Alabama man is one of the most vitriolic anti-vax people I’ve come across. After 3 months in the ICU, he’s been moved to a rehab facility and will never be the same again.

  1. It just annoys me a bit, they are supposed to be the super patriots and they have no respect. Or class. Or brains. Or good health. Or jobs, savings, homes...

  2. I'm glad to report that "Let's Go Brandon" backfired beautifully in one case and helped make one person very happy:

  3. A kid in my daughter’s 4th grade class kept saying it last school year so that irritated me. And my brother in law threw one in after the thanksgiving prayer because he’s a moron.

  4. I admit that that and the 'I did that' gas pump stickers annoy me, because it makes me feel utterly hopeless about how our education system is so bad.

  5. MAGA is how we know the stupid, ignorant, and hateful. Brandon is the continuing tragedy as they march to a life of high medical bills and disablement. Humans minds were conditioned to learn from mistakes, these types continue their lessons till the grave.

  6. Personally I find it hilarious. You're so much of a coward you can't utter a statement as anodyne, practically speaking, as "Fuck Joe Biden?" People who identify as left say "Fuck Biden" all the time! They're not fans! Yet Mr. Big Tough Guy over on Facebook is too scared to say it out loud.

  7. Ah yes, a news station that can't air the word fuck puts something else there. Totally liberal propaganda that should start s movement /s

  8. I think it’s hilarious. Especially the way it came about – iirc the interviewer asked A NASCAR driver named Brandon what the people behind them were yelling… That’s some good writing there, Brandon.

  9. Could not care less. I call him 'Sleepy Joe' all the time. These dimlows fail to realized we (generally) don't lionize and worship the leaders we elect.

  10. I just think it looks like fools who believe they are getting away with something by speaking in code.

  11. Yeah, I'm an adult. I just say, "Fuck Joe Biden" if I want to and get on with my day. Why are these people (who are so against censorship) censoring themselves?

  12. It's like getting upset about a child being attracted to a shiny object. Simple minds are amazed and amused by simple things.

  13. So he believes that it was the “demonrats” on January 6th?! Why would democrats try and stop their guy from becoming president?! Cognitive dissonance is strong with this one!

  14. They should've maybe thought about not taking thousands of videos and pictures of known Proud Boys etc if they're trying to push the demonrats narrative.

  15. I was going to add brain damage to the list (lungs, liver, kidneys) but it was clearly a pre existing condition

  16. Classic, listing all the medical procedures performed by medical staff using medical equipment and still giving all the credit to god.

  17. These fuckers. Fuck him. He's clearly too stupid and/or delusional to realize he's done it to himself, and thus will never even for a moment contemplate how many others he made sick or killed.

  18. Alabama you say? The state created so MS, AR, and LA wouldn't feel stupid. Even the other stupid states laugh at AL. And MS, AR, and LA. Roll Tide!

  19. Speaking for liberals everywhere, I feel extremely owned right now. Oh, how owned I feel. Such ownage. How will I go on?

  20. His commitment to owning the libs is astounding. Months in the ICU, crippling medical debt that will wipe out his family, unable to walk, paralysis of his right arm, the trach. Did anyone tell him that he may be counted as a "survivor" of Covid, but his 1 year life expectancy after LTACH is pretty low, and his chances of living 5 years is even lower?

  21. Gosh, I really pity people like you. All you have is robust health and the well-being of your family, while Alabama MAGA has… umm… ok wait I had it in my notes somewhere, gimme a minute…

  22. The vaccination with the Blood of Jesus* saves your soul from eternal punishment due to sin. It doesn't do diddly for bugs and germs in your mortal body.

  23. his right arm is now even more useless than the rest of this loser (thanks COVID!), and chances are good that he used to write with his right hand. since his left handed signature that he'll need to use on his mail-in ballot has a good chance of not matching the right-handed signature already on file,his vote for whatever idiot the repugs nominate has a good shot at being thrown out for fraud.

  24. Ivermectin was discovered in 1975 and approved for humans in 1987. It must take a special distain for truth to just make up a date, when the real one isn't much different.

  25. Ohhhh she’s fiiiiiiine. Think of all the thoughts and prayers she’s getting, which she can easily spend on things like food and electricity and crippling medical debt.

  26. He's not breaking "Liberal brains" in the way he thinks he is. Making other adults go "How could you possibly be so dumb?" isn't a bragging accomplishment.

  27. I feel bad for the health care providers who had to risk their lives to help him and who will burn out due to the bullshit they have to deal with. And anyone else he potentially exposed.

  28. "He is back on the phone communicating with his friends" - Got right back to the thing that put him in that situation in the first place lol

  29. Yeah I noticed that too. He probably tunes in to Tucker every week night. He gets extra time to live and this is still how he chooses to spend it.

  30. If Alabama Man can pretend that Ivermectin is a treatment or cure for Covid, then I can pretend I donated to his gofundme.

