No ho mo

  1. Instructions unclear, 18 year old self did a lot of research on Nikola Tesla, the Amazon Rainforest, and is afraid he will accidentally bite into a coin someday while eating

  2. First time I checked BTC price, it was around 4K and I was like damn, I wish I knew about this earlier, oh well.

  3. This so fucking much. Most of my high school years was spent wasting my time on a girl who wasn't even a good person.

  4. You're gonna have a photo of you slowly disappearing while their feet dangle a foot off the ground with a chair on it's side?

  5. This what my first real thought. Then like pointing back and forth from the past me to myself and the side of the head back to past next. signaling to thiiiink.

  6. Good Bye Motherf*cker punching myself in the face and by touching my Doppelgänger, destroying the space-time-continuum

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