam' in the decade after the polio vaccine. What a coincidence!

  8. I haven’t seen a larger circle jerk of misinformation and voodoo before. The number of people he knew to give such stupid, shitty information.

  9. I feel bad for the aunt - she the lone voice of reason in that Facebook circle that gotta deal with all these moronic fuckups that basically killed 2 of family members....

  10. So wait a minute... HE educated mom about not getting ventilated, and when push came to shove HE agreed to be vented?

  11. And wanted to take mom out of the hospital ama to treat at home with all the ivermectin etc except dad wouldn’t let him yet he didn’t hesitate to go to the hospital. C’mon man, stick to your convictions.

  12. The volume and uniformity is impressive. They unfriend everyone who disagrees with them about political stuff and this is what they’re left with.

  13. As someone who grew up knowing people who'd been profoundly affected by polio and who were ecstatic with the vaccine, this one really makes me sick.

  14. That's the problem with vaccine programmes. When they're as effective as the polio vaccine programme is, people forget how bad it was.

  15. Let me just say if that’s what his mask looks like exposed to a Petri dish, thank god he’s wearing a mask to protect me from that!!!!

  16. In all fairness, doctors and hospital staff have been reported to use this language. It is a way to "soften the blow", especially for treatment resistant individuals/families like this one. Of course, the doctors also tell them a lot of other things that just go in one ear and out the other because they only listen to what they want to hear.

  17. Not a medical worker, so just a guess. But we hear this very, very often. Right? This has to be way doctors spin it to families like "this" to convince them to go along with the next last-ditch effort for survival.

  18. It does rest the diaphragm. Imagine trying to spend a whole day doing bicep curls with a 10 or 20 pound weight. Non-stop. No build up to it beyond using your arms for normal life. Suddenly you're just pumping iron 24/7. That's what it's like for the diaphragm with these covid destroyed lungs.

  19. Jfc. All those people in the comments. At least one will end up getting their own award. Mark me in on those odds

  20. They'll take any random shit but not a vaccine. Colloidal silver, megadosed vitamins, budesonide, huff hydrogen peroxide, ivermectin, HCQ, goddam ONIONS, drinking piss... Next I wonder if they'll try drinking mercury.

  21. They think they know it all until they hit the ICU... Surprise, the horse dewormer didn't work! Are you kidding me??? There's no need to mourn the passing of the body, they are already brain-dead.

  22. Just FYI, the PEEP setting on the vent is high bc they’re not oxygenating enough. If it were at a “normal” level they would go anoxic, killing all of their organs quicker. Even though higher levels can cause trauma (and other hemodynamic effects) there’s no way around it. Some pull through, some don’t.

  23. Colloidal silver and “food grade” hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer. Just goddam these dumbfucks are a goddam scourge.

  24. ‘Bout 40 or so years ago I had a bad bike accident (still paying for the dental fallout). A tooth flew through my lip. I needed lots of stitches and washes with peroxide, 3%.

  25. Oh your immune system can totally learn to fight it, the question is if it can learn it before the virus kills you first. It's a dangerous game I'd opt out of.

  26. That’s one powerful post by the Aunt. I can feel both her sorrow and anger altogether. It’s heartbreaking to read.

  27. What baffles me is this: How did these smooth-brained, advanced Dunning-Kruger sufferers ever survive long enough to give such awful advice in the first place?

  28. Because they haven’t come in contact with anything with a high enough kill rate. Covid is terrible, but they are willing to put themselves out there and get infected every 6-8 to roll the dice.

  29. Seriously, the internet is evolving faster than the people who use it. They’re still stuck in the dark ages.

  30. The logic is so dangerous: “Prayer Warriors tried, but God decided it was Bob’s time.” Well, then it’s no one’s fault, and no vaccine would’ve helped. Nothing to learn from this, Facebook friends. And then thousands more die the next day.

  31. I like the aunt's rant, shaming all the lovers, none apparently went to support the guy, not just from being sick, but mourning the loss of a parent.

  32. Let’s give a RESOUNDING round of applause for Green Aunt’s post. I would like to have seen responses to her post (if there were any, that is… I have a feeling all the pseudoscience warriors crawled back into their foreskins after she posted that), and I would have enjoyed reading her decimation of those who “did their own research”. Buncha fucking cowards.

  33. Pardon me sir, I hate to disturb you, but could you describe this What The Actual Fuck when you get a chance? Thank you

  34. It's a version of "The Big Lie". You tell a lie big enough, your followers won't dare believe it's not true. Especially if you tailor it to their prejudices. Stupid low-end racists who have absolutely nothing to be proud about themselves except their race are super vulnerable to this. Just tell them that it's the "inferior" races deliberately trying to wipe the "only important race", and these mouth-breathers will eat it up.