  31. 100% chance this guy spends the rest of his diminished life constantly blaming the government for the expensive ongoing help he'll need.

  32. Seems like Alabama man has a bit of bipolar disorder as well as long covid. Believes fox should be sued for 1 billion for covering up the 6th while a few slides later denying the 6th.

  33. Oh no, he thinks that Fox is out of line for not showing it was ANTIFA and George Soros behind the whole thing. No true patriots were there that day, obviously.

  34. Too much effort. I’m taking his circumstances as an object lesson, and am going to get my second booster scheduled as soon as I take the dogs in for lunch. But it’s a nice (if cloudy) day, the dogs are playing happily, and I’m in no rush to head in.

  35. Let's Go Brandon doesn't bother me, because it doesn't change who the president is. (The acronym, LGB, makes me chuckle even harder because when I was in school that meant lesbian/gay/bisexual. We hadn't added the TQ yet.)

  36. After her husband's been through three months of medical hell, she was still proud to post a photo of her Ultra MAGA hat. They'll never change.

  37. Slide 1: Jensen Ackles worked in Canada during their lockdown that continued into 2021 (The Boys), and was vocal about having been vaccinated to do it. This asshole picked the wrong poster boy (as usual).

  38. Also pretty sure Dean Winchester would be disappointed the guy isn’t an actual monster and therefore couldn’t be ganked. 😂

  39. Why didn’t his doctors put him on that ivermectin? He would have been saved. At least he didn’t take those three vaccine shots. He would have been dead for sure.

  40. Good thing Rehab is cheap and covered by the Beautiful Republican Health Care Plan that they had 12 years to come up with….wait they just bitched and moaned and obstructed Obamacare without offering any other solutions???? See you on GoFundMe ya Covid Vegetable

  41. Jensen Ackles - the actor in the first pic - is fully vaccinated and is not a covidiot. Pisses me off when they use famous people - who do not share their ignorance - in their stupid memes.

  42. I will never understand how these people’s beliefs can literally almost kill them and they still won’t give them up. It’s like an abusive relationship with a political party.

  43. It’s a mystery to me too. What you can see of him looks like a picture of health. I’m sure some cynics would see him as fat, but I just see someone bursting with nashural immunitah.

  44. The most crazy thing for me isn’t that they are doubling down on the lack of understanding of science, it’s the fact that they don’t understand why people look at them funny when they say “Let’s go Brandon!”

  45. He’s one of the 99% survival rate statistic! Nothing to see here, move along. Gofundme > a free vaccine. 🙄

  46. And now she’s back on his phone shitposting about how Covid is fake and sharing Let’s go Brandon memes.

  47. I've said it before on Reddit, but it bears repeating. I'm all out of fucks to give over these people who don't get vaxxed and then get covid. They monopolize the time and expertise of docs, nurses and techs whose skills should be used to help heart attack patients, accident victims, cancer patients, sick kids, etc. Not to mention the millions of dollars that could have been used for research, treatment, equipment etc. The insurance company may pay upfront, but everyone's premiums eventually go up to pay them back.

  48. Christianity is the single greatest scam in history. THANK GAWD my husband only has sepsis, kidney failure and lost several limbs because his idiot-ass didnt get vaccinated. What would we do without GAWD in our lives?!?!?!!!?!

  49. Don't forget how he gets "ultimate healing" when he dies and gets all his sins forgiven by right wing Jesus and gets to hang out in cloud land forever. So, it's OK if his life was short, painful, hateful, malicious, empty, and lacked real love, because of Heaven and stuff. And since no one can actually tell us what happens after death, all the people who wanted him to not be a shithead can't deny he was rewarded for being one!

  50. I can't make sense out of most of those posts. You know what pisses me off is my dad died before the vaccines were available and before they really understood the virus. My dad died and the doctors learned more about the disease because of it so they could then save someone with zero appreciation for that.

  51. They really are spitting on the graves of those who died when everyone honorable was trying their level best to understand what was going on.

  52. Stupid Angry Fox News Grandpa. Declared Safe From Having A Brain. Declared entirely incompetent to take care of anything, or anybody.

  53. Dear antivax contingent: THIS is what we don’t want to see people going through. getting COVID and ending up with lifelong problems.

  54. Fucking pisses me off that little shitty bastards like them are receiving donations for being the most inhuman shitstains on earth. My Dad was a real patriot AND gave everything for his friends and neighbors. He passed away before a vaccine was available. These fuckers had their chances to save their lives and the lives of their neighbors and friends and chose not to. Fuck them, let them rot

  55. My husband is from Alabama and has tons of relatives there. My in-laws are vaccinated and boosted, thank Todd, but there are so many moron relatives. They are everything this site makes fun of: Trumpers, Evangelical hypocrites.

  56. He puts “insurrection day” in quotes then says covering up January 6th insurrection. So which is it? An “insurrection” or an insurrection

  57. I'm going to pray that he fully realises and experiences the consequences of his own will and his own decisions. The Apostle Paul said that you reap what you sow, after all.

