No difference

  1. Lady really just jerked that out of the kids hands??? Number one, what the hell is wrong with you? Number two, who the hall takes their kids Black Friday shopping? The adult violence is truly a reason I go most years. Nothing like seeing moms fight over $2 bath towels.

  2. Hey, you bring your kid to black Friday sale to help you grab more, no one's gonna give a shit. If she dun hold on to that box she gonna lose it.

  3. How the fuck are the God damn monkeys displaying more manners and rationality then the fucking humans.

  4. The monkeys weren’t pushing each other and didn’t destroy their surroundings. Almost like… they had more intelligence 🤔🤔🤔

  5. Don’t kid yourselves. Monkeys totally suck. They’re mean. They kidnap or kill other monkey’s babies sometimes. We’ve descended from these dicks and just upgraded the skills

  6. I feel like you imply this already but humans have done pretty much the same in the past and it probably still happens.

  7. I think it's a comparison to show that calling these humans a "monkey" is not fair, because actual monkeys are better than them.

  8. No, there is absolutely a difference. Humans damage the surroundings, fight with each other, just for a small discount. While on the other hand monkeys take one and leave.

  9. A discount that probably wasn't a discount, the week before price $50 no one buys, sale price was $100 now $50 everyone loses their shit

  10. You weren't watching the monkeys closely, many of them took more than one and ran. Monkeys also chew the faces off of each other and sometimes humans. Don't trust monkeys is what I'm saying. If you see one on the streets just keep walking.

  11. These are the ladies that just wanna be a “stay at a home mom” but don’t do shit for their kids 100% Karen attitude. How did that lady decide to bring her kid there and instead of protecting them she’s holding two boxes of whatever the fuck

  12. Come on now. Those macaques are being super chill with each other, waiting their turns, leaving some for the homies, and it's food, they need food

  13. Since the US is collapsing at an alarming rate, we are going to see some footage in due time with these same people, but not fighting over discount of crap they don't need, but actual bread and they haven't eaten in 4 days.

  14. I set up a bin like that when Furbys first came out. Funniest shit ever and helped make working evenings in retail more enjoyable.

  15. I boycott this holiday every year. Truly a despicable example of late stage capitalism and consumerist depravity.

  16. They probably don't know themselves. Someone just announced that there's a 20% discount on it, so the greed rage kicks in and they go full chimp.

  17. Woah... does that imply all Americans are like monkeys.. that's not fair.. I met some they are pretty normal like the rest of us.

  18. I especially hate that mf who ripped the box out of the child's hands, what kind of person can you be do to that and not feel guilty, it disgusts me.

  19. There are multiple colors of humans in the video. This is a comparison of humanity as a whole, not a specific breed of human

  20. What do you mean no difference? Those monkeys took what they needed and left some in the basket. The sub-humans tried to eat each other.

  21. The Black Friday videos always depress me. The fact that people actually die trying to get some corporate bullshit for sale is even more depressing. “Sorry, Timmy. Mommy isn’t coming home because of an Xbox”

  22. Beside the point of the post, I wonder whether monkeys take for themselves, or with an intent to share within their group?

  23. The monkeys aren't fighting each other and running each other over they just taking what they want the retarded homo ape will kill each other for what they want

  24. Actually the monkeys took their fair share and left like civilized beings, however the humans are fucking losers

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