  35. I have read dozens of these and this is definitely the most traumatizing. I knew there were some fucking stupid people out there but I had no idea this level of imbecility was happening. Just stupid people piled upon stupid people to the point that the aunt that suggested that, "All those so called friends and Professionals giving him online advice should have went to his house and put their professional opinions to work." sounds like a MFing genius. I mean, basically she is suggesting they should have headed over there with onions and shit. And still she is miles above them.

  36. Like his mother, I also 'don't like pain'. Unlike her, I'm smart enough to vaccinate to try to avoid the pain of death or disablement from long covid.

  37. Vaccine stupidity aside, the irony to say that atheists are the one using emotional arguments without evidence is rich as well.

  38. Yeah, it's painful reading the level of stupidity coming from shaved primates who're totally unaware it's all driven by their primordial fear of reality.

  39. I don’t normally laugh when reading these, I’m usually just shaking my head, but the onion poultice on the chest advice that supposedly brought that persons oxygen level up made me out loud cackle hard... I scared my dogs 🤣🤣🤣

  40. An onion poultice? That's some Little House on the Prairie shit right there. You know why they used stuff like mustard plasters and poultices? Because they didn't have vaccines, antibiotics or x rays back then. They didn't have all the wonders of modern medicine that we are fortunate to have. Women regularly died in childbirth and many children died or were disabled by diseases like measles and mumps, diseases that have been mostly eradicated due to vaccinations the past few decades.

  41. Oh well, dumb people finally paying the price. We can lead the dumb to a vaccine but cant make them take the shot.

  42. The question on the floor is, what is dear old Dad going to do now? Just saw his wife and son die horrible painful deaths. Does he get vaccinated or listen to the FB Doctors? The hospital has trained for years, medical doctors vs his FB doctor circle? FB doctors barely finished high school and if you took away YouTube and Bitchute, they would have no research. Dad better chose wisely...for once he went to ICU and on the Vent, all of the advice stopped.

  43. There are some people who think putting raw onion on wounds - or even in your socks - withdraws toxins as the onion dries.

  44. My grandma had to go to funerals for two of her kids and one granddaughter (my sis). My mom and uncle didn’t take care of themselves. My sis got unlucky with surgery. Sepsis.

  45. I am outraged that hospitals aren’t using onion poultices on the chest to fight Covid! This is a travesty and clearly sponsored by Big Radish!

  46. A reminder for anyone that has forgotten, but the MAKERS of Ivermectin have said that it doesn’t work on Covid-19. If it DID work, they would be marketing the hell out of it and making a fortune.

  47. What the hell is wrong with these people? They grasp at any snake oil treatment instead of a free, safe, effective vaccine. How did Americans get to be so stupid?

  48. Onions and silver? They’ve circled back to vampire and werewolf “treatments”? Well, I guess thats a logical extension of Trump’s musing on bright lights. Wake me up when we move forward to the 19th Century, will ya?

  49. It's been said before, but there really needs to be a separate facility for these lunatics to go to where they can get all the ivermectin and HCQ they want while forgoing the other stuff. The armchair doctoring is ridiculous.

  50. Whomever the person is who keeps citing the reasons why docs legally can’t refuse ivermectin is wrong on all counts. These people live in a vacuum where they parrot everything as fact, unaware that they look like morons to the majority of the world. Also, ONION POULTICE?????😂😂😂

  51. I'm definitely a bit jaded, a bit cynical, so don't feel as nearly as shocked anymore by examples of stupidity, but man as I pushed on through that drivel if I wasn't thinking "how the fuck can people still be so daft in 2022? A fucking onion fucking poultice to raise oxygen? How did people get so stupid?"

  52. The thing about polio at the end got me. The idea that polio ran out of steam and we didn’t have a vaccine finally, Jesus.

  53. He sounded utterly terrified in the 15th slide. If only he treated the virus with a healthy amount of fear before he contracted it. Too little, too late.

  54. The amount of bad advice is incredible. Do you think that most of those people will ever think about him again?

  55. This one is making me feel something close to sympathy again. He surely must have realized how idiotic he’s been towards his clearly terrified end. And you can feel the deluded stupidity literally emanating from his social circle. These people are society’s dead weight.

  56. JFC. At this point let's just put Ivermectin and that chloro-whatever on the shelves and let these fucktods kill themselves at home.

  57. Watching these people’s pathetic attempts to practice medicine while someone is dying like….actually I can’t think of a comparison. Like toddlers imitating adults? I feel so sorry for the healthcare workers behind these cases.

  58. Guy completely glosses over the fact that Florida is underreporting because they know more cases looks bad. They literally fired at least two ladies for wanting to report accurate numbers. I’m so tired of these people.