  58. I like this guy. He is Ultra f**ked but his wife is still Ultra MAGA. This is the kind of conviction to one's delusion is needed in the world to f**k it to the ground.

  59. I can tell by his use of "Demonrats" instead of "Democrats" that he is a very, very clever and funny person. That razor sharp wit has really served him well.

  60. This is fucking hilarious. Just the absolute poster boy for this sub. Spot on memes, every buzz word included, and the piece de resistance, the go fund me photo of him hooked up to machines looking like the last person on earth who should not be afraid of the "scary disease".

  61. Dang, and I just worked out for the first time since my break through case 3 weeks ago. Oh well, this guy made his choice and so did I. How strange my vaxxed and boosted self faired so much better than this pleasant fella.

  62. I'm 57, fully vaxxed, and believe I caught on Omacron for about one day. Please please please please keep their God away from me.

  63. God, what a trip. Hits all the key points though - COVID is a conspiracy, the vaccines are a conspiracy, the insurrection is a conspiracy. He doesn't say it, but you know this guy is completely against socialized medicine; which is why he has a GoFundMe. Of course.

  64. "He's back on his phone" Oh thank Christ for that. I think it was reading his phone that landed him in this predicament in the first place. Maybe hide it from him.

  65. I know it's insensitive to say this, but it's bullshit that this guy pulls through while my father in law lost his life to covid, despite being very pro-science amd following all the rules. He died a day before he would have been eligible for the vaccine, a year before his retirement (very much an essential worker), and just a few months before his first grandkid was born. Seeing people act so selfishly yet self-destructive is actually infuriating.

  66. I know I’ll sound terrible but I don’t care: I hate that assholes like this fucked around and survived when my dad was careful and died.

  67. Probably dozens of doctors and nurses taking time away from real patients to let your moron of a husband live his freedumb fairytale instead of getting even one shot in the arm and probably some free cookie or something, but....sure, you stupid c$nt, 4months as an invalid and lifetime nerve damage among other problems is "god working miracles".

  68. Hey buddy, don’t forget you should be, “enjoying yourself”. How awful his life is right now and almost certainly entirely avoidable. I’m ok with it.

  69. That switch from badly-spelled, hateful, conspiracy posts to “______ has been hospitalized with COVID pneumonia” gets me every time. You can’t make this shit up!

  70. Because to change their opinion means admitting that fox News, DJT, and Ben Shapiro are wrong and if they are wrong here then they have to ask themselves what else could they be wrong about. Could anthropogenic warming be really happening, could tax breaks for the rich may not trickle down to them, could universal Healthcare be better for people, could vaccines stop covid. It's all in the same basket. Question one idea means questioning everything, something their minds can't wrap around. Which is why antivaxxers are Trump supporters, climate deniers, and xenophobic anti immigration supporters.

  71. Getting the free vaccine, which takes 15 minutes, or an agonizing slow death in the hospital for 4 months. Tough choice…

  72. Fucking loser pushed out bS antivax and pro Trump shit then wants the community to pay for his stupidity. I had Covid after my vax and it was nothing. Learn from this idiot!! Who is paying for his rehab??

  73. I just had covid. I have never, ever, ever, ever been so thankful for a vaccine in my life. We live in a remarkable period and I consider myself extremely lucky that I was able to get a shot that probably kept me out of the hospital. Fuck these Qassholes.

  74. They never seem to thank the dozens of doctors, nurses, and assistant staff for keeping their ungrateful asses alive when they find out after fucking around, instead choosing to thank god for saving them instead. Show a little humility, I'm sure all the healthcare workers want to spend their time taking care of you just as much as you want to spend your springtime with a tube down your throat getting your ass wiped for you. The entitlement is unreal.

  75. All of these miracles they're praying for....have been readily available in the form of a vaccine that greatly protects you from this virus. In the event you do get it, your symptoms are drastically lessened. It is truly a miracle how science is able to develop such wonderful things.

  76. Wife: "If you are praying for my husband, what is wrong with you? Your prayers obviously suck, because he keeps getting sick. Pray better, losers, or you'll all owe the GoFundMe a lot of money."

  77. And for the rest of his life the family will be dealing with his long term care needs. And the debt of his never ending medical bills.

  78. Imagine going through that kind of hell and having so little sense of self and so little developed personality of your own that all you can think to do is post MAGA shit as soon as you're not in immediate danger of dying. What a sad, pathetic way to live.

  79. The only thing about "let's go Brandon" that has "broken my brain" is how fucking stupid it is and how bizarrely smug and proud they are of their inscrutable secret code phrase

  80. Biden himself already mocked "Let's Go, Brandon" at the Presidential roast Press Club dinner... The "secret" has been out for a good while already! Aren't they intelligent enough to come up with a brand new "secret code" catch phrase?

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