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  1. It's ok, I've spent thousands on music equipment and I think I got paid for a gig or two but not much lol. Been playing longer than I haven't too haha.

  2. I mean if you never go past "enthusiast" yeah you won't make money in photography lol. It's a business like anything you actually have to do all the business things

  3. Made a pocket money just shooting for friends & family. Made like 900$ off paper cameras i made out of boredom during lockdown.

  4. Should have made an NFT. Then you can list it for ten millions and make 3.00$ from hackers. A full 50 cents profit!

  5. And the enjoyment of taking photos. Over five years, other people may have spend many thousands on nights out, vacations, etc that brought them enjoyment.

  6. When I finished school, one of my teachers asked me to sell a photo I had taken for photography class. I took it on a cheap phone. Got me 30€. She just recently texted me again, she put it on a wall next to her homeoffice. Keep doing what youre good at and what you like, you never know what happens.

  7. I'm a professional photographer. The amount of people who rushed into the field having only taken a photo class in high school (if even that) is crazy. It's kinda fun to watch knowing that they are doing this on a whim and will be "out of business" in a few months. I've been at it for 17 years. The ups are amazing. The downs, which happens to all of us, are tragic. You can go 4 months without even an email or you can be so busy you don't get to sleep for a few days. It's certainly nowhere near the dream a lot of people have. "I can set my own schedule!" No you can't. "I get to have an outlet for my creativity". That's about 5% of the time. The rest, you are chasing any possible hope of a paycheck (most of which will get eaten up in expenses).

  8. Yep. Been in our Industry for 8 years now. Seen so many come and go. The ups are incredible; I get to travel the world and meet incredible people who always have unique ideas and visions they trust us to make tangible. The downs are kind of right now; two major shows cancelled due to weather = half my months income just got slashed. Sucks but what can ya do. I’m just blessed I set out to chase a dream and it’s becoming a reality.

  9. Yeah but some people stick around and love it for years. But yes, most people including myself spent way too much at the start. Luckily I'm still doing it, despite having a history of rapidly changing hobbies!

  10. I've been an avid photographer for years and other than doing some real estate shoots for an agent friend of mine (and having a few stock photo sales), I made the decision years ago to keep it as a hobby. Securing enough business to maintain my current lifestyle seems as though it'd be incredibly stressful and would suck the joy out of photography for me.

  11. This. I started my own photog business in 2018. Most of everything Ive earned has gone into gear and I have no where near what I need. Lots of “friend” jobs just to get my portfolio built up.

  12. I actually have a different experience. I got into it 5 years ago and I kinda streamlined it. I mostly work in real estate photography, but I am also a web designer. So in most cases, I shoot the houses I also make websites for. That arrangement solved the problem of having to make websites with shitty photos and answering why sites don't look so good (ofcourse they don't, website is like 80% photos and you gave me pics you took yourself) and also left me in control of my own schedule. And gotta say, money is great when you offer people the possibility to not also have to look for a photographer or a web designer. The best part is, I am able to do it localy cause of the all new real estate development for tourism.

  13. I have a photography degree. The only jobs I qualify for pay $12.50 an hour and don't supply gear. I've lost out on COUNTLESS jobs because I don't own a drone, or can't afford the very specific $800 lens they expect me to have for just above minimum wage pay. Throw in a disability that prevents me from booking 6 months out and you have $150,000 in unnecessary debt that won't ever see me a liveable wage. It's not just infuriating, it's depressing how bleak being a photographer is.

  14. My sister does pregnancy photo shoots, charges $600 per 1 hour session and 20 pictures. Makes around 6k a month. You should look into that.

  15. I’ve been doing photography since I was introduced to disposable cameras. I’ve learned how to develop in a dark room. I was a photo lab tech developing photos for a bunch of years. I used everything from a Polaroid disposable to a RED. It wasn’t until the last year or two ( I’m 33 ) that I started selling prints and offering to shoot photos as a service and even then it’s a side gig, not my primary source of income.

  16. Fellow professional photographer here. I can assure anyone reading this that there is money to be made in this industry, even though OP's point is quite valid. I feel it daily. It's a struggle in any service-based industry.

  17. I bought a Canon Rebel T3i on Craigslist for $300 with the stock lens. I got an offer through a friend's employer to shoot a Christmas party getting paid $100 for 5 hours. Next I went onto Kijiji and browsed people looking for photographers and found a couple looking for someone to captures their daughters 1st birthday. I brought home $120 that night.

  18. Don’t they mean lost money? Not like they sold used for more than they bought it new for. 🤡

  19. Kabir has still made no money as a photographer, but has advanced his newfound career in used camera sales.

  20. I bought a camera for like $799 back when I was 19. I was enjoying it on trips and shit and someone asked if I took senior photos. I said sure why not. It ended up just blowing up and I was doing 5 or 6 shoots a weekend at $200 a pop. I had a full time job and was just doing it for extra cash until I just couldn’t take anymore jobs. It was great making an extra grand a week from this but I just freakin hated it lol. All the shoots were the same and I had some mom just taking over the whole thing asking for stupid pictures she saw on Pinterest.

  21. My friend went to college for photo and video stuff and now he takes pictures of kids for school photo day. It's not much but I hope he continues on to do better things in the future.

  22. I bought a gaming pc and got a one time editing gig that net me around 250. Not bad and I enjoyed it, but it’s only one time sadly

  23. Ive sold many prints over the years, but also have done it professionally - weddings, travel, events, sports, etc. I could buy a new car with what I've spent on gear. I may have just broken even over the years. My wife does it full time and is quite successful at it.

  24. Ha jokes on you. I'm printing calendars and the profit pays for my gas during one quite short photo trip.

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