Step Student

  1. The woman is his teacher and apparently in the full version she high fives him at the end lmao. Kid had the ride of his life

  2. Btw the ride operator 100% knows what he's doing. I knew a creepy dude who ran one of those who would intentionally go easier on girls with large bonhonagahoogs so they would stay shaking around on the ride longer (he'd also kick it into overdrive for big old dudes)

  3. Is this like the thing the Mormon kids do where the guy puts his dick in his girl and then has his buddy bounce up and down on the bed till he cums? 😂

  4. I saw this one earlier, apparently they are mother and son. I think he might have down syndrome which makes it a bit more innocent, but it has been quite a while.

  5. Kinda fucked up on the bull operator side. A good teacher and a student with Down syndrome, they are doing that. I don’t like country music. I was once a bouncer to a country bar. If the guy that operating the mechanical bull there did that I’d probably punch him in the fucking face.

  6. This is pretty fucked up tbh. She let that go on knowing full well what was happening and she’s his teacher.

  7. Fun fact! Old medieval knight armor has a kind of bulge at the penis area, because men would've gotten boners when riding horses. That's why girls like to ride horses.

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