HS and BDSM?

  1. The only ones worth it won’t be judge mental. I’m 28 and have been diagnosed since I was 15. I’ve had an active sex life this whole time with multiple partners over the years. I just explain before things get too serious that I have a hereditary skin condition that’s left me with some unusual scarring and it’s not an STI nor is it contagious. The reaction every time is “oh, ok!” If any partner doesn’t have a positive reaction to you telling them, you know that you can move right along and they weren’t a good match.

  2. I agree. I was diagnosed when I was around 15 as well. I have had an active sex life. I am always honest about it before getting serious. I have never gotten judgement from any partner. I have been with my current partner for 11 years. Dating and relationships are 100% doable!

  3. Hello, I used to be a bit more involved in regards to the BDSM community and They really won’t judge HS. Now if you do decide to get into BDSM just make sure you take precautions for your skin since some fabrics or ropes can irritate it. Good luck!

  4. Hi! I was in a BDSM group before I met my future hubby (I did not meet him there) & it was a blast! I was just super open about it because of the chance of one popping while I was with someone or during a scene but, other then that, it was a blast. I highly recommend trying it out in a safe way. Don't let your HS ruin your life. I've had it since I was 13 (25 now) & if I would have let it get me down more then it does, I would have missed out on SO much

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