What the hell is wrong with people?

  1. It is his window since it's next to his seat I bet she cut the video in editing because the attendant told her if she doesn't like people having their window shutters open she shouldn't have bought a window seat

  2. The person filming is an entitled prick. Not their window, then calling the attendant. Could just put something over their eyes.

  3. I'm glad that she identified the crime as "assault" and then took video of her committing it, then posted it for us to witness.

  4. Feels like it's ot the request that was the problem but the entitledness that came with it. There's a chance that if she asked nicely, things may not turn out the same

  5. Love how she's like "You don't own this plane" and then proceeds to act like she owns the plane for the whole video.

  6. I think the guy in front is the victim, imagine you are looking at the sky and a completly stranger wants to close the window, as she said, he doesn't own the plane, nor does she to keep closing other peoples windows, if there's a karen here it's definitely her

  7. Even more is that she wants to sleep when it clearly daytime, I've been in planes multiple times I know that it's perfectly reasonable to have it open during day time, of course you can have it shut but you get to decide when it's next to your seat. And really if it bothers her so much there are eye masks for a reason.

  8. I absolutely agree with you! Sorry you can’t sleep with my window open but I paid for my seat, my window so fuck off!

  9. She is reaching into his area and then claiming it's assault if he would do the same. Glorified ape shit bitch. I feel bad for the dude, the workers dealing with her and I can't imagine how bad it is for anyone sitting next to her, I would rather just sit on the floor or spend the entire time in the bathroom.

  10. I feel bad for the real victims of assault being lumped into the same category as this woman’s “assault” ie. a hand gently moving near her in a public space with no actual physical contact

  11. Her hands were literally on his seat and she was invading his space and when he goes for her seat she called it a assault.

  12. Theres a reason she posted this video without the inevitable resolution we all know was coming from the attendant

  13. As someone who is terrified of flying I also like to see out the window to know where we are and what we're flying over. There's no way I'd be putting my window down for the person behind me to sleep. There are so many solutions to sleeping on a plane that don't involve harassing the person sitting next to the open window. That women is clearly the Main Character type, only her comfort matters.

  14. This!! I was looking to see if someone said the same! I'm terrified to fly IF I ever get on a plane and someone does this to me... I'm sorry my fellow humans but we'll be having an unscheduled stop...

  15. The irony is she will not got any sleep because she is so obsessive over the window being open and thinking that is why she can't sleep.

  16. That’s not how sleeping with the sun out works lol will interrupt sleep. However, a sleep mask is the solution

  17. From behind your seat. Not enough she controls her own window shade (which looks to be open, by the way) but she's gotta control his too?

  18. Honestly this shouldn’t be an issue yet she is making it an issue. If you want to sleep, wear an eye mask. Some airlines even provide them as well as earplugs!

  19. Damn if only there was some sort of mask that was made specifically to cover your eyes so you could sleep in any environment....

  20. Omfg. Seriously just get an eye mask if you plan to sleep on a plane (I use one all the time, there are some awesome ones). It is actually his window shade so he can open it if he wants.

  21. It’s his window. What a cunt. “I’ll be here all day”! Good on him. I like looking out the window as well. No entitled bitch is taking that from me!!!

  22. Wait, so she is demanding that the guy closes his own window because SHE WANNA SLEEP and she thinks that he is the douchebag? OMG, such a moron...

  23. When I want to sleep I use my built-in window shades. I got one for each eye. She should have done the same.

  24. “Look at the sunset and be happy” lol that’s funny. She said that’s an assault all while assaulting him, “you don’t won the plane” all while telling him what to do. Fuck you Karen lmaoooo

  25. She can’t expect the public to accommodate her. She could ask politely but that doesn’t guarantee you anything.

  26. Last I checked she didn’t pay for the seats he’s sitting in… So if he wants the window shade up he gets the window shade up. Buy a fuckin eye mask if your that concerned.

  27. The person demanding that he close the window is in the wrong. Who gives a shit if you’re trying to sleep? It isn’t your window.

  28. She’s in the wrong here, he did get a bit testy towards the end, but Karen was being… Karen. Can’t say I blame him. And it comes to a point where in his position I’d keep it open on principle

  29. The sad thing is, she is being severely unreasonable and hypocritical. It is his window and he can use it how he wishes, and she also does not own the plane so that was a dumb thing to say. Also, she also could have just brought an eye mask if she intended to sleep on the plane which would have avoided the whole problem.

  30. Who cares if she is trying to sleep. Whoever has the window seat controls the window. Is this her first plane ride or something?

  31. Oh Jesus fucking Christ- WHO HAS MORE OF THE WINDOW? The person in front of you!!! DEAL WITH IT! IT’S THEIR WINDOW!

  32. red nails is in the wrong here. don’t tell people how to be in their space. you’re trying to sleep on a plane, lots of people do, but it’s a plane not your bedroom. do your best to catch some zzz’s or shutup. your messed up sleep cycle ain’t nobody’s fault.

  33. I just love how they say "don't come back here, this is MY seat" clearly showing they understand that they each have a separate space that belongs to each of them.....and then still proceeds to reach into the others person's space to close the window. Also, a black out mask is like a dollar or two at CVS/Walgreens in their little travel section.

  34. How the fuck you gonna reach your WHOLE ARM into HIS SEAT to shut HIS WINDOW and when he reaches back to shoo your arm away from HIS SPACE and then say “doNT COmE BaCk hEre ThIs iS mY SeAT!”

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