looks like we have to sacrifice 5

  1. Warriors were sometimes given arms or other body parts of the prisoners they captured for sacrifice to take home and eat with the family. It's funny to think that I could tell my dad had a successful day at work when he brought home ribs for dinner, and so did Aztec children lol

  2. Maybe they should have a look to sacrifice their elders instead. Since the elders are wiser, more experienced and also have little much time left to live. Could be a valuable sacrifice for their "Gods".

  3. Haha, Aztecs we’re hydro farming while Europeans were torturing pagans, and dying of cholera cuz they couldn’t figure out that you shouldn’t shit in your drinking water.

  4. Is anyone else getting a little tired of white text box above a 2 second Twitter reaction gif format on this sub?

  5. Does anyone know what episode of Mr.Bean this meme was taken? I watch 99% of Mr. Bean but I didn't remember this...

  6. I think people will draw a distinction between the relatively harmless modern religions and giving someone hallucinogenic mushrooms before cutting their hearts out.

  7. Aztec child sacrifice was a control placed on both the upper and lower classes (there really wasn't a middle). It allowed the emperor to demand up-and-coming families of nobles sacrifice children important to their future, thereby limiting their future power. It controlled the lower classes through belief, they believed by way of religion that they could not start tilling the fields without a sacrifice to the gods...

  8. I hear one time the aztecs had a bad drought and were like “ok, we are sacrificing people every day till it rains” and then they did. After it rained they said “ok so I guess we now need to sacrifice that many people each year”.

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