I defeated Radiant Nightmare King Grimm... using only Sharp Shadow

  1. The fact this actually helped me beat nightmare king grim! obviously I didn't only use sharp shadow like you, but this really helped me figure out what his paterns were and how i could avoid them which helped a lot. Thank You!

  2. I actually have a fairly hard time beating Troupe Master Grimm now, even though I beat him on radiant in the past. I got so used to the fast attacks of NKG that slowing down makes TMG way harder for me. It just goes to show how much of these boss fights are based on practice and muscle memory

  3. Your patience is admirable…i just got to the point where i can beat nightmare grim with everything i got lol

  4. I’ll probably do this, any idea how much damage sharp shadow with dash master does? And how many hits it would take to kill NKG raidiant

  5. Base sharp shadow does as much damage as your current nail, which is 21 dmg for pure nail. Dash master gives a 1.5x multiplier, upping damage dealt to 31. Radiant NKG has 1650 health, meaning that it would take 54 hits to kill him (which you can verify by counting the number of times I hit him in the video above).

  6. Never cared for SS but my first and only (so far) PV build leaned on SS, dashmaster, and sprintmaster. Finally understand why some people like that charm

  7. Well, actually sharp shadow is replacble. I was in "sharp shadow lover" team but I Had to take it off one time, it didn't change my gameplay. It is usefull for some bosses but really not necessary.

  8. It's the Custom Knight mod, and the skin is "Grimm Knight" by 复印纸. Fireb0rn has a great guide on modding Hollow Knight including custom skins, if you're interested

  9. Honestly a lot faster than I expected, although admittedly it was stressing me out a bit how long it took to get to the first pufferfish

  10. Literally in the subreddit for the first time looking for posts about Nightmare King Grimm because I’ve just suffered my 700th death (not even an exaggeration, this is my first ever play through of the game) to just him alone and I see this, the much harder version of the boss I’ve struggled to kill for the past 12 hours beating dealt with like it’s a small dog chasing around a toy but you lift it into the air just before it can grab it. I feel very stupid

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