What i would do if i was in double life.

  1. No one would watch this. Although you’d likely win I think the point of all of Grians great ideas are entertainment value.

  2. Me and my friends are doing this challenge. (Not double life, but third life). One of them built a house in the nether. Very risky, but its hard to attack. One built an underwater base near an ocean monument to use the mining fatigue. One tried and died making a base underground. (Never dig straight down). And one has a very simple house that he moves every session. Thats my take on this challenge. This is a small version of my base.

  3. the problem with choke point entrances like this is if somebody takes over the island, you're screwed if you try to get back up

  4. I'd get myself down to one heart in the first episode to give my partner a heart attack and then laugh when I watch the reaction in their video

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