  59. You know what I find most fascinating about people like this? None of these were pre-existing opinions. It's such a specific subject and this guy is so dense that there's zero chance he had ever formed a strong opinion one way or the other about vaccines.

  60. I like how they think it's a 'leftist' conspiracy to kill off people - but the people who are supposedly being killed by the vaccine are all 'leftists'...

  61. My god. This post, more than any other, made me realize just how fucked some people's brains are. There's a guy in an emergency room on his death bed from a virus, and random Joe Schmos on Facebook are saying "have you tried onion on your chest" or "how about neblized colloidal silver?"

  62. I’ve avoided being proud of seeing people pass, but anyone that compares “this”, to the holocaust deserves what they get.

  63. tortured his mother by "educating her about ventilators", but soon went on one himself when he was personally faced with the agony of gasping for air.

  64. Vitamin C, colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide, onion poultice? Why are they like this? It's no different from people who think tiger blood will make you strong and rhino horn will cure cancer, I guess. The ignorance and superstition is just astounding.

  65. God, this is painful. So many people terrified at the end, and just completely unwilling to look reality in the face when it didn’t have to come to that.

  66. What pisses me off the most is every one of those texters thought they were helping... they thought he was fighting a fight... they thought/think they know something about something... when in reality they don't know shit about fuck and their prayers do nothing but give you permission to excuse your own ignorance.

  67. Just when I think we've hit the lowest of the low - this guy plotted out sneaking in Ivermectin to administer to his mother and the only thing that deterred him was the machine monitor which indicated when her mask was removed. (Slide 11). Zero empathy for this loser/HCA winner.

  68. This is one of the wildest posts I've ever seen here. It has thermonuclear levels of stupidity and ignorance. The armchair medical advice, "polio just went away", onion poultice, PEEP levels...

  69. It's amazing to me how many insane treatments they will attempt while simultaneously saying they won't live in fear. Seems to me they are afraid of everything but the things they should be, like crazy ass "cures" some meth head uncle told you about.

  70. That post about atheists not believing in God because they haven't studied "the evidence" -- umm, the very reason we are atheists is because there is literally no evidence to support the existence of magical beings. The dictionary definition of "faith" is "belief without evidence."

  71. Learned a new word today that applies to most awardees and friends. Combine one part ignorance and one part the anti-science art of agnotology and Covid is off and running.

  72. It broke my heart when he apologized for sending his mom to the hospital and letting the devil take charge of his household. What a scary way to experience life.

  73. Middle America still in the Middle Ages. Though they burned the witches in the Middle Ages rather than take medical advice from them so maybe they were more advanced back then?

  74. These poor people. The government is after them. The government wants to make them sick, but they are just too smart to be fooled.

  75. Seemed like he was trying to kill his mom off and all those people were cheering him on and even giving helpful suggestions on how to do it faster. Then turned around and did the same to him.

  76. "Machine tells on me if I open her mask" fuck this was one of those idiots you read about on the nurse subreddit that basically tries to kill a patient and so can't be left alone in there

  77. I feel for the aunt who scolded the cult members. How horrifying this must have been for her to be the only sane person in the room watching it all go down.

  78. OMFG that post is excruciating to read - like watching a train crash in slow motion. The nonsense about medical studies and quack remedies was especially painful. WTF is wrong with these clowns. They just repeat the same bullshit over and over and over. The messages with the witch doctor remedies were a tragic illustration of the lethal impact of antivaxxer propaganda. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true. And when someone exists - by choice - in a parallel universe isolated from reality disinformation kills. Yet another life lost as a direct result of arrogance and stupidity. Another totally unnecessary death from disinformation

  79. The sheer comprehensiveness of these friends' misunderstanding of everything related to covid is just mind-boggling. Even stranger is that they're willing to confidently advise their desperately ill friend to reject lifesaving measures from qualified professionals in favor of home remedies and unproven drugs bought online. And this after just witnessing his mother's death in nearly identical circumstances. No wonder they're killing themselves off.

  80. Right to Try Laws? Does anyone know what state they were in, cause I have a list of drugs that I would very much like to try?

  81. The idea of losing your wife and son in the space of a month is so surreal and sad. It’s something that belongs to the last century (the early part of it). Losing multiple family members to disease is something no living generation has had to deal with. it was a part of my grandmother’s generation though and I can tell you it made her a very bitter and distrustful person. On top of all the other damage this pandemic caused, I wonder if we’re prepared to support all the gutted families? All the people that lost both parents or lost a spouse and a child and thus, their support system?

  82. Even if you were a writer trying to come up with a parody of antivaxxers, you could never imagine this level of stupid that these slides convey.

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